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Nintendo Takes Down Ironfall: Invasion From eShop Due To Ironhax Exploit

Nintendo has taken the decision to remove Ironfall: Invasion from the Nintendo 3DS eShop after they caught wind of the Ironhax exploit. Those who own a copy of the game and had downloaded Ironhax has access to home-brew and could unlock region specific titles on their Nintendo 3DS console. Jordan “Smealum” Rabet, who is the creator behind Ironhax, has apologised to the developer VD-dev when he learned that the game had been removed from the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

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46 thoughts on “Nintendo Takes Down Ironfall: Invasion From eShop Due To Ironhax Exploit”

    1. Prosecuted under what grounds? Exploiting a program is not the same as hacking into a database full of credit card information…

      1. Taking into account that the Ironfall devs were more than thrilled by the sudden spike in downloads* (not to mention the fact that nothing illegal has been done here), I seriously doubt that.

        *Check their Twitter account. Trust me.

        1. He shouldn’t be prosecuted because every person has the right to do what they please with their device since it is theirs. If he wants to share how he did it, then he can. So stop being a Nintendo fan boy you BIG baby.

          1. No, idiot….everybody does not have the “right” to hack other peoples intellectual property. They could sue him and probably win.

            1. He owns the device that he bought. He can whatever he wants with it as long as he isn’t damaging Nintendo in any way. He doesn’t support pirating or emulators, so there’s no illegal activity going on.

              Don’t you think if exploiting a 3DS was illegal, he would have been sued by now? Nintendo already knows about him. He’s been doing this for years.

              1. The guy on top is right but you too. If you accept the EULA the he screwed not because he could get a lawsuit but because he could get his system bricked.

                1. Yes! Yes he did do something wrong! Are you mentally challenged or something? Did your mommy not teach you right from wrong or something? Hacking somebody else’s IP to the point that it gets taken down from the E Shop is WRONG. holy fuck you kids get more stupid with every generation..

                  1. Fuck you, the 3ds shouldn’t be region locked in first place, if it wasn’t this hack wouldn’t have been made. Smealum is just just doing what the fans want and you are going to get on a high horse and spew this shit about him? Double fuck you and triple fuck nintendo for pulling this shit. I feel for the iron fall developers but at the roots, this is nintendos fault for being over conceited money grubbing whores who don’t respect their fans

                    1. Because they took the game off the Eshop dumbass. That ruins it for people who haven’t purchased the game yet…

                      I’ll never understand you idiots who defend piracy and game hacking… kill yourselves, do us all a favor.

                  1. Sucks for the devs… but people will go through great lengths to work around problems, in this case, region locking. The hacker’s still a douche, he knew this would happen.

                    But really, this sucks BIG TIME for the devs, I hope they can patch it up and have the game out again.


                    There appears to be a two minor incorrect things about this news article. First the developers name is VD-dev not VDev. The second thing is the claim that ever since the exploit was discovered the game was downloaded “several hundred thousand times.” That is not quite true. As can be read on Vd-Dev’s Twitter account from old tweets dating as far back as the 24 of July, the game was downloaded “several hundred thousand times” since its release. Ironhax however was revealed on the 31st of July and so therefore the “several hundred thousand” downloads have nothing to do with the exploit.

                    Sorry for bugging you with this but this is how news gets deformed and gradually altered. While the mistakes in your article are quite minor, no doubt other website will be basing themselves on the facts found in your article to write their own news report with the very real risk of adding their own mistakes to the lot. The end result… not something one would call “news”.

                    Just be more careful next time! I love your site.


                    1. Thanks for that :) Both sources got the name of the developer wrong and also mention the fact that it has been downloaded “several hundred thousand times” since the exploit. I will edit it.

                  3. Why is this comment section full of whining fanboys? America is a free country and Smealum can do what he wants.

                    1. He really can’t.
                      It’s in the EULA.
                      You can’t do that with Nintendo’s products.
                      It’s not illegal but it certainly is breaking the EULA

                    2. It’s really just a certain commenter here, calling everyone stupid kids and to kill themselves for defending this “pirate” who did nothing illegal. Probably a kid himself.

                  4. What a douchebag, with his fake ‘apology’, if he was truly sorry for the dev he wouldn’t have done it and publicized it in the first place. Screwing over the users that don’t mess around with their hardware.

                    You don’t like being locked down by Nintendo? Don’t buy their hardware, but don’t ruin it for the rest of us that enjoy it without the need to hack it.

                    And now we’ll soon lose YouTube apparently… GREAT! SMH.

                      1. You missed the point entirely.

                        It’s in my backlog of titles to play, with it downloaded waiting for me. Sorry for ignoring my N3DS due to having 20+ titles on my U.

                        1. There may be some kid out there that has no better option. I remember upon initial release I was always waiting for 3D video support, as far as I know it still didn’t happen.

                            1. if letting me make my own themes, backing up my saves and playing games without the need of another 3ds because region is breaking the system, i want it completely destroyed.

                          1. I don’t know why people are surprised and pissed off by Smealum doing something like this. In truth it was almost a good thing that he did it, as if he hadn’t shown it off online like he did, the exploit might have been left unchecked and the clearly satanic and completely evil homebrew community would have had much freer reign on the application’s use. It’s not like homebrew isn’t Smealum’s thing either….he ported Portal onto the DS thanks to homebrew…..the man is magical.

                          2. Well before it was Cubic Ninja or something that let you get the homebrew. It was worth 5 bucks then Gamestop raised the value to 80 or something.

                            1. new exploit for 3ds everybody get youtube now before its get taking down from the eshop if you dont have ironfall or cubic or loz oot

                          3. the guy fucking your bitch

                            its funny how everybodies butt hurts over this when the exploit was never released. you guys dont bitch when you jb or root your phones you guys are fucking assholes

                          4. This game got taken down because of a feature that lets people get rid of stupid region locking? So I can’t use this game to get Dragon Quest VIII from Japan to work on my 3DS? -.- Nintendo, it’s time to fully get out of the dark ages of video games. You still got one foot in that bullshit & many are sick of it… especially when you don’t release games people would actually like to play over here.

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