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You’ve Got A 9 Day Wait To Unlock All Tools In Super Mario Maker


This afternoon Nintendo released a brand new overview video for the highly  anticipated Super Mario Maker. Those who saw the video will be aware that not all content related tools will be available to users at launch. You will have to wait 9 days to unlock all the content you want to build your own dream course. This has clearly divided opinion but it was done so that your average user doesn’t feel overwhelmed with all the tools at his or her disposal.

Playing for at least five minutes the first day will unlock another tier of tools on the second day, and so on, for a total of nine tiers. That means creators won’t be able to use the full suite until a more than a week after launch.

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181 thoughts on “You’ve Got A 9 Day Wait To Unlock All Tools In Super Mario Maker”

    1. yeah bullshit. you didnt have it preordered. While its inconvinent its nothing to cancel a preorder over. Its not like you have to pay to unlock them or anything, you just have to be a little patient.

      1. Because you couldn’t wait 9 days. Dude people are getting the heads chopped off, the worlds falling apart. People are over taxed, underemployed. BUT this!!! Really! This pretty much makes you a awful foolish naive person.

        1. So because people are getting thier heads chopped off we’re not allowed to voice our opinions? C’mon man…. Be for real.

          1. It’s warrants that comment because a troll comment deserves a troll response. You went through the process of pre-ordering a game that obviously isn’t going to sell out and is available on eshop either way, and cancelled it because of this? It’s so clearly a lie. Quit asking people to play dumb.

          2. People expect to have all contents ready by launch day after paying $60 for it. Waiting 9 days is like renting a fucking car to drive slowly to your destination in a few miles. It’s fucking stupid. There goes Nintendo going retarded again.

            1. Yup just like splatoon Nintendo thinks it’s fans suck all of a sudden and can’t handle all the content at once. Quite insulting honestly.

            2. It’s not stupid and Nintendo aren’t going retarded. What Nintendo are doing is forcing people to be good at the game. At the end of the day you want to enjoy playing other people’s levels don’t you? Doing this just increases the chance of getting better levels out of people.

              I’ll explain:

              When it boils down to it this game is a creation tool and the best way to learn a tool like that is to take it one step at a time. They’re offering you the essentials first so you’re limited in what you make.

              This isn’t a bad thing.

              As a graphic designer myself I tend to find in some cases that actually limiting yourself produces better results.

              By limiting your tool palette to begin with, you’ll find you’ll have a much better understanding of the mechanics behind level creation.

              People who buy this game will more than likely have no prior knowledge on how level creation actually works. If those people went in all guns blazing, then the quality of levels on offer will be significantly lower then if they took the time to learn how each element benefits towards their level.

              So to assure this, Nintendo are forcing people to be better at creating levels thus creating a better play experience for everyone else.

              1. How in the name of FUCK does it make sense for a DRAG AND DROP level/stage builder of a game to make others wait 9 days to unlock everything as means to “learn the game”? Motherfucker all you’re doing a building levels BY DRAGGING AND DROPPING FUCKING PIECES IN PLACE! Do you see devs of Minecraft, LittleBigPlanet or even Sakurai with Brawl’s Builder? NO! They make you work for it. That’s what a fucking video game is suppose to do: challenge and reward the players. This BS is just a stupid waiting game. Again, makes no fucking sense and so does your lack of common sense plus, once more, YOU’RE ALL GOONG FULL RETARD DEFENDING THIS BS. Playing this stage builder is obviously a no brainier, even a year old baby can figure this shit out. Stall the excuses.

                1. Caaaaaaalm dooooooown and just don’t buy the game if you hate it this much. The graphic designer has a point. I’m an illustrator and I understand this method mario maker is doing as well. I’d much prefer a challenge reward system for the tools but I guess there won’t be one. That’s not going to stop me from purchasing the game.

                  1. He never stated that he wasn’t buying the game/hated the game, he just couldn’t comprehend why you would go all defensive over this rather illogical act on Nintendo’s part.

                    1. Because Daddy Nintendo should be respected whether it’s a controlling bastard or not and should not be talked back to.

                    2. Very true. Your presentation explains it well. As an engineer and teacher this is an optimal method for teaching those getting into it right away without dropping everything at once and a mere nine day wait for those patient enough to get a better feel for the game. The basic mechanics will obviously be there, but the knowledge and creativity will build.

