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Here’s The UK Software Sales For The First Half Of 2015


NeoGAF user Bruno MB has published the best-selling software sales in the United Kingdom during the first half of 2015. The sales data comes via GFK Chart Track and MCV magazine. The United Kingdom is the biggest video gaming market in Europe so it’s incredibly important. It also gives us a good idea of how popular particular formats are performing. Judging from the data provided, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One seem to be leading by a good proportion.

10 thoughts on “Here’s The UK Software Sales For The First Half Of 2015”

  1. “the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One seem to be leading by a good proportion”, classic Sickr stuff!

  2. I think E3 should have focused more on the future of the Wii u games. Also, I think purchasing the Wii u was worth it, but really could benefit from having more 3rd party. It would sell better if their wasn’t droughts. The 3ds has lots of great 3rd party and first party games which make it my favorite Nintendo and portable gaming device in general. Microsoft and Sony also have many great games coming which explains the high amounts of sales. I also like the fact that the ps3 is still being supported. I am curious to see what the Nintendo NX’s features will be.

  3. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

    Nintendo has never been as popular in the UK, even during the days of the NES, the SEGA Master System was just as (if not more) popular over here.

    You can find amiibos over here pretty easily though, so i’m not complaining…

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