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IGN Gamescom: Star Fox Zero Footage Showing Landmaster And Walker

As promised IGN has teamed up with Nintendo to showcase Star Fox Zero for Wii U for those of you who were unable to attend Gamescom this week. The footage looks to be the same as the footage showcased by Treehouse during E3 in June, but it’s good to get another look at the flagship title hitting the Wii U this fall. Be sure to check out the awesome Landmaster and the Walker.

85 thoughts on “IGN Gamescom: Star Fox Zero Footage Showing Landmaster And Walker”

    1. Just a Star Fox fan.

      Exactly, this is the route StarFox should have been taken after LylatWars. Really loving what they have shown.

          I mean did you guys NOT hear that it may NOT have online play?? (I probably wont even buy it if there is none.)

          1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

            Just because they’ve “never been OMG graphics” doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. And the guy is hardly a graphics whore when he acknowledged the gameplay.

            Just because you have a standard for graphics doesn’t mean you’re a graphics whore.

            1. For me I think the graphics are just fine, I mean maybe it could be a bit better and Im always up for my games looking better but by no means am I complaining about it. The textures and lighting, etc seem pretty ok. Though what bothers me is the lack of depth there is to the world. Everything looks flat and empty, like it takes me out of the experience. So I think if the design was more detailed, like lush vegetation, more forms of land, water, something that looks more natural then designed, then the graphics would appear better I think. Gameplay wise, I`m liking it, nothing really exciting as of yet to really get me hyped for the game though.

            1. What people don’t understand is that if the game used to much poligons or changed the desing of the ships the game would be unrecognizable.

              1. What people don’t understand is that the gamepad eats huge amounts of processing power in vain, since that atrocity is nothing but garbage.

                What Retro made was the perfect solution to save horsepower and improve DKCTF graphics and AI: just shut the f*cking gamepad down.

                Why Platinum games can’t do that? Because some “genius” at Nintendo thinks the cockpit view in SF is the next big thing in gaming.

                1. I did not metioned power not a single time. What i mean is that the reason that the game looks like that is art style not the wii u being underpowered .

                  1. Please don’t hide yourself behind the excuse of “oh, Star Fox needs to be cartoony to look like Star Fox!”

                    Who was the idiot with came up with that lame excuse?

                    You probably hibernated your brain since the 90’s. All longtime franchises have been having changes in their art style and they are still what they used to be.

                    Don’t you recognize Mario when you play NSMBU?

                    1. You talk as if there is a difference between the Wii and wiiu versions of 2d Mario… Also, criticize star fox for looking cartoony, yet you use Mario as an example. Lol, did you like your own comment?

                      1. I did not criticize any cartoony style.

                        You need to take some reading and comprehension classes urgently.

                      2. BarbieGabaGabaGurrrl :)

                        Teehee such nerds. They do not call nerd war for no thing, yes? :) So sweaty ha ha :) Greeting from Philliepines!

                      3. Bayonetta 2 looks great and it uses the gamepad. It also looks more “graphically intensive” than DK:TF. I think they just want the game to be a spiritual successor of StarFox64. Unfortunately, the gameplay looks neither fun nor challenging in this new video.

                        1. Bayonetta is the most impressive Wii U title so far, and, in my opinion, the best Wii U title yet – and probably ever.

                          Star Fox will be straming the TV gameplay realtime to the gamepad, but offering the cockpit view. I really don’t see why the two views are relevant simultaneously. I’d rather having just one of them a time, specially because I don’t like distractions when I play.

                          Having said that, that SF feature will demand lots of processing, which will end up hampering the Ai and the graphics. Yeah, in my opinion, the graphics could be way better, while preserving the unique art style of SF.

                        2. Then the title isn’t for you.

                          I think this video sold me because it brings a new element of play style to Starfox, something to freshen up the series.

                          I believe it’s a great implementation of the gamepad, and it should have been used like this from the beginning.

                          In terms of challenge I’m sure this is easy difficulty for the sake of showing gameplay. Same thing happened in Hyrule Warriors previews.

                            1. Yea I really like the game pad too. The graphics aren’t that bad in this game, in fact I really like a lot of it. The only part I don’t like is the grass sections but that can be fixed, everything else just needs a bit of polish and it will look fine, and they have plenty of time to do so. You also have to think that these demos are months old, GameXplain has already had this confirmed to them. If this gets a bit of polish, and ramp up the difficulty (likely it’s on easy to better show off the game, they do that a lot) then I will LOVE this game, if I have the cash this is definitely a day one buy for me!