                    3. I think it adds to the playability. I wouldn’t play Minecraft on Creative mode all the time. Giving you goals to to work towards is is the point of games.

                          1. No, but it must play to the lowest percentile that may struggle.

                            Also this is how Nintendo teaches you to play Mario in each game….. drip feed bit by bit to get you used to it then you get the next bit.

                            To be honest, it’s actually rather good idea considering that children will be making levels so by slowly releasing the additions you help nurture them creatively.

                            It’s a bit of a buzz kill for hardcore, but your not the total market.

                            Plus you can change the time/clock and unlock them all super quick if you really can’t wait

                            1. Yes yes, we can exploit the system and get around the wait. But let’s be real people- the fact you have to go out of your way and manipulate your clock is fucking stupid and unnecessary. Stop trying to defend Nintendo’s stupid decisions. Just admit they are stupid, it’s okay to do so.

                              Let’s also call it like it is while we’re at it- Nintendo is copying Little Big Planet but doing a shitty job. Less building tools, no story mode or campaign, no multiplayer, and I can guarantee the online level sharing won’t be comparable. Fail!

                              1. They’re giving us a lot of options not given in Mario games. There is single player. It’s literally their Mario level design software with added features.

                              2. Shut up with the fanboy bull shit kids aren’t going to be overwhelmed with this cut the crap defending stupid decisions.

                            2. Galactus The Planet Devourer

                              I think that’s awesome! Better than paying for DLC or playing for a certain amount of time or getting to a certain part of the game. I hate having to beat the game you get a different item. Cuz once I beat the game I don’t wanna play anymore

                              1. No, it’s fucking dumb. If all contents are already in the disc, WTF make those people wait 9 days to get all of the tools to build their levels? None of that shit makes any fucking sense. This is Nintendo going full retard again.

                                1. But the thing is? It isn’t locked DLC if the contect was removed from the game or there’s a code to unlock it but you’ll get a glitchy game.

                                  Saying that Nintendo is retarded is like saying Isis are the real heroes of the Century.

                                  It makes us humans looked like monsters in comparison.

                                  1. It makes perfect sense. What Nintendo are doing is forcing people to be good at the game. At the end of the day you want to enjoy playing other people’s levels don’t you? Doing this just increases the chance of getting better levels out of people.

                                    I’ll explain:

                                    When it boils down to it this game is a creation tool and the best way to learn a tool like that is to take it one step at a time. They’re offering you the essentials first so you’re limited in what you make.

                                    This isn’t a bad thing.

                                    As a graphic designer myself I tend to find in some cases that actually limiting yourself produces better results.

                                    By limiting your tool palette to begin with, you’ll find you’ll have a much better understanding of the mechanics behind level creation.

                                    People who buy this game will more than likely have no prior knowledge on how level creation actually works. If those people went in all guns blazing, then the quality of levels on offer will be significantly lower then if they took the time to learn how each element benefits towards their level.

                                    So to assure this, Nintendo are forcing people to be better at creating levels thus creating a better play experience for everyone else.

                                    1. You’re a graphic designer? And yet you failed to notice that consumers don’t like being stringed along on BS like this. They want what they expected and paid for up front. It’s either you’re BS on the “graphic designer” excuse to make me think you won an argument or you’re just as fucking stupid as the next delusional Nintendo fandork defending this redundant ass game progression scheme.

                                    1. But it’s a level making game, you’re not going to sit and play for 5 minutes to an hour on the first day, quit, come back the next day, do the same, repeat 7 times… THEN you get to actually make a Mario level… That will kill any interest 80% or more of gamers will have in it on the first day, because they don’t want to have to pay 60$, wait 9 days, THEN fianlly get to do what they want with it. And to all of those people saying ‘it’s better than DLC’, the point is that it’s not DLC, it’s standard content that contains the primary functions of the game.

                                      This is seriously like saying, ‘here’s a 3D platformer game, use WASD to move, space to jump, and click to fire…. but for now you can only move using WASD, jumping and such other actions would be too much for your stupid brains to handle, so we’re capping your progress at pre-school stages.’ It’s a big insult to humans everywhere.

                                      And really, they should just put a ‘complexity’ setting in the options, settable when you first start up the game.

                                    1. Honestly, that’s like getting mad at skyrim for not having all items from the start. Its part of the gameplay. Which is a clever way to have unlockables in a sandbox game. It would be really annoying if they had some kind of point system.

