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GameXplain Go Hands On With The August Splatoon Update

Popular YouTube channel GameXplain have had the opportunity to go hands on with the hefty Splatoon update which is due to drop tomorrow.  The channel has extensive battles with the recently announced Slosher & Heavy Splatling. There’s also a tour of the new and improved Urchin Underpass. Here’s the videos that are currently available.

Thanks, SmokeRulz

17 thoughts on “GameXplain Go Hands On With The August Splatoon Update”

  1. I wish they kept both versions of UU. The new one looks better but it seems like something that would be in a sequel as a “remixed” version similar to retro stages in Mario Kart.

  2. I really damn like this Urchin Underpass update. It’s a major change, but I can already see how it’s gonna make the stage far more fair than it was before. And that middle area is gonna be awesome with the new tree obstacles and platform structuring.

    Also: Can we just talk about those victory animations for the Slosher and Splatling? I can’t handle these cute squids.

  3. When the update hits. I’m doing my Roddy Piper on all y’allz asses!!!!
    “I’ve come here to chew bubble gum & kick ass!!!!!”
    “…….& I’ve just ran out of bubble gum!” Lol

    Fucking love this game!!!!!

  4. Reincarnated Sasori Obinna: The Divine Puppet

    This game is so amazing ya I cannot even sleep because I’m so hype for this update ya

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