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Nintendo Will Apparently Offer ‘Loot Crate’ Subscription Rival

The Nintendo UK Store will soon offer a special subscription service to rival Loot Crate. The box will be named the ’N-Box’ and will feature Nintendo themed toys, clothes and other accessories. You can either purchase the ‘N-Box’ separately or subscribe to a three, six, or 12-month plan. The news was reported by MCV who are generally a good source when it comes down to rumours. The Nintendo UK Store was contacted by the publication, but they wouldn’t comment on the rumour.

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53 thoughts on “Nintendo Will Apparently Offer ‘Loot Crate’ Subscription Rival”

    1. I love how Nintendo is going into everything (mostly toys) and making games much more slowly. I think they’ll in the end (after NX) stop making big games and become a smartphone developer with a lot of merchandise to sell. It makes sense. They never liked to invest much into their games. They were always cheap and wanted to appeal to as many people (mostly kids) as possible and the smartphone market (especially once smartphones evolve to be much more game friendly ) is a perfect place for it.

      1. “They never invest much into their games” that statement is a bit farfetched considering Nintendo games have amazing polish.

        1. a lot of indie games are polished as well. Doesn’t mean they invest much. But compare Nintendo’ biggest games to other big games, I hope you see the difference in content.

          1. Indie games are extra-polished because it’s vital to them. When you’re not a huge company, every single detail count in an overwhelming market to set yourself apart. Nintendo is a big company and doesn’t have that issue. Yet they still polish more than most games on the “big” market.

          2. Wii U is their deathnote and NX will be their nailed coffin. Time to bury what’s once godly for video games. It’s a shame, for a video gaming savior to drop dead like this, stupidly and arrogantly.

            1. Peanut Butter KitKat

              How is Wii U “the death note” when they’re making a profit on it, especially in the software dept. They’ve also got a shed load of money on the bank.

              This is the thing that people don’t understand when it comes to this retarded console war rubbish, X amount of revenue and consoles shipped sounds good on the news websites but bottom line will always be profit,

            2. “They never invest much into their games”

              Yeah, that’s why all their games are shit and why they died in the 80s along with Atari.

              1. I kinda don’t care about someone’s experiences about it. I said that this geeky thingies are the opposite of interesting for me and would rather get this Nintendo package.

            3. Okay this better come to North America or I just might cry. Why is it always the UK that gets all the cool merch, especially when it came to club Nintendo.

                  1. I’m blown away how these “loot crates” are so popular. The idea is that you buy tons of unwanted, unsellable garbage from companies in bulk, super cheap, then slap a bunch of it in a box and send it to a bunch of people who have already paid for it. Everyone wins?

                    Imagine that you’re a tshirt reseller and you bought a bunch of meme shirts (minecraft or something) that didn’t sell. Now you have thousands of them. Loot crate offers to buy your entire stock of shitty meme shirts. Loot Crate more or less gets a ton of shirts for next to nothing- and you clear your warehouse of shit that you couldn’t sell. Loot Crate turns around and sells a bunch of idiots this same garbage they wouldn’t have paid for otherwise because it’s now blind-boxed.

                    Like, how out-of-touch do you have to be with your hobbies that you’ll let a huge companies decide your purchases for you? “I think I’m going to join this ‘nerd-geek culture now… hmm, guess i should buy this loot crate and get a bunch of shit this huge company has decided is ‘nerd-geek’ chic so i can fit in and be a nerd-geek.”

                    Can someone explain the appeal to me?

                    1. In many cases it’s not that you get “shitty stuff” chosen for you – some of the contents can actually be pretty neat, but the fact that they can get it in bulk prices for discounts means that they can offer so many things to you – and some people like getting a surprise in the mail every month. They don’t know what to expect and that’s part of the appeal. It’s not about being out of touch with your hobbies. On the contrary, you may get some swag for something that you hadn’t looked into or didn’t know about but that you might now find interest in thanks to the crate.
                      Obviously if you’re looking at it from such a pessimistic point of view, you can “see” what you want to see in terms of what message or marketing plan is supposedly being implemented here. I tend to see it as a fun service that can benefit geek culture. And who are you to decide how someone wants to “join” the geek culture? Everyone gets to what they like in different ways, and just because they may be new to it, or because they used loot crate to get to it, doesn’t make them less of a fan, or a “fake”. Grow up.

