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Chibi Robo Zip Lash Amiibo Functionality Detailed

Today we have received details regarding how various amiibo work with the forthcoming Chibi Robo Zip Lash for the Nintendo 3DS. The actual Chibi Robo amiibo allows you to level up Chibi Robo and unlocks the Toy Capsule Machine. If you are using another amiibo then you will get you coins to spend on various items in the game and if you scan them in then you access the Toy Capsule Machine. This should give you a special figurine of Chibi Robo doing the pose of the amiibo figure that you have scanned in.

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6 thoughts on “Chibi Robo Zip Lash Amiibo Functionality Detailed”

  1. This game looks a bit too simple for my taste. Still waiting for a new Pokemon game to come out on the 3ds though. would be awesome if they brought coliseum to the new Nintendo 3ds instant buy for me.

  2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    The first Chibi Robo was really fun all the way to the end. However my empire has an unquenchable thirst to keep every experience new and completely different from the last. For the most part, I appreciate this. Because they know how to mix things up.
    SEGA ON THE OTHER HAND…has no idea what it wants to be. And now they’re a mobile company. I shall take no pleasure in witnessing them shrivel up within the comfort of their mobile grave.

  3. For the last time, I don’t give a shit about Federation Force!

    Oh wait… I got the names mixed up.. Nevermind! Carry on Chibi Fans!

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  5. pink0crystal0midbus

    This Chibi Robo game looks bland as hell. I was surprised when they showed it, because it looked like an indie game, in terms of the amount of “substance” the game was able to show.

    Bland character, bare-bone environment, a single niche “special move” performed by the main character to progress through the game (a.k.a the wire-whip), no observable and substantial challenge, bland enemies, no indication of an engrossing story.

    It looked like a $.99 iphone minigame trying to drag itself out into a full fledged 3DS title.

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