Square Enix Is Considering Bringing MMO Final Fantasy XIV To NX

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida says that the team are considering bringing the MMO over to the NX and the Xbox One. Obviously it is a decision that the company will have to think over. We know that they are also considering porting Dragon Quest XI to Nintendo NX too.

With the announcement that Square Enix is considering a Nintendo NX port of Dragon  Quest XI and Dragon Quest X, Yoshida-san also gave some details on the possibility of that consideration to be extended to Final Fantasy XIV.

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      1. “That means the NX is……”

        ……another PS4 or Xbox One, but with gimmicks and first party titles that crowd cares nothing for.

          1. Not if its not sported for the hardcore gamers which have gone away due to Nintendo making other shit besides what real gamers and fans actually wanted. Compare to GameCube’s own underwhelming clauses, Wii U/Nintendo has nothing left and what is there left to look for? Only a few decent games out of dozens other platforms (except fucking Xbox) have? Even the 3DS eclipses Wii U and that shouldn’t even be the case. I say nay Sayers maybe right. Either move on to handheld platform or just begone and let the gaming industry die.

            1. “Not if its not sported for the hardcore gamers which have gone away due to Nintendo making other shit besides what real gamers and fans actually wanted.”

              What? Turd party games? Sandboxes and FPS? Glitches and patches? More shinies and QTEs? Season passes and microtransactions? Blood and cursing? Brats with voice chat? HD milkings and library fillers? Even when Sony and MS release their first party games and ape turd party games, the masses barely care. COD, Assassin’s Creed, GTA, Minecraft are not hardcore games, but they they just have hardcore graphics and themes. They sure dominate the charts on a regular basis, that and sports sims. I guess spending a lot of money on crap is hardcore. There aren’t even many hardcore gamers to begin with, or they’re tastes are scattered because hardcore games haven’t flown off the shelves since fourth or fifth generation–it’s mostly about easy gameplay and shiny graphics. But back then, the market was pretty much filled only with hardcore games, largely because of 2D.

              Yep, gaming’s now for the boobies (as in birds, gannet, and ignorant or foolish people).

              1. So much jelly in this comment. Absolutely delicious.

                Weakest crap I’ve digested in hours.

                1. Actually a lot of that is true. Gamers who have sucked in to this will of course argue against it, they are blinded. Maybe they don’t to admit to themselves that they like being taken advantage of.

                  The games mentioned above are the Transformers of the film world. Full of visual delights and action, but are superficial, rubbish with no content that appeal to the masses who have no taste.

                  1. Is this what you tell yourself to get over the fact that Nintendo has barren third party support ;)

              2. That’s not it you fucking idiot. Actual Animal Crossing and Metroid? No. A full adventure sandbox game designed for Amiibos like Infinity? No. Zelda? No longer a possibility. Voice chat FOR FRIENDS ONLY in Splatoon? No. As if you know WTF fans want or even comprehend WTF I’m talking about so thanks for exposing your own ignorance in a sad attempt to dodge my reality check on Nintendo’s recent and hilarious failures.

              1. Why not? I graduated and earned enough degrees to prove myself. Where are you now besides sitting your fatass on that desk chair typing away thinking any meaningless crap you input would make a damn difference.

      1. The game is cross-platform currently. PS3, PS4, and PC players all play together. I doubt they would port to other systems without that freedom still being intact.

        So it doesn’t matter what system it ends up on, more than likely everyone will have the same amount of players to play with. ;)

  1. If you do this, might you consider Kingdom Hearts 3 for NX as well? That would absolutely make my day.

        1. Windows 10 is awesome.
          PS4 is overrated, but it’s not bad system
          Xbox One is the same but again, not a bad system.
          PS Vita had an awesome Killzone exclusive but it is pretty lame
          Wii U is great… but needs a lot of third party games to make it viable.

          This is coming from a PC gamer who loves consoles, every console is equal if you give it a chance.

        2. PS4, no. Windows 10 according to installed rates, no. Xbox One? Xbox has been a profit-less failure since 2001. PSVita, yes and only slightly worse than Wii U but Wii U is terrible for other reasons.

    1. I’d rather have the Final Fantasy VII remake & Final Fantasy XV instead of this game. So I agree with the first line in your comment. The second line is just your opinion & is apparently a minority opinion since the Final Fantasy series still sells millions.

  2. Is it a coincidence that good stuff has happened after the death of that horrible president? :))

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      1. Sadly, the internet is full of these losers because they get a false sense of invincibility because no one can actually kick their ass for being a horrible human being. Unless, of course, you’re Jay & Silent Bob. xD



    2. If you didn’t like Iwata, then fine. But there’s no point in saying bad things about the guy after his death. Whichever way you look at it, that is EXTREMELY disrespectful.

