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Wii U Sales Pass 10 Million Since 2012 And Splatoon Has Sold 1.62 Million Units

The Wii U has had a tough time in a competitive marketplace but Nintendo has announced that the console has now sold over 10 million units since it launched back in 2012. Nintendo’s latest IP the super-colourful Splatoon has been a success for the company since it released back in May. The shooter has sold 1.62 million units by June 30th. On the hardware side, Nintendo also announced that it has sold over 1 million Nintendo 3DS consoles during the last quarter. Software sales for the Nintendo 3DS have also been encouraging at 7.92 million. Nintendo has yet to give sales figures for amiibo figures but says they are “favourable.”


100 thoughts on “Wii U Sales Pass 10 Million Since 2012 And Splatoon Has Sold 1.62 Million Units”

    1. Hmph! I knew tge Wii U was doing better than what IGN was pretending. & it’s due to their killer exclusives. ESPECIALLY SPLATOON!!!!
      They say :
      “……the wii u is the next dreamcast”.
      I Say: YEAH RIGHT!!!

        1. It’s funny that you say ‘Nintoddlers’ when Trolls, like yourself, are the most child like beings on the Internet.

            1. And besides, I’m certain that he’s talking about how the Dreamcast was Sega’s last Home Console and how many said that the Wii U will be Nintendo’s last Home Console. Try to understand the point of the comment, before replying.

              1. Peanut Butter KitKat

                To be fair people only generally had a reason to buy a Wii U when Mario Kart 8 was released, that was June 2014.

                Nintendo have only really being supporting the thing for just over a year and a half.

              1. Good for Splatoon. I hope this encourages Nintendo to churn out more New IPs when the NX comes around.

              2. People dont get it. Splatoon is selling good but to people who already have a wiiu. Its not bringing people in.

                So whats the point, it means nothing if the hardware doesnt sell. There has not been a bump on splatoon and only a week or 2 on mario kart. It just means less then 20% of the current wiiu owners bought splatoon.

                1. You don’t know that, no one knows what the hardware sales would’ve been if Splatoon hadn’t been released.

                  From the Japanese charts the Wii U sales have been fairly steady for a while now, and I would guess that that steadiness, is in part, due to Splatoon. The game may not bring tens of thousands of extra customers but keeping the momentum is just as important.

                  1. The japanese market has been selling atound 10k a week for over a year. Splatoon came out and it jump a couple thousand first week and then went back down.

                    It is all old wiiu user buying the game. Its sad, even mk was that way. Good fames not beeing played except by old wiiu owners.

                    1. Wii U was at 6 to 7 thousands before splatoon. After splatoon it spike then slowly went down to 11000 when it is at now.

                    2. Momentum is not inportant when its all wiiu owners. Also look at this. What aaa game has been released since splatoon. Its the only game out for wiiu and its has only hot less then 20% of the market in wiiu.

                      Other platofrm like ps and xbox had tons of aaa games to choice.from so a couple million for them is good but a couple million qhen it the only game in last 5onths that is a aaa game is horrid.

                      1. Your information is not correct. There are new and old wii u owners. There is more to games than just being labeled AAA. It is the collective games people buy. I am still buying games I missed out on and still have not bought smash or splatoon.

                        1. Actually that’s 1.6 million in 1 month 4 days, since the quarter they are referring to ended June 30. The sales from July are not included.

                          1. MK8 hit that same number in its first weekend. Still sad to see a new IP, after all of that exhausting advertisements, still didn’t hit that mark sooner than it should. That’s what releasing half made games at full price and stripping out voice would do to a game.

                                1. I’m delusional when Nintendo stated they were happy with Splatoon sales. Nice try to get me upset. I only respond so the uneducated would not listen to misinformation.

                                2. TROLLS SHIT TALKING


                                  MORE AA AAA GAMING THAN ANY OTHER CONSOLE-COMPANY

                                  MEANWHILE XBONE HAS LOST BILLIONS AND SONY TOO

                                  WAKE UP TROLLS

                                  1. Man children crying again lol

                                    Still doesn’t change the fact that the Wii u is a commercial disaster.

