1. It looks kinda pixely like maybe for 3ds =) lol jk doesn’t matter because the west doesn’t receive these games anymore

  2. I doubt DQ11 will be a Wii U game. Heroes and Builders are both Playsation exclusive, and with sony attending the event. It’ll probably be a PS game.

  3. Dragon Quest is always on the console that sells the most, so: PS4 o 3DS. Both consoles have some DQ games but if I have to bet, probably they will choose PS4, but who knows…

    1. Both ps4 and 3ds havnt been selling the best in japan. You have to remember it’s about whats selling more in japan. Level 5 is pushing quite a bit to smart phones for the same reason so…. I’m not going to say what we’re all already afraid of but it is a possibility.

  4. Honestly, the Dragon Quest series as a whole has really been mismanaged. It has gone rapidly down hill. Dragon Quest 10 was a failure, and the last good dragon quest game on a console was Dragon Quest 8 for the PS2.

    Square should be ashamed at how they have managed the DQ series. Almost as bad as what Sega has done with Sonic.

    When Dragon Quest was still Dragon Warrior in the west, there was SOOOO much potential. That potential is still there but it will never be realized because the people at Square are fucking idiots.

    1. Speaking of Dragon Quest 8 doing well, if that includes outside of Japan, Square Enix are fucking idiots if they are refusing to bring it’s remake over to the West.

  5. If they’ve already moved on to announcing new Dragon Quest games, this makes my hope for the DQ8 remake being released in the West dwindle. :/

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