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Amazon UK Suggests Fire Emblem Fates Could Be A Single Release For Europe

amazon_listing_fire_emblem_fatesFire Emblem Fates has seen reasonable success in Japan following its two-title release back in June. But according to Amazon UK, the West – or at the very least, Europe – won’t be seeing two distinct titles in the region, rather you’ll be able to opt for the light or dark path in-game. Fans of the series in Japan are currently able to purchase physical releases of either Birthright or Conquest, depending on which path they choose to follow, with only one version unlocking the entirely different storyline in Hoshido or Nohr.

With no official comment from Nintendo of Europe on the game’s distribution, due for release some time in 2016, Amazon UK has stated on their mobile page that Fire Emblem Fates will be its only version release within the market segment. Oddly, you won’t be able to view the notice through a browser, only on an iOS or Android mobile device, as can be seen in the image above.

The ability to choose either path in-game is a smart decision, primarily for ease of use, as well as added value. However, fans have speculated that once you’ve chosen your side, you’ll be automatically locked out of the other. Of course, we can’t be sure Amazon UK’s listing is entirely accurate, but it is certainly a stepping stone to the game’s western distribution. Would you prefer to own both physical editions for the Nintendo 3DS? Let us know in the comment section below.


26 thoughts on “Amazon UK Suggests Fire Emblem Fates Could Be A Single Release For Europe”

    1. I hope so, but I’m expecting that you’ll just get the option to choose your path, and then be automatically locked out of the other, like others have suggested. Makes a lot of sense- and I don’t think it’s really fair for them to have “ripped off” the Japanese market by selling the game and the DLC there individually for such high prices when the west received them both in one.

      1. Awakening had multiple save files. I don’t see how it would lock you out of the other. Get to the chapter before the branching point, save your file, copy it, then continue from there- one file for Norh and one for Hoshido.

  1. It makes sense. I’d rather have a single copy with both routes installed than getting one or the other like pokemon.

  2. Yes Yes yes, cause 2 in one would be a much formidable way to play Fire emblem fates. Yet the two separate version gives one a chance to play boths sides. But it just cost more which is not personally possible for me to actually get both.

    1. My guess is that if they combine the two paths into one game, we will not be locked out from either choice at any point.

      My guess is that instead of a price of 30.00, it’ll be 60-70.00.

      1. I would buy a single cartridge with both for $100. Its not about money, I just don’t like them being separated. What made this game so cool to me was the idea of this super important choice that changes the whole game. That choice is diminished when you have to make it in the store without the knowledge of the first 5 chapters. The way the digital copy is doing it is great but I’m a collector and want a physical copy of everything I play.

  3. Fire Emblem isn’t big enough in Europe to sell two versions I think. I sure as hell don’t wanna buy both. I want one game.

  4. Wasn’t it rumored back upon announcement that only Japan would get versions, and then we’d get an updated version with both paths + bonuses at a slightly later date? I coulda sworn reading that in a bunch of places after the official title and preorders popped up in Japan :/

    1. That’s what I heard as well. As for the bonuses (or 3rd version = DLC) I heard that would come at a later date, but for a price. At least that’s what I remember reading.

  5. The 2 versions are already confirmed in the USA. Actually Birthright and Conquest are the names they are gonna have here, in Japan is White Kingdom/Black Kingdom

  6. Well that is certainly the way Nintendo advertised it. A game that has two seperate paths to take. Not two seperate games. However if you are locked out of the other path I will be upset. That would mean you’d have to buy the game twice to experience all of it…

  7. If we don’t get a bundle in the states, I’m going to be pissed because then I’ll have to pay separate taxes to get both games that should have been one game to begin with. Before anyone defends this tactic with Fire Emblem, I don’t have a problem with Pokemon doing this because the series started off like this; Fire Emblem did not.

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