Nintendo Has Filed A New Patent For A Quality Of Life Product


Nintendo has been working on what it calls a Quality of Life product for quite some time, but the information we have been given so far has been fairly vague. A new patent has been unearthed by a NeoGAF user which shows a device which looks like some kind of alarm clock and docking station with an overhead projector which Forbes says is a device that turns sleep into something like a video game. According to the patent the Quality of Life product uses a variety of input to give you a sleep score and the overhead projector gives you a score for when you wake up from your sleep. It certainly sounds bizarre but interesting.

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  1. >>>Incoming sexual suggestions to use as score by some in here>>>

  2. I wonder what this is. If it will flop. I think this was iwatas idea.

  3. Way early April fools? Why must you do this Nintendo. You wanna know about my sleep patterns then come spend the night. This isnt even a good idea, people need uninterrupted sleep not to be playing a video game while mid sleep to wake up and find a score…what the hell is going on…

  4. Remember when Nintendo was about making things BETTER, not DIFFERENT? Good times….

  5. I think it’s going to be called the Nintendo NX. You will be able to monitor your sleep habits between software releases.

  6. Wow, I thought this concept was dead. I hope it works out for them, but my Android Wear device has already been helping with my sleep for nearly a year.

  7. My life needs some quality in it. Because right now, I have ZERO quality. But I have little faith that whatever this so-called Quality Of Life stuff is, it probably won’t be anything that great. Or at the very least, it will probably be something that I myself never care about. Like may other things.

  8. Didn’t nintnedo say that the qol technology would be neither wearable nor non-wearable? They explained that non-wearable was like a home console. This looks non-wearable to me. Lol people were making such a big deal over Nintendo’s baseless rumors a year ago.

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