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Nintendo’s Miiverse Redesign Will Arrive On July 29

Nintendo will unleash its new Miiverse hub next week. According to an official post by Nintendo’s Erika, the redesign will arrive for all of the social network’s users on Wednesday, July 29. If you’ve got any last well wishes or drawings tucked up your sleeve, perhaps post them to your activity feed as a reminder to all of your followers and friends. As of next week, users will no longer be able to post in their activity feeds and are only able to view them as part of light-hearted nostalgia.

As we detailed in a previous post, all Miiverse users will now be under a comment and posting restriction, only allowing up to a combined 30 in one day. Given the considerable backlash from fans, Erika stated the company’s reasons earlier this week as to why such restrictions were put in place for the community, and said:

“Over time, some people have started using Miiverse for other things, such as long chats that are not strictly game-related. These posts would prevent others from enjoying their favourite communities to the fullest. In order to keep Miiverse game-centred for you, we decided to redesign Miiverse, which includes introducing the posting limitation.”

It’s clear Nintendo want to freshen Miiverse with the redesign, offering up a new play journal which allows users to directly open Miiverse and log their thoughts while playing a game. But the sheer amount of complaints tells a different story among fans.


    1. If you’d make a darker miiverse theme, I’d vote for you Tetrarch. The bright white is so painful at night.

  1. So the death of Miiverse will be on July 29th, 2015? Okay. Time to start preparing my eulogy for Miiverse.

    Miiverse… The first year was awesome… But then the next two years came & you slowly started getting stabbed to death by badmins deleting a lot of posts that were falsely reported for being things they weren’t & then wrongfully deleting these posts even though the false reporters should be the ones getting punished as the Code of Conduct has a rule against it but it’s NEVER enforced, least not to our knowledge. Then the so called updates started pouring in, making things worse. It was fun while it lasted so may you rest in peace… Good bye, good bye, and good riddance!

    1. Not really. The ones that love Miiverse & still have hope for it still care. I, for one, lost hope since I’ve been distancing myself from Miiverse for awhile now.

      1. The only issue I’ve had with updates miiverse is the wait 2 min to post before you can post again after you have commented on a post.

        1. I’d rather deal with that bogus update than deal with this “30 posts AND comments per day.” bullshit. Ugh!

  2. When are they announcing the new club Nintendo replacement for USA? Good question.

    1. Never will. They claim they were suppose to announce something this summer. Still nothing while Club stays open in other countries that stop giving a shit about Nintendo years ago and still give them neat crap in pathetic attempts to appease those people.

      1. Dude you need some serious doobage. Get this man 20 cc’s of Cheese Marijuana this instance! !!

  3. Miiverse… When the hell is Nintendo going to drop all this crap and start putting all the resources into doing what it used to do well. Making friggin games.

  4. I use it occasionally and think it’s pretty fun. I’m not a hardcore user, at all.

    However, without Miiverse, I can say that I never would have had to chance to make some cool illustrations of Steamworld Dig and Teslagrad and have them seen and commented on by the actual developers of those games.

    That right there, that real connection to the creators of games I love, and other fans of the games, is the true power of Miiverse. I, for one, am looking forward to the update. I’m not trying to have a social life on it. No offense to those that do. But I appreciate it for what it is.

  5. I think I posted one time in a Shovel Knight thread. Got three likes or whatever, and never have used it again. I suppose I don’t see the point. The freedom of interaction is so limited its like, ok and no thank you.

  6. You wanna change Miiverse? Keep a constant eye on the Smash Support communities for the Miiverse stage, the amount of dick drawings and 9/11 conspiracy theories I find on them are astonishing.

    The changes being shoved down our throats now are things nobody asked for. The last several changes have been that way, actually.

    1. Sadly, Nintendo doesn’t care. It’s either their way or the highway… and that highway is looking mighty tempting right now!

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