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GameStop: Retro Amiibo 3 Pack Pre-orders Start 8th August

Looks as though the moderator at Reddit was correct and US video game retailer GameStop will be selling an amiibo three pack. The amiibo that are contained within the pack are Duck Hunt Dog, R.O.B and Mr. Game and Watch and they will be available to pre-order in store only on August 8th. The bundle will cost $34.99. The figures are due for release next month and reserve quantities will be limited.


23 thoughts on “GameStop: Retro Amiibo 3 Pack Pre-orders Start 8th August”

    1. Scalpers are limited by fair market supply and demand. If the demand is high but supply is low, only then can scalpers charge a relatively high price, otherwise referred to as the fair market price. Considering Nintendo’s insufficient supply but high demand, the MSRP is significantly below the fair market price, but they seem to be doing better recently.

      Our demand for Amiibos shoot up the prices. As those prices increase, willing demand decreases until only those opulent enough to afford higher prices are left in the demand pool. Scalpers aren’t “unfair”. They just help those willing to pay more money guarantee a supply, leaving some of us upset.

    1. As much as I like them I have to agree with you. People are treating them like that “Tickle me Elmo” or those “Cabbage Patch Kids” from the 80’s.

      The Amiibos are “cool” but nothing more. On a funny note, I’ve had guys actually try to scalp me a Jigglypuff. Lol

  1. Amiibos would be a lot better if they had more content for them. Like buy the Mario amiibo And get super Mario bros on virtual console. I do like how yoshi’s wooly world designs yoshi to look like the amiibo and mario maker adds retro characters. But until they get better benefits I’m not buying them

    1. So, buying one for like £10.99 just for the actual figurine isn’t good enough? Regardless of what “In game” content they unlock, it is worth the price just for the figure the in game stuff is just a bonus. A bonus of which slowly gives more and more with each new game that supports them so the investment is great long term.

        1. It’s really not much trouble dude in store like these are much easier than online preorders you can probably just show up maybe three hours tops and still get one. That’s not bad at all. People wait much longer for stuff than that if they really want it. Go out and meet people in line it’s pretty cool and most people bring their 3ds so you can play smash

        2. I prefer BOXED separately, some people are saying the three pack will be in one big box like the splatoon three pack which would suck cause it would be an eye sore for in box collectors of the smash series to have this one three set amongst all the singles. If you open them it don’t matter of course. My ocd is gonna go nuts though if they are indeed only available in NA in the big box lol.

        3. The whole amiibo phenomenon is getting really fucked up in the USA.

          Oh well, karma will bite Nintendo back.
          They already lost a president, the dude who wanted amiibo originally, let’s see how far their greed and avarice gets everyone else.

        4. To be that whole 1 per customer thing means nothing nintendo is still going to loose money ppl are just going to sell each one of these amiibo for about 2 the $34.99 it cost to buy all 3

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