                                    Purely subjective.

                                    But their gaming divisions are doing far better than Nintendo.

                                    WAKE UP NINTODDLERS!!!

                                    1. If nintendo had only wiiu it would lose billions also. But they get to rely on 3ds. dont act like wiiu is doing anything other than bad.

                                      Wiiu is dead and consumers know it.

                                      Even today the average person has no clue what wiiu is.

                                      Fact just saw on cragslist. Someone selling a wii. Claims to have game pad attachment, wii mote and internal storage of 32g with super mash bros wiiu.

                                      Its sad nintendo was a flop in making people understand there isna difference

                                        1. Oh yeah? Can you please remind me when the next fire emblem on Wii u is (and not that shitty persona x fire emblem trash)…oh wait lol

                                          1. 10 million in almost 3 years is as bad as Vita did in its 3 years. It’s DOW now and even Nintendo knows it. Why you think now Zelda isn’t listed in their 2016 game line up? Because NX will come sooner than everyone thinks.

                                            1. It’s the same reason why in the game line up there are games that say Fall and Holiday 2015. They have not decided. What is the NX? I have not heard anything from Nintendo about it.

                                          2. Peanut Butter KitKat

                                            This is only up to June, there was a rumour that Splatoon shifted a few units between July and now.

                                            1. 2 years and 7 months. 3 consoles on the market and a lot of gamers are not moving to the current gen. A failure has no affect on me. I have my money worth out of the Wii U and have many more games to purchase.

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                                              1. I thought it would shortly after Christmas. Guess I was dead wrong. Not even Smash Bros. 4 could save it..oh wait. It’s because Nintendo is so fucking heavily invested in 3DS making Wii U just as pointless to exist as Xbox when it started.

                                            3. Everyone in this topic is dick riding Michael Pachter as if he’s Jesus effing Christ. Haters wanna hate…

                                              1. Welcome to the wonderful world of :
                                                Haters &
                                                Liars &
                                                …OH MY!!!!!
                                                Personally, I would be way too busy playing PS4 OR XBOX1 instead of wasting time “hating, lieing, & trolling Nintendo.” Lol

                                                1. Well, as a fellow Sony pony, we’ve got no games on our ps4s so we’re being social rejects trolling on some shitty sites.

                                                2. Nintendo…I hope you’re happy with your current Wii u sales…because that’s the most you’ll probably ever get with your home consoles unless you start targeting the hardcore gamers. Adapt or suffer the consequences.

                                                    1. Face it fantard, “hardcore gamers” DO exist…they’re the ps4/xb1 crowd…and not the cod kiddies, they don’t count. Hardcore gamers expect…
                                                      Great graphics
                                                      Great online
                                                      Great third party support
                                                      A normal, non gimmicky controller

                                                      This is why Sony and Microsoft are BRUTALY RAPING the Wii u…it doesn’t attract that crowd.

                                                      1. What is a hardcore gamer? People throw out words and don’t know the meaning. There are “hardcore” gamers on mobile. The term “hardcore” is just an adjective to describe gamer which is a person who plays games or in video game terms a person who plays electronic games.

                                                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                          >>>Hardcore gamers are not only the ones playing games all the time, it’s the ones that are very good at them no matter what, that’s not what the Xbots and Sonyans are about, the true gamers are on Nintendo and PC>>>

                                                          1. True, real, hardcore, casual are all adjectives to describe the word gamer. People are either gamers or they not.

                                                          2. If Smash Bros. 4 and even Splatoon couldn’t shift this shit back to tolerable numbers, then not even Mario Maker and Star Fox 64 HD combined can save it. That explains why Zelda is now confirmed BY NINTENDO no longer in the 2016 lineup. Wii U is dead now…actually, been dead years ago.

                                                            1. Its been dead for 2 years already thw fanboys just dont know it. They r like horses qith the blinders on. Or monecraft riding that stupid pig with a dangling carrot in front

                                                            2. I just booted up my dead console and am now starting to play my dead games. All my consoles and games are dead, they have no pulse. They are not alive and they don’t feel. Oh my, I guess I shouldn’t really care.

