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A New Pokemon Was Spotted In Teaser For Next Year’s Pokemon Movie


Attendees who watched the latest Pokemon movie, Hoopa & The Clash of Ages, in Japan are reporting that a new Pokemon was revealed during a teaser for next year’s movie. We don’t have an image captured of what the Pokemon looked like, but we do have a description and a mock-up image. The Pokemon was described as being bright green with one eye larger than the other. Also its eye looked through the O of the word Pokemon and then it blobbed about. The Pokemon revealed is either a new one or an alternative form for an existing one. Hopefully we should get a proper image of the Pokemon snapped by someone.

Thanks, Holonboy


38 thoughts on “A New Pokemon Was Spotted In Teaser For Next Year’s Pokemon Movie”

    1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

      This is purely a mockup.

      If anyone else can sneak a camera into the theater to actually take a picture, feel free to.
      This was just from memory of someone who went to the film.

        1. Lucario, Munchlax, Weavile and Bonsly were all 4th gen pokemon that were shown in 3rd gen movies and TV episodes. From what I recall it was never done with 5th gen pokemon in 4th gen, or 6th in 5th, but maybe they’re moving back towards doing that kind of thing again. I’d be down for that :P

              1. One thing that usually occurs is that the last movie for that generation, features a brand new Pokemon from the next gen but still features Ash’s current female companion or companions altogether. Misty with Latios and Latias, May with Manaphy as well as with Lucario in another movie, Dawn with Zoroark, and Iris with Mega Mewtwo.

            1. A scoop of ice cream with a banana peel for legs.

              Seriously though, we should just start over. The Pokemon are getting ridiculous.

                1. Mew happens to be my second favorite dude. The only reason I’ve bought the newer games is to get my Mew from soulsilver to Aqua Sapphire. There’s nothing wrong with Mew. I really don’t see how your comment related to mine, but ride on buddy.

                2. pink0crystal0midbus

                  Yay!! More Pokemon!!!

                  Honestly. The only things that could get me excited for a new Pokemon game are Pokemon Conquest 2, A Pokemon main series game on the NX, or an open world Pokemon game on the NX.

                  Other than that, I think I’m done. Unfortunately :/

                    1. Unfortunately. Even if they are by some chance considering it, it’ll be many, many years before they ever actually do it since it did take them over 10 years to fully move into 3D for the main series.

                    2. Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon: Gale of Darkness
                      What were they on, oh, the GameCube, and what is that, a console. :)

                  1. It probably is a 7th gen Pokemon. That design is too awkward to fit as any current pokemon’s form. Normally a pokemon alternate form is for a final stage of a pokemon and I highly doubt that could be a pokemon that doesn’t evolve.

                  2. They are already moving to 7th generation? That was so freaking fast. 5th generation lasted for 3 years and how long is 6th generation gonna last. 3rd generation and 4th generation lasted over 4 years. Game Freak, please develop a quality Pokemon game that will last over 4 years per generation.

                    By the way, that new Pokemon-thingy looks like a garbage.

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