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Chris Pranger From Treehouse Talks About Working For Nintendo

Chris Pranger from Nintendo’s Treehouse has recently taken part in a podcast with Part-Time Gamer where he discusses working for the legendary company. Ranger talks about Nintendo’s current media policy, playing video games on other systems to familiarise themselves with what’s popular, and also Masahiro Sakurai’s hardcore work ethic. You can give it a listen, right here.

  • Interesting bit. He says Nintendo’s media policy has recently changed regarding employees being more open about talking about their work but not spoilers or anything. That’s probably why he can even do this podcast.
  • He is the voice of the first level boss in Star Fox Zero. Is working on the game as well.
  • Talks about NOA using employees as VAs for fun and cheap work.
  • Nintendo has a game library where employees can check out games for all systems in order to be well-versed in gaming. He played Bioshock Infinite that way.
  • Sakurai kills himself for his games. Is very sensitive to fan feedback.
  • Localization costs a ton of money and often the vocal minority of fans who want a game localized isn’t a large enough consumer base to justify the localization costs. The original Xenoblade is an example he gives. NOE ate the cost on that project (as we know).

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24 thoughts on “Chris Pranger From Treehouse Talks About Working For Nintendo”

    1. Well, it is smart to do so. To beat your competitors, you have to understand and know their products.

      Only way to know a video game is to have hands on with it.

      I think it is good to share this information. It shows that Nintendo is really about embracing the gaming community as a whole and not staying secluded to their little bubble. It would sound terrible if Nintendo only offered Nintendo games, because technically the employees at Nintendo should ALREADY be familiar with them anyway.

      1. still it’s a little strange knowing how Nintendo is butt if the learn stuff from it than i’m not complaining

    1. Sakurai is crazy though. I have NEVER heard of a developer making such a jam-packed game as he has in Smash Bros (especially the most recent one). He did it in only a couple years too!!!

      He MUST be a workaholic and a perfectionist.

  1. It’s funny, I skimmed over that line about him being able to play all games, assuming that he was only referring to Nintendo games. I was pleased to hear Aonuma really enjoyed playing Far Cry 4. Who knows, maybe inspirations from that game contributed to some major tweak that delayed Zelda, especially since was delayed shortly after he said that. Wouldn’t be a bad thing…

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  3. Sakurai kills himself for his games. Is very sensitive to fan feedback.

    Miss translation heres the real thing.

    Sakurai kills his games due to the fan feedback.

  4. Sakurai cracks his back from making Smash Bros and the next day he gets back to work on his PC and sees the hundreds of character requests for Smash. I bet he’s like “Oh my god, man. This is torture.” XD

  5. Was that last one a crack at Mother 3? Come on, with Earthbound’s new popularity here in the US (EB being one of the best selling eshop games, EBB getting released in the US, plus Ness and Lucas in smash) it would sell pretty well.

    1. I think so as well. Mother 3 is almost Nintendo’s Half-Life 3. The fact that a localized version doesn’t exist helps to spread the word around town. I mean, that’s exactly how I got into Mother/Earthbound.

  6. …did he seriously just say that xenoblade chronicles is an example of localisations not being worth the money? If so, this guy’s an arsehole! Xenoblade chronicles wasn’t the best selling game in the world BUT it still did ok and performed very well critically. Screw this guy!

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  8. *scoffs* No wonder some of the voice acting in some Nintendo games suck over here in the States. They are too cheap to hire actual voice actors. Sadly, Nintendo of America is cheap on almost all fronts.

    1. I’m not. He was an asshole to people upset so he had it coming. Now if they would just fire the other 99% of the people that work at Nintendo of America & maybe, just maybe, we can get some people in NoA that aren’t idiots.

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