                                      1. The difference though is that these two games are beyond different. You aren’t making Quest on Skyrim, you are completing them. Plus unlocking items in Skyrim feels rewarding, this system feels like you need 24hours to bridge a gap.

                                        Now I’m not complaining about this since it doesn’t feel like a huge deal at all, but it does seem silly. We’re buying a game that’s about creating levels, but the utensils needed are blocked off by hours, not by skill, which seems sort of stupid.

                                        I would’ve rather they rewarded after completing levels, made levels, uploaded or even downloaded levels, but no, rather we have to wait 24hours.

                                        1. I actually really like this. I would undoubtedly feel overwhelmed and would not think of anything to do at first. But now I have some time to make simpler stages and then get more complex as I go on.

                                          1. But at that point in time, either 3 hours of gameplay or a few days, where you feel confident in your ‘Mario level making’ abilities enough to want to try the other objects/functions, you can’t, because they are FORCING you to take it at a snails pace.

                                            The problem isn’t that they’re doing this, it’s that it’s a FORCED restriction, based on TIME and not GAMEPLAY or SKILL.

                                          2. I don’t think this is a bad thing, so long as there is an option to bypass this.

                                            Not only at the start, but also at any point during the unlock process if someone new to level editing feels they’ve got a good enough handle.

                                            I’m wondering if part of the reason this was done was to invoke thought about how the Mario series has evolved.

                                            1. Uh oh here go all the pansy ass pussies, “WWWWAAAAHHH, ME GOTTA WAIT?” So the fuck what? You own the game, you will still get to make your dream levels, so get over it and enjoy the game you panty waist pussies! My god how pathetic can some fans be.

                                                  1. Replying to this only to emphasize how retarded fasttrain is, and how hero cup rubbed it in his face
                                                    seriously though, fucking casuals, you may not give a shit about the quality of your entertainment, but I do.

                                                1. I don’t think this is really a big deal. They could probably go about it so that you get things unlocked quicker, like make it a requirement to build 5 courses or so using each new tier, which unlocks the next tier.

                                                  Either way, this doesn’t really bother me, I can see why they did it. I can get my creative juices pumping as well as work on the pre-made stages lol. This’ll hopefully pave way for a somewhat higher quality online community too, instead of just hundreds of user created levels where Mario gets a star and runs through 1,000 Bowsers. I think this is what they’re aiming for with it.

                                                  Of course the gamers are going to complain though, just because they can.

                                                  1. lame. this releasing parts of the game is just to mask the fact nintendo releases so few games. i guess it gives you something to look forward too but i’d rather have a complete game when i pay full price for. didn’t buy splatoon for that reason.if their going to promise more content later i’ll wai till i get a whole game.

                                                    1. So… You didn’t buy Smash Bros. or Mario Kart? It’s not like Splatoon, where evrything is unlocked when Nintendo says so. It’s unlocked when YOU yourself put in that much time. By the way, as for your first complaint, how would that work? It’s 9 days, that’s so insignificant. Splatoon has been releasing things for months, while I don’t think that’s the reason. 9 days? No.

                                                      1. mario kart and smash were complete games when launched those were a bonus. for 70 bucks splatoon had pretty much nothing at launch. and how many games have come out since splatoon. 0 thats how many. so why stretch it out over two months because other wise you would have nothing to look forward to on wii u for months. oh well fantards keep eati.g this shit up so this is how it will stay. wbens the next direct to tell us when more useless fucking amiibo come out.

                                                        1. I think you missed my point. I wasn’t referring to the DLC, I was referring to the unlockables. You unlock things in Mario Maker yourself not Nintendo, just like those games I mentioned. I do agree Nintendo doesn’t have much future plans for the Wii U, but why would they hide it? Last E3 made it painfully obvious, and again… 9 days, that’s nothing. I do agree that there shouldn’t be a timer tied to most of the items in the game, but I understand why. It could be too daunting for younger players. Or some people don’t like having too many options from the get-go, people like unlocking things. I don’t they’re handling it very well, but it’s not worth complaining about since it won’t take long. Or if it’s too long of a wait, you can change the internal clock, I’m sure it would work. Why would Nintendo not let you? They do in Animal Crossing, As for Splatoon, that it totally different, because Nintendo releases maps and weapons, not you.

                                                          1. Big difference between this & the unlockables in other games. You actually unlock them by doing stuff. With this, you have to wait. That’s boring as hell.

