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GameSpot’s The Point Uploads Touching Feature Video To Honour Satoru Iwata’s Life

With Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata’s passing earlier this week, there has been an incredible outpouring of respect from friends, his colleagues, industry journalists and gaming fans across the world. Following Iwata’s funeral today – of which up to 4,000 people attended – and in honour of the former CEO, GameSpot’s video feature The Point has dedicated its weekly segment to exploring the life of Nintendo’s respected game designer and leader.

In the touching ten minute video, GameSpot’s Danny O’Dwyer takes fans from Iwata’s original game coding roots, his journey with Hal Laboratory’s Kirby, Super Smash Bros and Game Freak’s Pokemon series, and finally to his position at the helm of Nintendo. O’Dwyer manages to weave Iwata’s life together effortlessly in a wonderful tribute to Satoru Iwata. You can view the feature over at GameSpot, here, and we’ll make sure to embed the video above when it’s live on YouTube.

13 thoughts on “GameSpot’s The Point Uploads Touching Feature Video To Honour Satoru Iwata’s Life”

    1. Mario Galaxy – 9. (Something)
      Mario Galaxy 2 – 10
      Bayonetta 2 – 10
      Box Boy – 8
      Monster Hunter Ultimate 4 – 9
      Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 – 8
      Majora’s Mask 3DS – 9
      Pokemon ORAS – 8
      Kirby tripple Deluxe – 8
      Bravely Default – 8
      Smash Bros Wii U – 9
      Mario 3D world – 9
      Mario 3D Land – 8
      NSMB U & Luigi U – 8.5
      Splatoon – 8
      Mario Kart 8 – 8
      Ect, ect, ect.

      I don’t see terrible scores, just every now and then some stupid articles from stupid employees.

      They did give Skyward Sword a pretty bad score, which I don’t think it deserves, but its also not an amazing game, specially for a Zelda entry.

      1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

        To be fair you can’t really mark that list down, not even Gamespot with the sliver of credibility that it has.. these scores though are extremely dubious, even more so when you read the reviews, which seem to follow the same “cut and paste” remarks as “over simplified”, “unimaginative”, and “dull”.

        Yoshi’s Wolly World – 6
        Kirby and the rainbow curse – 6
        Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze – 6

        They even marked Rayman Legends down on Wii U for the gamepad stages, which were not intrusive in any way, they were actually well done.

        Also Sonic racing transformed – 6

        the main complaint was due to bugs which were fixed pretty much straight away, yet the review was never updated. Battlefield 4 on the other hand gets an 8.

        1. True, fair enough, for a site that does give Nintendo a hard time they sure are kind with scores. Then again, its only the reviewers opinion so maybe not all the employees feel the same way about those games. Either way, I can’t argue with your comment, pretty much onpoint.

  1. and these people used to be complete douchbags to nintendo….which.i think they still are…just kissing ass now

  2. For some reason, the video isn’t loading. All I’m getting is a solid black screen on their site.

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