                      1. I guess there’s something to be said about using a service like this to discover new things, but Loot crate doesn’t expose people to new things… A past crate was nothing but Game of Thrones and Harry Potter stuff, (probably the safest and tamest fantasy stuff you can think of) and people unexposed to something so mainstream probably wouldn’t be interested in buying “nerd” themed blind boxes off the internet. Spending 20+ dollars a month to get a random assortment of capsule toys and things someone else considers “geeky” seems like a pretty bad deal. Have you seen what comes in these things? A bunch of stuff you find at the bargain bin at hot topic. For me at least, part of what makes dumb nerd stuff (figurines, apparel, etc) great is finding stuff i’m really into and picking out things I really like. I like nintendo characters, sure, but if Nintendo’s lootcrate is anything like the Loot Crate brand ones, spending 20 bucks to get a Koopaling McDonalds toy and a mushroom t-shirt with something embarassing printed under it isn’t my idea of fun. Why hope and pray for the chance Nintendo MIGHT include something from chibi-robo or mother or splatoon and just spend that same money buying a chibi-robo amiibo or a great Mother-related shirt? Blind-boxed things are blind-boxed for a reason- because you wouldn’t buy them otherwise. I guess it’s a fair point (that you didn’t make) to say that loot-crate type deals aren’t for fans who know what they are interested in, or have such broad tastes that they’ll enjoy anything. I’m not the target audience for sure. But please don’t delude yourself into thinking this is some kind of great deal. Blind-boxed things are blind boxed for a reason. You’re better off buying lottery tickets if you like gambling.
                        Also, telling people to “grow up” isn’t a comepelling argument. It’s not even a compelling insult. If you disagree with someone just disagree with them- no reason to imply that they’re a child because they DON’T like buying blind-boxed McDonalds toys.

                        1. Lootcrate sucks but if a similar idea was more focused, like getting merch specific to a brand, movie, tv show or theme, i would be down for that. Collect Nintendo shit for a few months and then cancel if onwanted or just get a bunch ofnahit for cheap you wouldn’t normally buy but are enthused tonget.

                          As a parent, it is a cool way to make ten bucks feel like way mire by getting the box in the mail and opening with your kids and passing stuff out and jeeping the good shit for yourself. Litt Batman 60s TV show figure was worth ten bucks on its own although lootcrate did suck enough for me to quit after my first go round.

                          I dig having stuff come from one franchise. Batman, Simpsons, Star Wars or Nintendo… Plenty of people would buy a “crate” of random goodies from each or all of those on a monthly basis, maybe moreso than the lootcrate and Nintendo could br making a solid move with this.

                          1. Agreed. I think if the stuff in the crate you couldn’t get otherwise, or you could pick what franchises you recieve stuff for (barkbox dog toys works this way, you specify dog size and what type of toys/treats they like) would at least make it something more compelling.

                        2. Lmao “N-Box”. I’m not going to say what the N stands for.

                          No but seriously what about America? Are these bimbos going to deliver what they promised?

                            1. I know what N word he is thinking of but I won’t dare say it, either. But if you are a fan, or use to be because of recent events, of Hulk Hogan, you’ll know what word he’s thinking of. Oh who am I kidding! I’m pretty sure even you know what word he means! lol

                              1. Lol yup, I’m just messing with the guy. I want to see how far he’ll take his trolling to and see how dedicated he truly is to what he’s doing.

                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>Very dedicated but he still is no match for my superior anti-trolling program>>>

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                                  2. I hope this makes it to the US if it’s real! I’ve never subscribed to Loot Crate or any of the copies that have spawned since but I would subscribe to this in a heartbeat!

                                  3. It better be relatively good quality, and exclusive. Because if it’s shitty shirts you can already buy at walmart and plushies from the bottom shelf at toysrus it’s really not worth it.

                                  4. All these people complaining about “Oh, why isn’t this coming to America, the UK ALWAYS gets all the things!”, they make me laugh, we get a thing once in a blue moon that the US doesn’t and you bitches act like we get special treatment or something. Cry babies, all of ya!

                                    1. I wish I could say you’re right but you’re not. This isn’t the 90s, anymore. Everyone BUT Japan is getting screwed over most of the time these days by Nintendo with exclusive stuff.

                                    1. It’s a service that sends you a little Mystery box with goodies inside every month (for about $20 a month.)

                                      They have a theme and you get all sorts of stuff based on that theme. Like shirts, funko figures, toys, cards, watches, collectables, comics, and all sorts of stuff.

                                      There are more of these subscriptions though, NerdBlock is another one, and I want to say that there’s a 1UPbox as well, but I might be wrong. Anyways, they’re subscription based goodies and you never really know what you’re getting, some months you might get gold, other months you might not.

                                      1. Life is like a box of Loot Crates! Ya never know what ya gonna git! xD Oh I just couldn’t resist!

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