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Final Fantasy Explorers Will Be Playable At Gamescom

We already know that Final Fantasy Explorers is finally coming to the west, but what we didn’t know is that the game will be playable at Gamescom next week. Despite the game not being released here until January 2016, it is encouraging that they have a playable english build up and running. If you’re in Europe then you will be able to purchase the game on January 29th and if you live in the United States you will be able to play it on January 26th.

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7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Explorers Will Be Playable At Gamescom”

    1. Same. But traveling to someplace only to stay there for a few days is way too expensive for someone with my budget.

    1. I did some searching, much of what im reading is saying it will have online and local multiplayer options. Hopefully they’ll have something like guild’s for friends and such, or even just online. It would be a nice extra for playing with people that you worked well with.

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