      1. I don’t care if it’s disrespectful or not, I’m not a tap dancer. That said, fuck iwata. I’m glad he died because now Nintendo might do better you selfish piece of shit.

        1. you are the proof of how stupid people can be on internet -.-
          should be proud of your self

        2. I’m selfish? Bitch please. You do know, that if it wasn’t for Iwata’s risk taking with the Wii (One of the best selling consoles all time) and the DS (The second best selling Video Game System of all time, behind the PS2) then Nintendo wouldn’t be in as good as a position, financially, as they are now.
          One poor selling console under Iwata out of 4 and all of a sudden Nintendo is better off without him? Sure, maybe Nintendo will find bigger success with the NX and what ever else they have planned from here on out after Iwata’s passing, but guess what, nobody knows what the future holds. Be it for Nintendo, or be it for you, me or anybody else on this site.
          Simply put, it’s outright stupid to simply assume things, because it might come to bite you on the ass in the future.

          1. You don’t understand shit little pup. Yes, the Wii and DS sold amazingly…that’s a thing of the past. They got lucky with the 3ds and saved it by actually bringing out a slew of great games for it. The Wii u is simply a sign of things to come. So yes, iwata ended to leave anyway you pathetic fanboy.

        3. Your not a female, liar? Your a twelve year old little boy. Anybody that says they are glad someone is dead (especially a good man like Iwata) is not experienced in life. You have never lost anyone, nor have you got past puberty yet…. Go experience life, come back and be embarrassed by your own comments.

        4. You selfish piece of shit, happy someone’s dead so you can better have your way. I bet your a selfish Sony Pony and or Xbot bleeding those companies dry for stupid little shit, and hate Nintendo for not giving in to your selfish needs.

          You whine a lot here. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

          1. Fuck iwata. I knew that bitch had it coming. I don’t understanding how wanting people to be happy makes me selfish.

            1. “I don’t understanding how wanting people to be happy makes me selfish. Fuck iwata. I knew that bitch had it coming.”

              Understand now? You seem to care only for your happpiness and maybe those who have the same taste as you. But the world is bigger. Ignoring them, making them miserable soo you can be happy and finding happiness in the death of another, especially one responsible for making a lot of others happy is selfish, sick, and sociopathic. If you can’t see that…your empathy has atrophed and turned into hate, which is selfishness.

      2. not only disrespectful TOTALLY WRONG




        1. Nope, the next 5 to 10 years will not go as iwata has planned. Plans for the NX could have already been changed since iwatas death. I can tell smart people are now in charge of Nintendo.

          1. Yeah like the smart bankers at Sony putting all their money now into a projector that can only do 720p and costs the same as the console :D

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                      Ha, you try so hard it’s wonderful.

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        1. Lol my comment got a like (I was trolling) XD in truth I don’t really mind SJWs…well, most of them…

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        1. we have tech that can make handhelds as powerful as ps4 and xbone now, but it would be like $800, so it makes since it’ll be a console

      1. *facepalm* … You do know a game like Realm Reborn wouldn’t work on a handheld… hence why it’s a PS4/PS3/PC/Mac and soon NX and Xbox One game

  3. We never used to hear about this stuff until after everything was said and done. Now we hear everything. And over half of the stuff we hear isn’t true.

    1. I have realized this too. Usually we know what the thing is before companies start announcing their plans for it, but, then again, I only remember hearing about developers’ plans for NX when Nintendo talked about developers reactions to it and this news.

  4. ps4 then xbone THEN NX in other words a GENERIC CUT SCENE HEAVY SQUARE SHITFEST GAME



  5. Well, considering that these companies probably have some insight into the NX, at least we know it’s not going to be weird or too gimmicky.

      1. Yeah, because Project Morpheus and Windows 10 Xbox One streaming are TOTALLY not gimmicks :D

      2. It has nothing to do with denial. There were all sorts of rumors about the NX that sounded like it was going to be a non-conventional console. But since these well-known companies are considering putting their IPs on it, we know it’s going to be at least relatively normal to the point where it can play the same games as its competitors.

        1. “We can’t talk about the NX. If we do, competitors may take our ideas and customers won’t be surprised.”
          “In some shape or form, we’re always thinking about how we want to surprise players as well as our desire to change each person’s video gaming life.”
          ” It is not convincing enough to the consumer if we describe how the magic works before actually showing it to them and then expecting them to be surprised or delighted.”
          Still seems like there will be a gimmick. I would be surprised if they DIDN’T put a gimmick in NX.

