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Here’s How To Get Super Mario Maker Booklet If Buying Digitally


You can still claim the luxurious Super Mario Maker idea booklet even if you decide that you want to purchase the game digitally. Once you purchase the game via the Wii U eShop you should be given a receipt with a toll-free number. Give the number a call and inform the customer service representative that you would like the Super Mario Maker booklet that comes with the game. You’ll need to give the serial number of your Wii U, which you can also find on the receipt, and your email, name, and address. They will then send you a copy in the post. This offer is eligible in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6

27 thoughts on “Here’s How To Get Super Mario Maker Booklet If Buying Digitally”

  1. Wow this is amazing. I wanted to buy the digital copy because I’ve hit way too many boxes now but I wasn’t sure because I did want to get that booklet but now they make it easy for me.

  2. Terrific! I was iffy on the downloadable version because I kinda wanted the booklet, but I hate swapping discs in and out. Problem solved!

  3. If I am buying a physical copy off of Amazon, it should come with the booklet, right?

    It doesn’t say on Amazon’s product description of the game that the booklet is included. On Nintendo’s official website, however, it says that the booklet is included with ALL physical copies of the game. When I clicked to find a retailer, Amazon was listed, so I am assuming I will receive the booklet along with the game if I go ahead with the Amazon purchase.

        1. I just bought it on Amazon and it looks like I am getting both the book and $10 off as well!!! :)

          I love Amazon.

      1. Galactus The Planet Devourer

        Well that’s more like it. It’s about time they offered tangible things to go along with your digital purchase. What would be cool is if They sold video games the say way they do Blu ray dvd’s now. A digital copy included with your physical purchase. now that would be radd! (pun intended) ;-)

        1. Sadly, Nintendo of today is greedy so they won’t do that… ever. They won’t because they would potentially lose out on a second sale as someone could give the code for the digital game to a friend of theirs that doesn’t want to buy the game or that person could keep the digital code & give the physical copy away to their friend instead.

        1. Seriously. -.- I don’t want to call in for something if there is a way for me to get it without going through the fucking hassle.

          1. *fucking hassle of calling the company which could take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours when I could do it in less time using a Club Nintendo like site.

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