                            2. Fuck you, Cockpit view on the Gamepad has been my idea for Starfox ever since the Wii U was revealed at E3 2011. I’m getting exactly what I want so I couldn’t be happier. You nimrods really think if a game had prettier visuals that, that would actually in some way IMPROVE a games gameplay? Your eyeballs are simply like a rich snob, you only want the most overdone shit.

                              1. If that was your idea, congratulations! I’m sure both you and Nintendo — which heard you — deserve all kudos!

                                Only the most stupid fanboy over here and the worst gaming company in this day and age to think about this awful, meaningless, nonsense feature.

                              2. While I agree a cockpit view on the Gamepad is awesome, are we sure the Wii U can even handle that without the quality going to crap? Hyrule Warriors’s awesome quality & graphics took a nose dive when you did local co-op using the Gamepad. Why should I expect Nintendo to get it right with Star Fox Zero? It will be nice if I’m wrong. But til then, history says that two different views on two different screens will drag the processing down & force the console to cut the graphics & quality so it can handle the toll using two different screens for two different views because at the end of the day, the Wii U is too weak to process all of it at once.

                                1. If nintendo thought of adding more processing power in 2008 then it wouldnt be a problen no matter how many polygons the Gamepad was using. But. NINTENDO was stupid with the Wii U specs so….

                                  1. And this is one of the reasons some people hate the Gamepad because Nintendo once again had a great idea but fucked it up by releasing it WITH weak hardware.

                                  2. Who said changing the design of the ships? xD Changing the artstyle should not hugely effect the overall design of the bloody ships. Just look at Skyward Sword & Wind Waker’s Links. Sure they do look different but not so much different that you can’t recognize them as both being Link. So quit hiding behind the “artstyle” defense bullshit.

                                      1. We’ve got too many Nintendrones on here. Then again, there are drones all around on this site. If someone isn’t riding Nintendo’s dick like a good little bitch, it’s someone doing it for EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, etc. You can’t criticize any company no matter who’s side you’re on because there will always be a drone waiting around the corner to bash you for criticizing their precious company that only sees them as a dollar sign these days. Oh the days when a vast majority of video game companies actually cared about their fanbases for more than just the money the fanbase pays them for. Of course, it wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t any drones around too high on the companies’ past self to realize these companies could give two shits about them anymore as long as the majority pays them.

                                      2. If Nintendo thought of more than 1gig for gaming back when Project Café was in R&D then graphics could be better. But Nintendo is stupid so…..

                                    1. sasori obinna: the puppet master

                                      this game looks like shit, i wanted to get into star fox but the visual are turning me off. should i play the ones on game cube to start off.

                                      1. The game doesn’t look like shit. Sure, it isn’t the best looking Wii U game, but to say it looks like shit is quite the exaggeration. Besides, they still have a little bit of time to make the visuals look as good as possible, sure, it’s not a ton of time, but it still has some time left. Remember, everybody was iffy about how Super Mario 3D World looked at E3 2013 and that turned some people off, but then the 2nd Trailer released and all of a sudden, those that were skeptical, weren’t anymore.

                                              1. Why does everyone forget that The Wonderful 101 looked like shit during E3, but once it was released it was all shiny and really well made?

                                                1. Oh I haven’t forgotten that. In fact, I’m actually one of the people that agrees Star Fox Zero looked like crap, quality wise, anyway, because the graphics aren’t an issue for me as they look good. But according to Nintendo, the demo they showed was months old. Take that as you will because I won’t say to trust it because Nintendo has lied to us before this generation.

                                                  1. Just because it’s not a mainline title and plays differently from Zelda’s established norms doesn’t make it shit- in fact, I enjoyed it for what it was.

                                                    Won’t say the same about the 3DS port with all DLC included though- that version can go on permanent hiatus since it punches Wii U supporters in the gut.

                                                  2. I won’t bother since you are part of the group of Zelda fans that think anything that breaks tradition is evil incarnate and will suck no matter how much fun you could actually have with the game if you gave it a chance instead of looking down your nose at it because it’s different.