            1. It’s what makes Nintendo consoles so great. A part of the Wii success was due to it’s motion controls.

              1. Yeah those useless gimmicks like the game pad and Wii remote really make Nintendo consoles great…shame about inferior graphics, online, third party support, etc… though;)))

                  1. I prefer to just have to buy 1 console for both 1st party Nintendo games and third party games. Choice is wonderful ;)

                    1. Understandable. More power don’t equal more third party games. This is not up to Nintendo. That is up to the third party publishers. They decide to make a game for a platform. Nintendo only has the ability to accept the game on the their platform.

                1. wiiu isnt underpowered more BS

                  third partys hate-fear nintendo its a long standing problem LOOK AT WII REMOTE A REVOLUTION IN GAMING IGNORED BY A INDUSTRY STILL WORKING TO DUALSHOCK 4 GEN OLD WAYS

                  PATHETIC AS FUCK

                  1. I don’t care about the Wii mote…just give me my dues ex mankind divided and we’re good.

          1. the gimmick is you won’t need a TV. its a home console that displays the image” screen” on any surface. making it portable in its own way. I work for Nintendo…well I did.

        2. “to the point where it can play the same games as its competitors.”

          Which makes NX pointless then. Most of the twin crowd couldn’t care less about Nintendo’s first party offerings, so why would Nintendo bother going after the “Mature” gamer and their basiically sixth generation control scheme? There are two platforms, three if you count PC, for multiplats, and most of the mainstream hate Nintendo games. They want to feel like grownups and the Nintendo name already scares them off. And they want movies, not gameplay.

  6. I played FF 14 and let me tell you, it’s not a good game. At first I enjoyed the game. But about twenty hours in a realized a glaring flaw. You cannot be killed! There is hardly any difficulty in the game. Regular enemies pose zero threat, and it makes exploration almost pointless..

    And the dungeons were the worst experience I have ever had in an MMO. You get paired up with random people to run the dungeons with. 99% of the time your dungeon mates have already played the dungeon numerous times and are just farming at this point. So your first time dungeon experience is a horrible one. If you watch the story line cutscenes they will leave you in the dust. Yes, they will go on without you and you will be left to wonder the dungeon alone. It was horrible and the main reason I quit the game. Also you have one job to do as your certain class. If you try to do anything different, or make one mistake prepare to be cussed out by every member of your ignorant party.

    Hopefully FF14 stays away from the NX.

      1. A Realm Reborn. Like I said, it was actually a fun game up until the first dungeon. I slugged on in hopes it would get better, but the enemies almost seem to scale with your levels so the challenge never really changes. I never died in the twenty hours I played the game. Which is a far cry from when I played WOW, where I died a lot in the beginning and on tough bosses. The graphics are really good though..

        Leveling your character and gaining new abilities is actually addictive however, and the only reason I would ever consider playing the game again. Also getting new gear and learning a trade job… That was kind of fun… But too many negatives over shadow the positives…

    1. You must have joined the wrong data center. Sucks to have that experience so early in the game. But yeah an mmo generally runs like that

  7. What the fuck? What is Nintendo doing with this next console that has Square Enix considering bringing Final Fantasy to it? This makes you really wonder what Nintendo has up their sleeves…

    1. Probably just making a PS4 and Xbox One clone. Third parties will support a platform this generation only as long as it’s like all the others. Or get a big payoff for an exclusive, which is likely to be the same as other games anyway (Sandbox or FPS). A unique pplatform would have to sell pretty well in order to get any real support, where a game plays to the strength of its specs, controller, and its fanbase.

  8. Ok this is just pure speculation on my part but I think that Square Enix and Nintendo could have a some of a partnership going on regarding the NX. We already have 2 DragonQuest games confirmed to be coming to the NX even before it’s unveiled and now Final Fantasy XV is ” under consideration ” for it? Maybe they liked what they saw when Nintendo showed the NX to them and wanted to be a part of whatever it is that Nintendo is doing. It would be cool if was the case but I just hope more 3rd parties will tag along also so that the NX will have a enormous lineup of titles to choose from

    1. No game has been officially confirmed for the NX, actually. Just like FFXIV (not XV, as you seem to have mistaken it for), the Dragon Quest games are only under consideration.

      1. What are you talking about? Square Enix CONFIRMED that DragonQuest X and DragonQuest XI are heading to the NX towards the end of their press conference. It was later changed by them to ” under consideration ” because Square Enix most likely wasn’t suppose to announce anything relating to the NX because they were most likely under strict NDA. I would’ve thought that you would’ve known that but I guess you didn’t

        1. Their last statement concerning the situation was “it’s under consideration”, so that is how I’ll take it.
          The NX is still far away from being released, taking the words 3rd-party developers make so early prior the actual release as a promise will leave you with a very high chance of being disappointed in the end. I thought the WiiU would have taught you that.

