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Coaster Sets Now Available On Club Nintendo Europe


Nintendo Europe keeps adding more sought after items to Club Nintendo before it shuts up shop and is replaced by a different service. The latest items added to the site include some luxurious Nintendo themed coasters for you to put your drinks on. There are four different models and a set of two is 2500 stars each.

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14 thoughts on “Coaster Sets Now Available On Club Nintendo Europe”

  1. Nintendo of America, you have caused nothing but confusion and delay. Why don’t you make yourself a useful company and announce the new “Club Nintendo” at once!

  2. bausch from dalmasca

    It isnt coming. NoA hates us and enjoys the salt from our tears. But hey, atleast amiibos are easier to get. Right?…

    1. I don’t think it’s NOA that hates us. I think it’s NOJ. NOA doesn’t make the rules.

      Think about it. America bombed Japan… why would they want to give us anything good? We never get the cool hardware colors and just look at our stock of amiibos…

      NOJ wishes that Japan would bomb the U.S.

  3. Good stuff?? 2500 stars for 2 coasters? 2 COASTERS??
    Who the hell even has that amount of stars left and by the time i bought 10 games at 30 quid a pop to gain that amount of stars….. Fuck the coasters i’ll buy a new table…. Prob cheaper.
    Club Nintendo = fuckin joke.

  4. They’re obviously not shutting it down. If they keep adding good shit in other countries especially UK and even Australia, then it’s staying. America, again, gets crap and their the only best nation left who supported Nintendo more than Japan (buys more Sony consoles, Australia (BS Government) and UK (buys more CrapBox) COMBINED.

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