                                                  3. If you don’t like, don’t get into it.
                                                    You tried to get into mario kart 8 and smash bros, but your hate against those games do not allow you to enjoy them.

                                                2. Great graphics! Too bad the quality fucking sucks. You can tell this probably was originally a Wii title since this is clearly not HD.

                                                3. I think people are confusing shitty graphics with shitty artstyle. This is definitely an upgrade from Wii games (HD, duh), and it has a lot more lighting and detail than Nintendo’s trademark cartoony IPs. The problem is this game is made to look like starfox64- the graphics look fine but you can only polish ugly n64 style art so much. I don’t want giant glowing dots on my enemies and boring spacecraft/spacestation design.

                                                4. So many graphics whores. In other words, people who have no business playing a video game and would rather watch a movie.

                                                  Gameplay looks great, yet no one seems to care.

                                                  1. The gameplay was great. The graphics were great. But there is no denying that the quality was shit for a game that should be HD quality. Maybe Nintendo is fixing that, maybe they aren’t. Have to wait & see.

                                                5. Never was a Star Fox fan so I don’t know if it is good or not. I will defer to the people who are fans of Star Fox. Looks interesting but doen’t peak my interest.

                                                6. THIS is what I’m talking about. Thank you for posting this. I’m glad I was able to see the variety of gameplay due to the many vehicles. Also swapping the views and having it simultaneously at 60 FPS is all AMAZING and brings something NO OTHER company has.

                                                  All the graphics whores need to realize
                                                  1. This is Dual synchronous 60 FPS screens with max 360 view of gameplay
                                                  2. Nintendo is gameplay over graphics, hence this art style vs reality looking things

                                                  Man I wish this type of gameplay had been implemented since the release of the Wii U, but all we have is Nintendo Land.

                                                7. Graphics and gameplay both look crappy to me… Slow slow sloooooow and hardly any enemies… The reason it annoys me so much is there are f all other games to get so Nintendo should be pushing for this to be another smash hit… But it just looks like crap.

                                                8. “And uhh… now uhh… here’s a new level uhhh…”
                                                  *shows the exact same level we saw at E3*
                                                  What a terrible video.

                                                9. fanboys stop. the graphics blow. looks fun game play wise, but you can do both. Hopefully this is a early build of the game because the grass looks Skyward Sword bad. When your lazer blasts hit surfaces they leaver no marks. You can fly through obstacles. WTF? This is easy shit Nintendo. Fix it or I pass

                                                        1. Graphics look cool, simultaneous gamepad and TV at 60fps is more advanced than people realize. A seemless, near flawless game with innovative gameplay… Liking it more after seeing this, alot more

                                                        2. I actually dont mind the look of the game too much. The main problem I see is how damn easy it looks. Knowing Nintendo there will NOT be a difficulty setting. I just know it. So it will be set on default super easy mode, and Miyamoto will tell you the challenge is getting a high score…

                                                          Yea, no thanks…. If the game has a difficulty setting I will buy it. If it doesn’t I wont. Simple as that. Im tired of Nintendo games having zero challenge to them. It’s sickening if you think about Nintendo’s roots and how they used to be…. “Nintendo hard”…..Thats a saying for a reason.

                                                          1. Most Nintendo hard games were not even by Nintendo.

                                                            Nintendo goes for replay value if a game it really fun to play and isn’t too hard then you are more likely to replay that game

                                                            A lot of games are called hard only because of grinding and most of these games have no replay value meaning you get to lvl 70 beat it and never go back because the game was really one long annoying chore

                                                              1. I found Skyward Sword to be easier… Because Fi kept telling me about every. Little. Thing. I only got stuck in SS once compared to OoT where I got stuck 3 times (the only case I remember was not knowing how to get to the Shadow Temple, had to ask a friend who played it when it first came out. I didn’t play OoT until 2010, don’t judge).

                                                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                  >>>I base difficulty on the enemies and OoT were the easiest, overall it wasn’t challenging either>>>

                                                              2. Reincarnated Sasori Obinna: The Divine Puppet

                                                                Graphics look nice and gameplay looks fun, looking forward to this game…..oh ,ya

                                                              3. This really looks like a lot of fun. I really hope the visuals get more polish before it releases though, other than that it’s a must buy for me

                                                              4. If Nintendo added more power to the console in 2008, this game would look better.. but they were too focused on making it slighty more powerful than PS3.

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