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Rumour: Xenoblade Chronicles X Dated For Europe?

We know that Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to both Europe and the United States this December. What we don’t know is when in the festive month it is coming. EB Games Australia has recently updated its website to say that the game will be coming on December 15th. There’s also set to be two special editions you’ll be able to get hold off. The Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Premium Pack which features a black premium Wii U console, a physical copy of the game, an Artbook and a World Map poster and the Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition Pack which features a physical copy of the game, a SteelBook cover, a World Map poster, a Cover Art Poster and the Artbook.

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Thanks, Paidenthusiast

31 thoughts on “Rumour: Xenoblade Chronicles X Dated For Europe?”

  1. Well actually we do know that the American version is coming out on the 4th. We just don’t know the UK versions release date.

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      Guys, Sickr has a fever. And even though he feels like scum, he climbed out of his tree and wrote and article for all of you ingrates.

    2. Fucking paidenthusiast learn to write an article, you made 3 mistakes,
      1.- We know that it is coming the 4th of Dec. in America.
      2.- Australia is not Europe.
      3.- “We know that the game is coming to America and Europe, then you mention Australia.

      Maybe your n-blindness fucks you over.

      1. Umm…….I didn’t write a goddamn thing. I only sent the link to this site because Europe never had a concrete release date, only a release month you freaking moron

      2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>1. – This is a rumoured date for Europe
        2. – Australia belongs to the PAL region as does Europe
        3. – Paidenthusiast doens’t write articles

        Your stupidity has been exposed Xbot, now go home and wither in what best way you’d like to>>>

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>The empire sent me here to assist you against the vermin as you of course have known for a long time now>>>

              2. I love how you think everyone is an Xbot if they say something about fucking Nintendo, grow up you basement dweller.

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>I couldn’t care less, if you hate Nintendo, get lost and join a site that loves to hate Nintendo>>>

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              4. and Brokenthusiast stop sending false news u fagg,the game has always had a launch date Dec 4 for Europe, announced during E3.

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