Check Out The Facebook Hackathon Winning Level On Super Mario Maker

Facebook software engineers, Doug Strait and Roy McElmurry, were crowned the overall winners at this year’s Hackathon event. The event saw Facebook employees tasked with creating the best level they possibly could in the ultra-creative Super Mario Maker for Wii U. The winning level was titled “Ship Love” and it took place on a pirate ship filled with lots of innovative platforming magic. You can watch the specially created level in the video, below.



  1. Eh, too cluttered and gimmicky for my tastes. Gives me a Kaizo Mario vibe. Not an example of good, cohesive level design at all.

    1. Dafuq? Are you attempting to be a troll, or are you making fun of the LittleBigPlanet fans that attempt to be trolls?

  2. Awesome I would like a world with water snow and lava mixed up that would be cool someone make that

  3. I actually thought it’d be more creative.. Honestly that will probably be a standard level you download off the internet… The gems will stand out.

    1. this wasn’t the full game version they were just the demo so they never had a lot of options to choose from

  4. WOW, seeing how creative you can make these levels is amazing. Maybe amazing enough to be worth a pick up in my book.

  5. Cant wait to pick ulthis up to get creative…even though i been making levels on roms for years now.

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