There’s A New Yokai Watch Just Dance Game Coming To Wii U


To presumably help with Wii U sales in Japan and tap into the huge Yokai Watch fanbase, Level 5 and Ubisoft are teaming up to create a special Just Dance game that’s centred around the popular franchise. Yokai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version was announced in the latest edition of CoroCoro magazine and will include cooperative and competitive play for up to four people. Yokai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version has yet to receive a Japanese release date.

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    1. When dogshit like Fifa rips of millions…it’s not hard to imagine millions of retard’s buying this just dance garbage!

    2. Same how Mario games sale they have a audience and just because you dislike it does not mean it is bad…

  1. Pwease Understand, noting will hwelp da Wii U,its dead like me.

    nobuddy wants to buy Wii U.


  2. Yokai Watch is awesome but Just Dance…meeeeeh. lol I don’t wanna move my ass I wanna play games.

  3. Japan will definitely eat this up, just don’t bring this monstrosity to NA… Yokai Watch, Yes. Yokai Watch Just Dance Special, No!

    This goes to show that Ubi is running out of good ideas.

  4. Some people will disagree but that a gud thing for the wii u.If the game is so popular that will make people buying a wii u then I think it’s a very good thing. The game is not my taste at all but a company like Nintendo must consider different types of gamers.

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