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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Website Goes Live

Those looking forward to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer can whet their appetite with the upcoming game’s official website, which is now live. Fans can visit the website to learn more about game features and how amiibo cards work. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer allows players to design the interior and exterior of hundreds of homes for animal villagers. It will be released on September 25 for Nintendo 3DS.

16 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Website Goes Live”

        1. The game itself is 39 bucks but if you want the reader with it it is 65 bucks, they’re launching 100 cards as well when the game launches

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  2. I can’t understand how Nintendo thought a step down from the traditional Animal Crossing experience would be a better idea than simply arranging rooms of animals. Makes me want to grab New Leaf and call it doneskies.

    1. Well what’s wrong with them doing something different? And it’s not like the series as a whole is changes, this lil extra game is just taking the concept and doing a lil different thing with it. Besides, it’s not out yet so you can’t really say it’s bad, you just don’t like the concept of it.

      1. I didn’t say its bad, and yes actually if no new Animal Crossing is announced and this continues then yes it’s been changed drastically. As someone who’s played several Animal Crossing games I dont find majority of the enjoyment in arranging houses. We’ll see how it does though, there has to be some calling for it I suppose if it was made in the first place. As for me, a fan and supporting member of that gaming community, ill stick with traditional Animal Crossing.

        1. Yes, but you’re taking quite the logical leap assuming that this side game will be how the main series goes when no hint or suggestion as such has been mentioned man. I mean according to that logic Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival is possibly the new direction for the series since it comes out after Happy Home Designer. Nothing wrong with sticking to the main line AC series, but I just think you’re stretching it a bit, just a bit, with your concerns is all.

  3. And people wonder why companies like Ubisoft think there aren’t any more hardcore gamers left on Nintendo. This is pretty much a virtual rendition of playing doll house.

    But, whatever, variety is a good thing. Focusing on kids and upkeeping that family-friendly image is just great, (makes ’em different, like that guy wearing diapers at a bachelor’s party) especially when games get censored and features are cut out to protect the many kids–uh, I mean hardcore adults that still game on Nintendo. Perfect. Rated E for everyone’s enjoyment! Voice Chat and reality might traumatize the poor, innocent minds of these adults, so why not just remove praising the winners at the end of a match, too? Isn’t everyone a winner, after all? Competitiveness is just too brutal… Oh, wait. You mean Sakurai was already pondering the idea? LOL.

    Hahaha. “Most Wii U owners are adults” –and blah, blah blah.
    That’s why freaking TOYS are outselling the console in less time, right? Lmfao. What joke.

    1. You sure do take your gaming hobby seriously ^_^ That’s cool though, you just seem like one of those sports fans who paint themselves in your teams color or a letter for “Go Team!” on your torso to show your love for that team of yours. That kinda fan that calls the people who sit back and watch the game casually with their buddies for laughs and brews not real fans. But that’s cool, cause you do what you do man. Live the dream.

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