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Roller Coasters Beat Water Slides In US Splatfest And Eating Beat Sleeping In Europe


The results for this weekend’s Splatoon Splatfest have been announced and it was a reasonably close fought competition. Roller Coasters won in the United States beating Water Slides in an epic battle for supremacy. Meanwhile in Europe Team Eat won the Splatfest as they received the most votes, while team sleep got the most wins. The event ended with Team Eat scoring 159 points and Team Sleep got 141 points.

Thanks,  FanduFox and MasterPikachu6

26 thoughts on “Roller Coasters Beat Water Slides In US Splatfest And Eating Beat Sleeping In Europe”

  1. In the U.S. Team Waterslide had more votes and team Roller coasters had more wins and won. So it is popularity and wins, and there’s actually a 2x multiplier so it’s more skill based than popularity based.

    1. It’s definitely more wins based because over all without the multiplier waterslide got 101% and roller coaster got 99% but with the 2x multiplier on wins Waterslide got 148% and roller coaster got 152% as you can see in the picture. So those that were complaining about it being based to much on the popularity, I hope this helps that problem:)

    2. I saw the results and even though I’m a bit saddened because my team had the most win (I’m from Team Sleep) but because +60% of the players chose Eat, it gave them more points. Ah well ! Can’t do anything about it uvu’ I hope I’ll win another Splatfest next time ! èvé/

      1. I was on the waterslide side… and 95% of the teams I wa stuck with were basically defenseless.
        Needless to say, it was an instant loss against good roller coasters teams.

        For example, I lost a game where I eliminated 12 opponents, but my team didn’t splat anyone

        1. That’s how it was for me at times with roller coasters, I kept getting teamed up with low leveled team mates (plus low reputation). It was so annoying. But all I had to do was just leave after the game and rejoin hoping to find level 20s, champions, or kings/queens. Soon enough, I teamed up with a nearly unbeatable group, we stuck together for quite a while.

      2. Damn it. I was a member of Team Waterslide too. It really seems like the least popular teams keep winning. Aw well better luck next time ;p

        1. I wish the incentives or reasons for competing were more compelling. Team water slides and team roller coasters? Who the fuck cares about stuff like that? Corniest shit I’ve ever heard. Might as well just go red team vs blue team or something. “We won so dogs are obviously better than cats”. Currently, all this shit proves is that winners of wars get to decide what’s right and wrong. Wait a minute…that’s just like in real life. #Mindblown

        2. I wonder where are the people who were incredibly salty about Team Cat losing in the first Splatfest now. Brushing it off as nothing and saying it’s justified now that an underdog team finally won a Splatfest.

          Seriously! They egged on and on for days about how it was unfair that the system was flawed and that popularity would always win, well take a look at it today and tell me if the system is unfair now? No, because wins is the only stat getting a multiplier.

          They just refused to recognize that Team Dog in the first Splatfest also gave it their all and skill-wise was nearly on par in % with Team Cat. This time around Team Roller Coaster edged out with enough for a comfortable lead.

          So what does that mean? You just got to get better and win more.

          1. That’s exactly what I was thinking, where are all those people who were cussing out Nintendo and telling them they were stuipid? Sure voice your opinions but at least be kinda nice about it!

        3. pink0crystal0midbus

          Okay, Roller coasters are a thousand times better than waterslides and sleeping is SO much better than eating!!!

          No one else can have a different opinion. Gosh!

        4. I missed Splashfast, but these results I can agree with.

          Besides… All sleeping is is a time machine to breakfast….

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        8. This was a close one, closer than Cats vs Dogs.

          As a Roller Coaster player, I wasn’t sure which team would win. Most teams I was on were amazing and we beat the enemy back into their corner, but also some teams I was on were just bad, including one team where one teammate just followed someone around and would only ink what that guy just did. Got less than 100p.

          Got 24 snails and I couldn’t be more pleased about the results.

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