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Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Launches This Month In Japan

The mobile edition of Pokemon Shuffle will launch later this month in Japan. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, which is essentially a port of the freemium Nintendo 3DS title, will be downloadable via iOS and Android devices. In the game, the player’s primary goal is to clear various stages by lining up the same Pokemon and clearing these matches from the puzzle area. Pokemon Shuffle has been available on 3DS since February.


9 thoughts on “Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Launches This Month In Japan”

  1. The same Nintenhypocrites that once said mobiles were destroying gaming are now lovingly embracing it and its practices. Hmm.

    1. You DO know, that there are many Nintendo fans, myself included, that are still skeptical about Nintendo trying out the Mobile Market right? I personally, will wait until Nintendo releases their first Mobile Exclusive game/app, until I say if I 100% like or dislike where this is going…

    2. Mobile gaming isn’t destroying gaming. The dumbass consumers that buy $200 in Candy Crush lives, THEY’RE destroying gaming, since it shows mobile game developers that “Hey! This microtransaction thing is really working! Let’s implement it in our $60 console games too!”

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