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Nintendo First-Quarter Financial Results Beat Market Expectations

Nintendo has announced its first-quarter financial results and they aren’t to be sniffed at. The company posted its biggest First-Quarter results since 2012. Net sales reached an impressive £466.7m for the three months ending June 30th. The company’s operating income rose to £5.94m. Overall profits for the First-Quarter of 2015 were at £42.8m.


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29 thoughts on “Nintendo First-Quarter Financial Results Beat Market Expectations”

          1. When combined with the other DLC they share a bundle with, yes. They are overpriced. Hyrule Warriors had better, cheaper, DLC when compared to that stuff for Smash.

            1. You know you can buy them separately, right? You don’t HAVE to buy everything. I don’t have the mii outfits. Also, if someone has a dlc stage, you can ALL play on it too. You won’t get kicked.

    1. Got a wealth of top tier games I’ve yet to complete 100% and Splatoon, Smash 4, and MarioKart 8 to always keep me having fun and awaiting even more great games coming on the way. Not to mention a few good indie games sprinkled here and there. And yes thank you very much Amiibos and awesome DLC.

  1. Now here’s some good news about the company. After Iwata’s death and this year’s terrible E3, this is a most welcome silver lining.

  2. This is straight up bullshit. They just revealed that Wii U just passed 10 late July…since Wii U passed it last million mark “9” from last September…

    That’s not even remotely good news or giveaway of them making a profit. Never before I’ve seen such a terrible performance and backed by the most delusional faggots of the Nintendo fandom and company. X( It’s no wonder why I quit, everything about them now is fucking embarrassing.

    1. Your an idiot for doubting Nintendo. Everyone always doubts Nintendo. Everyone always rules them out, and says they are doomed. I have been a Nintendo fan for 30 years, and one thing I have learned is that they do not stay down for long. They do some stupid things, no doubt, but thier good far out weighs thier bad.

      Your either going to have to eat your words, or never show your face again when the NX comes out and blows everyones mind. Or when the new Zelda game comes out. Or Galaxy 3, or anything else amazing they are guarenteed to eventually do. You join the ranks of the Millions and Millions of Nintendo haters. You are no longer amoung the elite. Don’t come crawling back when Nintendo re-takes what is rightfully thiers… The gaming world.

      1. I feel assuming the NX will blow every bodies mind, is just as bad as assuming it will be total crap. No one knows what it will actually be yet, other than the developers working with kits or the ones that have been told about it.

        And the possibility of failure is always just that, a possibility. No matter how long of a streak someone has, to say they will not fail is nothing but an assumption. In this world anything can happen, and it wouldn’t be the first time it has happened to a really big gaming company such as the likes of Nintendo, when people probably assumed they too would be around forever. Atari had a good run and everything went to shit, at the turn of a dime.

        Also, if I remember correctly, Stranga used to be a strong supporter of the Wii U. At one time Stranga would have said the exact same thing you’re saying now about the NX. But it’s clear that did not end well, because we cannot use assumptions as a solid way to predict the future of these said devices. We can assume all we want, but that is all they are, assumptions.

        In a way, I’m saying the people who assume a company is doomed, are really no different than the people who assume a company can live forever or will return to greatness purely based on nothing but assumptions at the moment. The outcome is not always derivative of the clues left leading to it.

        People have every right to have doubts, just as much as you have the right to have faith in them. The thing is just because Nintendo is doing well again now, does not mean nothing can change in the future.

        The NX isn’t even out, and no one knows if it will be a success or not. Not even Nintendo, since there is something called proof of concept, and hardware is not something you can just assume will sell based on a small focus group. It proves itself in the market, and the NX is not on the market yet.

        More importantly, the market is a fickle mistress, it changes at any time. This is already being seen now, as no gaming company today is making the kind of money they used to make, since the market has shifted towards mobile gaming.

        So who the hell knows what could happen in the future. Who the hell even knows if any of these gaming companies will be around one day, there is always the possibility.

  3. They will be. And the wannabe Nintendo fans that jumped ship will come crawling back. I will beat them back with a stick if I can.

  4. This would be better if Nintendo didn’t fail with the Wii U. Sure it’s making a profit but it’s overall sales is abysmal. If the Gamecube sold only around 10 million after 3 years, then I’ll retract my statement about the Wii U. Least til the NX comes out & the Wii U has not sold as well as the Gamecube, if not better.

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