Here’s The Devil’s Third Launch Trailer

Devil’s Third is due to be released on August 28th in Europe so Nintendo has decided it is now time for the game to get a launch trailer. The previews for the game have been all over the place and our review will be coming once the embargo lifts. It is clearly going to be a title that you are simply going to have to play yourself to make a fair and proper judgement. For those curious about Eurogamer’s comments on the game here’s what they said.

Have you ever pondered over the question of what would happen if Tomonobu Itagaki made a mash-up of Ninja Gaiden and Modern Warfare-era Call of Duty, most likely while drunk and working on a PlayStation 2 devkit with a fiver and a pocketful of loose change to bring it all home? Boy does Devil’s Third have the answer for you.

Thanks, DaddyLong…


  1. *facepalms at the embargo on reviews part* This is going to be Watch_Dogs all over again, isn’t it? Only this time the game is actually a Wii U exclusive. The game will release with glitches & bugs galore, people will hate it, the game will get patched, and the damage will already be done as Devil’s Third goes down as Wii U shovelware.

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      1. Truthfully I really don’t care about what I post anymore. I know exactly what I can do. This dog still got a few tricks.


      2. You can’t replace me. As a matter of fect, fuck this Osiris shit, I’m going back to the old me.


      3. >>>We both know that’s not true, my essence can be felt through the digital world and is continuing to expand more and more>>>


  2. This game looks pretty cool, anyone who disagrees is a bigger troll than I , and I’m a pretty big f’ing troll…… Ya . Real talk though the online modes could be fun but only if enough ppl play so don’t let your stupidity get in the way of giving this game a chance. Now there’s still a chance this game really will suck… Let’s hope not because it’ll be nice to have more games like this as exclusives on Wii U or any future big N consoles.

    Ok back to troll mode, ya

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    1. Why back to troll mode? Are you a fucking retard or something? Just be normal and have normal discussions.

      Anyways, im gonna try this game regardless of reviews. If it sucks I wasted my money, but it looks like it could have potential…

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      1. Reincarnated Sasori is just mocking the original Sasori, along with the countless Sasori clones, that did nothing but troll on this site back in the day. He’s not the enemy.


  3. It really does look like a ps2 game though, I think that every time I see a video on devils third. It looks fun as long as it is not glitchy and plays smoothly I can forgive the ps2 style look…Maybe he was going for a classic style. LOL


    1. I can forgive if it has glitches spread far & wide as long as they don’t interfere too heavily in the gameplay. As far as I’m concerned, the best looking PS2 & Gamecube games should be the standard for 3D games. If it’s at least on par with those, I don’t care about the graphics after that.


  4. i still have ps2 and this does not look that bad. if anything ps3 graphics. but who fucking cares this looks like crazy fun. haters hate players play


      1. My issue with “Play before you judge” is that not everyone can buy every single game to know if it’s good. A game needs to project it’s quality and demos are great as well.. Play N Judge just isn’t a scalable solution.

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  5. weird.. lot of the comments here complain about the graphic when most of the time the same people will say that graphics are not important. I look at the game and don’t see much different with today games like COD which have fantastic animations. The story seems to be OK, the gameplay seems alright from what I can gather and playing an anti-hero seems like fun. I don’t think the game will be groundbreaking but I am open to give it a shoot.

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