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Pokemon Rumble World Now Gives Area Where You Find Pokemon You’re Missing

We found out yesterday that Pokemon Rumble World has been updated. What we didn’t know is that a new area has been added which allows you to find the Pokemon that you are missing. The new area is named Changing Land and to get to the destination you need to ride the new Lucky Balloon. Changing Land contains the majority of Pokemon that you’re missing, but to get there you need to be at least Adventure Rank 40 to ride the balloon to get to the destination. The update also includes a couple more things, these include receiving 40 Poké Diamonds per day if you have unlocked the Diamond Mine. Coin values have also been raised. And finally,  if you’re Adventurer Rank 4 then enter the password below to get 1000 Poké Diamonds.

  • Europe: 71104779
  • United States: 48213190

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21 thoughts on “Pokemon Rumble World Now Gives Area Where You Find Pokemon You’re Missing”

  1. Even if the game gives me the Pokemon I don’t have, it’s still crap and a waste of time. But thankfully not a waste of money.

        1. Oops my bad. It took a few hours before showed up for me, but yeah I read it wrong. I think its actually like level 33 or something reading other places.

      1. I like the Lucky Balloon but it takes 20hrs to recharge/re-inflate? It doesn’t follow a single area so it shuffles multiple areas to 4 parts where those Pokemons are likely to appear. And it’s still not a guarantee that you’ll catch the Pokemon.

        And please repair that 1000, we all know its only 100 Diamonds.

        Unlocking the Diamond Mine requires you to BUY 3000 worth of Diamonds via eShop, so if you’re really that desperate go ahead… I still need 620 in order to get the last 4 (Starlight to Legend) Balloons, but I’ll just wait… I’ll use my eShop load on future games…

      2. I lost interest in this game after giving it a try in just two days. Two fucking days! I’ll just wait for when Game Freak takes us that want to play as the Pokemon themselves seriously & gives us a free roam game letting us play as the actual Pokemon. Rumble World is good for the little kids into Pokemon but what about those of us that are teenagers or adults that still like Pokemon? This would get some of the ones that have lost interest in Pokemon altogether to come back. I’m actually legitimately surprised that they are even letting Bandai Namco work on Pokkén Tournament.

          1. I activated that little feature that lets stuff from Nintendo download onto the 3DS without my consent and Pokemon Rumble World is a free game so it downloaded it automatically. I figured I’d give it a try since it was already on the 3DS like I did with the AR Games & face chopper thingy way back when I got my first 3DS.

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