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Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack Now On Club Nintendo Europe

Nintendo Europe have added the superb Mario Kart 8 soundtrack to the Stars Catalogue. If you fancy chilling out with the soundtrack to the game then you can do so for 3000 Stars. It should be noted that this is a double disc soundtrack so there’s plenty of songs for your listening pleasure. Club Nintendo is coming to a close this year, so if you have any additional Stars you may as well use them up.

Rekindle the feeling of supreme slipstreams and daring drifts with this collection of 68 tunes from Mario Kart 8 on Wii U! With an intro from the producer, liner notes for every piece, and a full credits list, it’s the perfect driving accompaniment – on or off the track!

34 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack Now On Club Nintendo Europe”

    1. (God, I hope the NSA doesn’t see this) Want the soundtrack? Find a YouTube video of a tune you want, copy/paste the URL at, convert, download, and viola.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Those perverts have nothing better to do than ruin people’s lives and watch their porno>>>

  1. As I said in the Ubisoft NOA deals article, this favoritism has got to stop. If the new rewards system continues this favoritism trend, they might as well have fucking stuck with Club Nintendo. Why change the trash that was Club Nintendo if you are going to still give us trash?

    1. Oh & before someone complains that if we were all given the same physical rewards that there wouldn’t be enough to go around, so? The fact they are giving everyone equal treatment is reward enough because that means Nintendo is actually freaking listening to us.

      1. I think in this case, Nintendo itself is not the problem- just NoA. And they’ve been doing things- a LOT of things- lately that just irk me to no end. Where do I begin?

        1. No Standard New 3DS because “the American consumer does not want to be confused about what he or she is buying- having standard and XL both available will be too much for them to handle.”
        2. Yoshi’s Woolly World is available now in Japan and Europe, but not yet in America because “we prefer to wait until the three months before the holidays and shopping season to release games- people don’t want to buy games in the hot summer months.”
        3. The Americas are the only countries that get amiibo but have god-awful stock problems with them (seriously, when has anyone heard about Japan or Europe having as many problems as we in the States have?).
        4. Club Nintendo’s final Gold/Platinum rewards were, again, only digital games. Even after the backlash over 2014’s selection of Gold and Platinum rewards, especially gold (Oh, you spent over $300 to get this honor? Here, have one of 8 $5 NES games), they do it again. If they wanted to go the digital-only route, couldn’t they have thrown in some specials like Doc Louis’s Punch-Out or the cancelled-yet-essentially-complete Star Fox 2? That would have at least been less of a middle finger than what actually happened.
        5. “We know many of you have been looking forward to Devil’s Third, but because it isn’t up to our standards, we do not intend to publish it. Instead, please browse our eShop and check out other great games that DO have good quality, such as The Letter, My Perfect Hair Salon, and Baby’s First Songs!” (granted, this particular issue does not affect me since I’m not interested in DT, but it’s still an issue)

        It’s just bad.

  2. This is why i’m not that interested with the NA Club Nintendo replacement. It will never be anything like the other regions (unless regions are removed).

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  4. Poor Americans, not being able he center of attention for once… It’s so annoying, you also get a lot of stuff we as Europeans don’t get so don’t cry over something as stupid as this…

    1. And as far as Nintendo goes we also miss out on a lot of stuff over here, and Japan gets a lot that nobody else does. That said I think it’d be better if all regions had identical or similar rewards and game releases so that everyone could enjoy all this cool stuff whether it costs or is free.

      1. Pretty much what I said. This favoritism is getting very aggravating. If it isn’t Nintendo doing it, it’s a 3rd party.

  5. Slap me if I’m wrong, but don’t they only deliver that stuff to uk/ireland? That leaves out only about every European outside uk/ireland

  6. If I want a Mario Kart 8 soundtrack, I’ll manually record it myself. Like I have SO many times before.

    1. I usually just listen to decent quality recordings on youtube, but in this case I think that just the art on the cd case is worth the effort.

      I assume you make recordings at high quality, but the ones I usually find on youtube tend to be terrible.

      After a little research, I managed to find what seems like a legit rip of the MK8 ost, and I’m looooving the audio quality~

      1. Well, for Smash Bros. Brawl, I just hooked the red and white audio plugs on the Wii’s AV cable directly to my CD recorder (which is now worn out and needs fixing). With Smash Bros., it’ easy because you can listen to the music in one of the many modes in the game.

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  8. Yet we have absolutely no way of getting any new stars/coins anyway
    I, like most people, spent all I had when club nintendo added all those downloadable games and said “you’d better use all your points while you still can”
    So this is pointless and really fucking stupid

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