    2. The harsh reality is that 3rd parties are always going to jump on board the launch of a new console. The chance that it becomes a huge hit is too hard to pass up for them. But like the Wii U, if the NX fails to impress in the sales department 3rd parties will jump ship just like they did with the Wii U.

      So it doesn’t matter what partnership has formed between Nintendo and Square, if the console has poor sales there will be no more partnership…

      Not trying to be a downer, just realistic.. The reason you are seeing all these third parties showing interest in the NX is because of the potential of it selling like the original Wii did. Hopefully it does.

      1. Or porting costs are cheap enough and the controllers and architecture are the same as what’s already popular. I think Xbox One is where it’s at today because of that. That’s also why it’s getting Kingdom Hearts and possibly FF XIV–it’s so similar to PS4, might as well throw multiplats on it to make an extra buck.

  9. I think it’s pretty funny how people take rumours and pure speculations like this as if they’re 100% confirmed already. I’d like to remind you guys about the amount of 3rd-party developers that said they were going to support the WiiU, before launch. These are nothing but rumours, and the fact that people act like they’re already reality just because it’s positive news for Nintendo, but completely deny rumours that throw a negative light on them, is quite amusing to me, honestly.

    1. HE GETS IT




  10. U guys do kno that FF14 is cross-platform right??? PC,PS4,PS3, and Mac… so…if it on NX good guys. No need to fight about getting it for Xbox because more Xbox 1 consoles r out. The user base remains the same. I have it for PS3 then upgrade to ps4. Might get it for PC and NX too.

  11. I wonder if any women would actually check out some stupid site like this. Why am I asking you say! Uhhh…screw you, I don’t have to tell you anything u Moran!!!

    1. I think a Moran is a very rare type of sea squirrel… elusive and hard to capture on film.

  12. This means Square Enix has the NX Hardware which means 1. Square Enix may be working closely with Nintendo 2. We need leaks from Square Enix employees! and 3. A public announcement will happen shortly…

    1. This news really have no meaning other than they are considering bringing the game to the NX. I am considering purchasing NX when I find out what it is but it is no guarantee I will purchase it.

  13. I said it before and I’m gonna say it again, they can promise and say whatever they wanna say but I won’t believe it until I see it.

    1. I could definitely see something like that happening. It would make a lot of sense. A cross Xenoblade/Final Fantasy JRPG NX title would be awesome

      1. Personally, I think Xenoblade needs to put out 2 or 3 more games with brand new characters in it before even considering a Final Fantasy/Xenoblade Chronicles crossover.

  14. In not excited about the NX until I know Nintendo didnt do some else stupid. Because Nintendo is dumb. Consuners would expect this they give you that. You expect gamplay with this controller they give you that. Nintendo is stupid they need a professinal what controller to use and specs to give it. Knowing Nintendo, i wouldnt be suprised if the NX was slighly more powerful than the Wii U which is slighly more powerful than the PS3. I’m not paying another $300 for a system not guaranteed to have a long life span.

  15. If this ends up being true, then I think its safe to say that Square is supporting the NX which is great. This might mean the NX will also get games like KH 3 and FF XV which would be hype AF. And hopefully it will end up getting main series FF games now. Like the old days.

  16. Do my eyes deceive me, Square is actually thinking about putting a non-spinoff Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo console? This is actually great, but it’s a bit too early to say that it’s the second coming of Jesus or that a Final Fantasy character in the next Smash is a lock.

  17. Hoping for the best with NX. FFXIV is one of my favourite games right now alongside Splatoon so yay***

  18. Doesn’t matter how good these unproven speculations get, I’m sure deep down this is yet another repeat of Wii U in accordance to early 3rd party support that was never there or confirmed and knowing Nintendo themselves said it won’t even compete, surpass nor par with a 4 year old PS4 by 2017, I’ve already lost all hope and trust for Nintendo now ala Sega of the 90s. Believe it or not, this is the death of Nintendo and gaming as we know it.

              1. Him being angry is justified, though. Of course, I guess he could tone it down just a bit with the anger.

  19. This type of story shows that if Nintendo does right with their next console(s) some 3rd party devs will have no issues trying to support it in trying to reach gaming fans who mostly buy Nintendo consoles. Here’s hoping it’s not some one-off 3rd pillar lesser gaming experience with a mobile architecture as some rumors have suggested.

    Also if we did get FFXIV on NX could we then have Geno in Smash? (Also every other big SE game coming out pls.)

  20. If Square Enix actually intends to support the NX, if it’s a home console, I’d rather get Final Fantasy VII HD Remake, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, & Nier 2 instead! Yay for those that might actually be interested in this game, though.

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