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                                                                1. It really sad that 10mil wiiu consoles and not big games for almost 3 months and they only got less then 20% of owners to get one.

                                                                  The other 80% of the owners has touch dust covering their wiiu to see it

                                                                2. It’s actually 1 month 4 days. The 1.6 million is from launch on May 28 until June 30. It doesn’t include July.

                                                                      1. how sad PS2 sold more than PS3 and so far the PS4. That is sad. Now think about what you are saying. Is this to get people upset? I don’t think it is going to work. These tactics are old in the gaming world and the fact people are not enjoying what they bought and relying on sales data to validate something is just sad.

                                                                              1. PS4 is tracking behind PS2 and is barely ahead/behind PS3 now. You may not have been paying attention but the PS4 sales is not as great as it was during the hype period.

                                                                                    1. They are about 4 to 5 million behind Wii level and would to be over 45 million in its second year to beat that level. PS2 sales are hard to determine since the launches were not at the same time.

                                                                                  1. well who can honestly say that’s a good number? 10 millions should have been reach in December 2014… not in June or July 2015 where the wii U should have been around 12-15 millions units sold.

                                                                                    Microsoft has done what was needed to get their unit out and they did a good job. You may not like the company and the console (like I do) but they did a very good marketing job in black Friday and in Christmas.

                                                                                    10 millions units is just ridiculous and Nintendo did not resolve the drought and when securing any exclusivity they fuck it up (Devil the 3rd…). Now they want to give up on the wii U and do a fast one with the NX.

                                                                                    My consolation is that any PS4 games can be found on PC and since then I have a huge PC games collections.

                                                                                          1. it was unit sold/send to distributor, not sold to end customer, hence why we should be careful with MS numbers. I always subtract 1.5 millions when a number is given. But microsoft number should be around 17 – 20 milions (they so did a brilliant marketing job sicne black friday 2014) which means they sold 15 to 18 millions since the xbox 1 came out.

                                                                                        1. Wow. This is bad. Over 10 million in 3 years is very bad. “But it is making a profit!” Making a profit doesn’t mean shit! Least that’s what you fanboys say when Call of Duty is fucking pulverizing most games in sales, making a huge profit! But when a Nintendo console makes a profit even if it’s getting it’s ass kicked by the competition, “Oh they are fine! Nothing to see here!” *facepalm* You people are deluded by your loyalty. So glad I’m not. I love Nintendo but I’m not obsessed with them like the fanboys are.

                                                                                          1. It depend on if Nintendo like the number. They are the only one to determine if the number is good or bad. If they like where they are at now then it is good. If they don’t then it is bad. It has no affect on me at all. That number could be 10 million, 20 million, 30 million, 100 million and it does not have anything to do with my life. I guess it mean so much to people that do not work for Nintendo.

                                                                                            1. Well I question Nintendo’s brilliance these days so they are probably stupid enough to think the Wii U was a huge success all around.

                                                                                              1. It doesn’t have to be a success to them but they could consider it as okay or average or below average. Companies don’t look at products as success or fail. They may rate the situation on money made or loss not how many products. If I sold 1 product to one customer and I’m making a profit then that’s a sucess to me. Someone on the outside my say they only sold one product so it was a failure. The viewpoint really lies with the person selling the product.

                                                                                            2. Oh my god TheStrangaBlog is so fucking stupid. 1.6 M units in about 2 months is bad? Really? First off, its a new ip, second: its on a system that is failing overall, and 3rd: ITS A FUCKING EXCLUSIVE ON A FAILING CONSOLE! I don’t know about u but when i hear EXLUSIVE and FAILING CONSOLE in the same sentence, I don’t think of it selling 3-5 M units in 2 fucking months. And then u keep comparing it to MK8, a LONG RUNNING FRANCHISE BASED AROUND THE BIGGEST VIDEO GAME CHARACTER EVER! Do u know how fucking stupid u sound?

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