                                                        2. And then I go in to the settings, change the date……..

                                                          And 10 minutes later……….

                                                          New tools!

                                                          Bunch of babies rage quitting when the answerto unlock them Alle obvious if a little time consuming

                                                          1. It’s not gonna be that simple genius. Could you do that with Splatoon? No, you couldn’t. The toolbar will pretty much be locked dlc that updates daily..

                                                            1. That’s because of Splatoon’s 2 hour stage system. Mario Maker won’t have anything like that. Plus, you’re meant to be able to play the game offline, so there’s no way the game will know.

                                                              So yes, it is that simple.

                                                                1. My point being, how would the game know? If you’re offline, the only way for the system to know what time and day it is, is the system’s clock. This game is confirmed for offline play. So, I do know, thanks to the power of logic.

                                                                  1. Maybe it works on being played for 9 consecutive days, so you’d have to change the date 9 times or everytime the date and time is changed it fucks up… I don’t know how it works precisely because I haven’t messed with time and date settings, have played no game that works similarly. If you have, great… logic might only work when you are clear on the rules of the environment you are working in. I am not

                                                                    1. If you did that trick on some Metal Gear Games you could watch endings where people died of old age that were hidden unless you changed the clock

                                                                        1. I wasn’t sure if it was 4 or 2, I unfortunately don’t own the game since I’m broke, but my point still stands.

                                                                      1. I always like the idea of progression in video games. But this seems a little silly. The whole idea of this game is to make kick ass Mario levels, and now we won’t be able to make kick ass Mario levels to thier full potential until 9 days after release…. It’s not a huge deal really, but sometimes I do wish Nintendo would put thier loyal fanbase ahead of newcomers….

                                                                        1. I’m glad. It gives me enough time to get used to the creation tools.

                                                                          Did you automatically have access to rare gear in Splatoon from Day One or all of the weapons? No; you didn’t. There would be no point to a game like Splatoon if there was no form of progression. No sense of the game always changing each-and-every-day.

                                                                          This is a game that is very intensive on the level creation aspect if you were just thrust into it with everything unlocked from the very first day. You have to put yourself in everyone else’s shoes here. While you may not feel like you’d be overwhelmed, this game is meant for everyone—not just you. This is the best way for Nintendo to ensure everyone gets acclimated to using the tools in Super Mario Maker without overwhelming anyone.

                                                                          1. Fanboy defending stupid insulting decisions. No surprise. Nintendo thinks idiots like you will be overwhelmed and their are right cause all these fanboys defending stupid decisions like these are casual newcomers who have no skill.

                                                                        2. Hmmm. Splatoon’s method of locking out on disc content worked well b/c it was a shooter, and it repeatedly gave the game freshness.

                                                                          This just seems odd… how does this 9 day delay help novices who buy the game at Xmas or whenever.

                                                                            1. its timed each day 5 mins day one, u could just adjust your game clock i oubt it running on internet 247

                                                                          1. Okay, it’s unlocked per game individually as it goes. I see.
                                                                            Sue me… I skimmed the article. After reading 100,000+ Nintendo articles after years and years… you start doing that.

                                                                          2. Yeah, I’m gonna be one of those complainers. I understand why they did this, I also understand that this is another way treating their entire fanbase like children. Of course kids would be overwhelmed with all the tools, but there should be some way to unlock tools at the start for creative adults.

                                                                            1. From What i’ve played LBP has something like mario maker, but u have to unlock everything by finding everything in the single player. “but there should be some way to unlock tools at the start for creative adults” i would assume that would be the system clock

                                                                              1. Little big planet had a campaign mode that made getting every unlockable challenging and rewarding. This is not the case for Mario maker. Also, lbp has like 10x the amount of unlockables so missing a few was no big deal.

                                                                              2. Yea, what happened to all that cater to hardcore with the Wii U. If anything Nintendo has been doing the complete opposite.

                                                                                I really dislike this aspect as well, and many people said the same thing for Splatoon “Oh it’s perfect for leveling the playing field for newcomers” but like you’re saying, what about the people who aren’t mindless children.

                                                                                Even more confusing, because wasn’t there some study done that showed more adults play Nintendo systems? I thought there was.

                                                                                1. As usual you know what you’re talking about. Thank you as always for speaking the truth and not being a fangirl. You’re one of the best here.

                                                                                2. Don’t have anything to confirm it, but the fact that kids today go after PS4/Xbox for Call of Duty, it’s safe to say that Nintendo’s audience is mostly adults.

                                                                                  And not saying they need to be hardcore, (because they need to be different from Sony and Microsoft) but they have to stop treating us like children.

                                                                                1. Cause they made you wait to have all content and used the excuse that it’s fanbase sucks and can’t handle too much at once. To answer your question and the idiot fanboy who responded to you before me. Not calling you one just him or her.

                                                                                2. That’s… Silly. I mean, that’s the type of design choice that you use to get people to keep on returning to an ad-based free to play game. I don’t mind it really, but it’s a really awkward design to implement.

                                                                                  If the main intention is to not overwhelm a user all at once, maybe it would’ve been better to use a traditional unlock system such as that in Smash Bros. Maybe have one tier unlock after using all of the items in a previous tier in a stage?

                                                                                    1. good idea but poorly implemented IMO. it’d be a LOT nicer if the tools were unlocked at different simple milestones such as finishing a level, beating a level, etc. Obviously more interesting ways would be optimal. Making it locked by the time played doesn’t really seem to do anything to help players learn. Players clocking 20 hours might be at the same level as someone at one hour of gameplay, so this is a bit odd.

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                                                                                    3. The thing I find hilarious is no one is realizing you can just change the internal clock. So yeah, it’s still tedious, but you won’t have to wait 9 days. They shouldn’t do this type of crap, there’s no need for it. If they didn’t want to overwhelm people make people do a tutorial type of thing that shows you how to use each tool or object and unlock it that way. This is stupid and I can already see myself switching the clock nine times to get everything.

                                                                                      1. Haha yup and they are still defending this cause they suck and are casual newcomer fans who have no skill so stuff like this is right up their alley. Mario Paint didn’t do shit like this. Our gen didn’t need this hand holding bs. We are the real gamers with real skills!!!

                                                                                        1. You hit the nail in its head. Nintendo nowadays has been acting like pricks when they think they have to tutor every gamer life.

                                                                                          The next Metroid game will surely be episodic. In 9 years will have it completed because casuals won’t have proper skills to beat the game in a fast pace.

                                                                                      2. it basically forces people to make some simple boards instead of going crazy… makes it so there are some “1-1” worlds out there as opposed to all being ridiculously hard or just wild, which of course will be fun, but it puts some easy ones in the pool

                                                                                      3. I could understand locking items based on number of levels made or specific items used in a certain number of levels, like some sort of achievment reward-based system….but using time as the way of unlocking items for use in a creation based game just seems odd. That would be like restricting half the tools on photoshop for 9 days; it’s just not something that should really be done :/

                                                                                        1. Oh great one of the biggest fanboys of all comes out to let us know how much he sucks at games and can’t handle shit cause he’s a fucking idiot with no brain capacity. You stupid fuck I hate your guts!! Hahaha.

                                                                                        2. Who is going to feel overwhelmed by the amount of tools at our disposal?

                                                                                          Does Nintendo believe that people have sever cases of anxiety that causes mental breakdowns if a person is faced with too many choices?

                                                                                          I believe I can “handle” this game in it’s entirety.

                                                                                          1. One of Nintendo’s many problems is that they focus on children way too much, and completely ignore everyone else. Which is why this exists in the first place, only a child would be overwhelmed by this.

                                                                                          2. Nintendo Dark Ingsmasher and other pathetic fanboys openly admit how mentally challenged they are to defend Nintendos decisions.

                                                                                        3. I think the whole “It takes a certain amount of times to unlock certain items” idea is good, I just hate that we have to wait till the second day just to get any power ups, and the fact we don’t even get Yoshi till a week after we buy it.

                                                                                        4. What nintendo doesn’t want is theirown servers to be full of uncreative crap that puts all the items in a single one screen map!

                                                                                          1. Except it’s not. There’s a big difference between this & Pokemon. In Pokemon, we don’t have to wait 9 freaking days to get most of the Pokemon as we can easily find them by progressing through the game normally. So tell me… who are the real idiots in this comment section: the ones complaining about this bogus way of unlocking stuff or the ones defending Nintendo with things that aren’t even on the same level as this?

                                                                                        5. Tough_Guy_Don't_Mess_With_Me

                                                                                          It’s not ideal but it’s understandable why they did this…
                                                                                          LittleBig Planet had tutorials to teach its tools, which you would have to sit through for hours to grasp everything… not very intuitive at all.

                                                                                          1. More like desperate fanboys you fucking loser. Fuck you and your lame Facebook page. You can continue eating Nintendo dicks but you’ll have to wait nine days before you can suck the balls.

                                                                                          2. So, I’m confused. Are these unlockables you obtain through playing the game? Or can you just wait until a week after it comes out to buy it and have everything automatically unlocked?

                                                                                          3. there should be an option for this, not everyone is a helpless child, we’ve been playing Mario for fucking years. it’s not overwhelming

                                                                                          4. Plus everybody agreeing or getting excited over this, having to wait 9 days to unlock full content to use the $60 worth of game you paid for 9 days ago? I knew it. Nintendo and fans have gone fully retarded these days.

                                                                                            1. Yea this kind of crap sucks, you should be able to unlock content yourself, if you paid for it.

                                                                                              I also cannot believe the amount of people who defend this stuff. They always assume were expecting everything all at once, when that is not what anybody is saying who dislikes this. We just don’t like content that we paid for being completely controlled by Nintendo.

                                                                                              And people will use the same shit excuse like they did for Splatoon “It’s free.” No it isn’t free, it was included in the price of the damn game, just like this is. Yet you’re paying for something you can’t even access yourself until Nintendo says so.

                                                                                              1. Yup fanboys like Brandon Softcore and Nintendos dark anal smasher love defending this shit just like they did everything splatoon. Can’t stand fanboys calling us trolls cause we don’t suck at games like them.

                                                                                                1. Like I said, Nintendo and fans have gone full retard now. Why you think I quit? I’m sick of that shit and the stupid fucking double standard pricks defending what they’re doing that they clearly hate third parties for the same reasons.

                                                                                                  The thing with Splatoon is that they rushed the game, going against their own “delayed games = good” advice and thus repeating what Activision did with Destiny or EA with Battlefield 4. There is absolutely and should be no fucking excuses at all of having pay that much money on the spot and get almost nothing and having to wait for the complete product. Makes me wanna bitchslap every stupid Nintendo fan silly and until they swell up to get their common sense functional again that Nintendo is being unacceptable at repeating what wrong the third parties are doing just in slightly different ways. I’m so fucking ashamed of being a fan that fucking naive before. X(

                                                                                              2. Well at least this content is on the actual disc and is unlocked I am guessing in the same way as those dumb “Played For X Amount of Hours!” achievements in games.

                                                                                                At least this isn’t as stupid as this shit with Splatoon, purposely keeping stuff out of the final product to trickle it in a little at a time when it was all available and even shown off before launch and their only excuse for it is some BS about them wanting everyone to experience every bit of the game. Well guess what geniuses, people could fucking do that without you needing to take the stuff out of the game and then adding it in when you feel like it. Way to make about 50% of your game completely vanish after the Wii U servers shut down.

                                                                                              3. Don’t care. Been wanting a game like this for years, and it’s almost here.

                                                                                                Buncha self-entitled whiners. If you’re this passionate about it, please buy the game and try your best to push through the insanely grueling 9 day wait. I want to play your levels.

                                                                                                1. Fanboy dick guzzling scat eating blue waffle having stupid son of a bitch go fuck your blue waffle you stupid ass motherfucker and don’t forget after nine days you gotta lick Nintendos asshole clean inside and out to get the last piece of your fanboy trophy award.

                                                                                                  1. Sorry. No time to suck dick. I’ll be busy playing a game that I paid money for, instead of whining about something so small and insignificant. You should be saving your energy for things that actually matter, like sleeping. That’s a good start.

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                                                                                                3. More like Mario flaker

                                                                                                  at least you can probably change your system time and wait 5 mins every change but 5 minutes 9 times including changing the date must be annoying

                                                                                                4. You know, the complainers are right! We should have full access to all of the content immediately! Just like if I bought a new copy of any Mario platformer I should have instant access to all of the worlds and levels immediately. After all, I bought the disc so I should have access to all of its content immediately! Forget having to actually PLAY the game to earn the progress towards those later worlds, I should get to see my ending within seconds of turning on a new file right away!


                                                                                                  1. *likes then unlikes after re-reading it* Oh. You’re on the fanboy side defending Nintendo’s bullshit. Nevermind.

                                                                                                  2. I hate saying this, but I have a feeling this is one of those games that I’ll probably never touch after buying it. Because it’s not a real game. It’s just a fool around game. And I’m not a fan of fool around games. So, I get to create my own levels and play them? So………..what’s the point of that? Absolutely NOTHING! Other than the Mario nostalgia. And Nintendo thinks THIS will sell Wii U’s? Whatever….

                                                                                                    And all of this is coming from a Mario fan.

                                                                                                    1. Have you been living under a rock?

                                                                                                      One of the main draws of this game is to PLAY OTHER PEOPLE’S LEVELS THAT YOU DOWNLOAD THROUGH MIIVERSE.

                                                                                                      Seriously man. Wake up.

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                                                                                                  4. *twitch* If I’m a skilled gamer, I shouldn’t have to wait 9 days just because there are a few people that can’t take it all at once. This is Splatoon all over again. This is what happens when something is successful & the people that made it are idiots: they assume everyone that bought it actually LOVED having content held back. Give it time. When Federation Force succeeds, the idiots in charge will think everyone loved the graphics, artstyle, & sports crossover bullshit & future Metroids will suffer for it. So when will I have to wait 9 fucking days to actually get the ending of Zelda for Wii U even when I’ve gotten to the ending in less than 5!? Hm!? Will Federation Force & Star Fox Zero force people to wait 9 days before they can move on to the next story level of those games? Nintendo is on a slippery slope in becoming just as bad as EA, Ubisoft, Activision, etc… if they aren’t already! Incoming dick sucking fanboys in 3… 2… 1…

                                                                                                    1. I’ll tell you fanboys exactly what I’m going to tell Nintendo when I don’t buy this game just like I didn’t buy Splatoon: fuck off with your bullshit because you’re FUCKING MORONS!!

                                                                                                      1. Its not even about being a fanboy at this point. You are probably the biggest brat on this site. I can’t believe someone gets this pissed off about having to wait 9 days for a few tools, even though we get a few more each day of the nine day wait. 9 days. It’s NINE FUCKING DAYS DUDE.

                                                                                                        If everyone had this much sense of self-entitled, childish, instant gratification attitude…well, I imagine it wouldn’t be a good thing for our evolution.

                                                                                                        1. You try getting treated like an idiot kid that has his hand force-held 24/7 by daddy Nintendo & see how you feel afterwards. Then again, the fact you people defend Nintendo every single time they take a tyrannical stance, no voice chat because they think everyone can’t handle being called a loser or getting your momma insults, 30 post limit on Miiverse, 9 day wait because apparently everyone is a novice that needs it easy, a robotic character to tell you everything & show you where everything is in the game (talking about Fi in a negative way even though I like the character), etc says a lot about you sheep. Excuse me. Nintendo bitches.

                                                                                                        2. Now run along, Nintendo Defender! Go bend over & take Nintendo’s bullshit up your ass somewhere else, bub.

                                                                                                      2. Well at least there will be data miners who will get everything at the beginning. Then we can edit their levels and play with all the tools on the first day. We won’t be able to upload those levels, but hopefully after playing with the other levels, we can unlock those parts too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Nintendo, I’m just looking for the best in this terrible situation.

                                                                                                        1. Ugh. If so, great. Looks like Zelda for Wii U will make us wait 9 days before we can fully progress in the game even if we are the type of gamer to speed through a game in less than 9 days. :/ Is it too late to buy a ticket to the country of Sony PS4?

                                                                                                        1. It almost always does. Apparently I’m a self-entitled brat for being fed up with being treated like a novice or casual by Nintendo.

                                                                                                      3. Instead of Nintendo holding everyone’s hands, there should be a warning on the box: “Warning: This game contains content that may be overwhelming to some. Use at your own risk!” Or something similar. Why should Nintendo limit us because of the small minority of people that find this software daunting? It says right on the box art: “SUPER MARIO MAKER” and shows the crazyness of the software in the front picture. Hell, even the awesome commercials show the limitless potential of the editor. Why are you all defending this poor design choice when you clearly know what you’re going to expect even when you haven’t touched the game at all?
                                                                                                        At the very least, they should make us play Nintendo’s own hand-crafted levels to unlock them. I actually prefer that, TBH. It shows what the different elements do and they can say “hey! Now because you know what they do, you can use them in your own levels! Congrats!” Instead of force-feeding them to us every day, bit by bit. Stop supporting this stupid design choice please!! Thank you.
                                                                                                        Sorry for my long rant.

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