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Pokken Tournament Announced For Wii U And Coming Next Spring

The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo today announced the upcoming release of Pokkén Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U home console. Currently an arcade game available only in Japan, Pokkén Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U will be released worldwide in spring 2016.

Developed in collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., producers of TEKKEN, one of the most successful fighting-game franchises in history, Pokkén Tournament brings Pokémon to life in a way never before seen, where Pokémon in battle move in direct response to the player’s actions. The intuitive controls make this fighting game accessible to players of all skill levels, and the stunning visuals emphasize the size and power of each Pokémon.

“Pokkén Tournament combines the best elements of a traditional fighting game with an authentic Pokémon experience,” said J.C. Smith, director of Consumer Marketing at The Pokémon Company International. “Fans will be thrilled to see their favorite Pokémon battle in a whole new way.”

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139 thoughts on “Pokken Tournament Announced For Wii U And Coming Next Spring”

      1. Not even new since Arcade had it first and we all knew this would happen so no surprises and according to Wii U’s now destroyed fanbase, not even 2 million would care about buying this now. Might as well port it for NX and New 3DS.

        1. It is a new console game. People will buy this game. I know at least 2 people who are now buying a wii u just for this game. They are so excited. So no need to be down on everything wii u but your opinion is your opinion so let it be heard.

            1. Dude, eventually people are going to want to own a Wii U just to play the few first party gems available for the system. I’m one of those people. At this point, I’m not sure anything other than some insane intervention could spark some major Wii U sales so why even trash talk the situation? We know youre mad at Nintendo.

            2. What games on ps4 are so sort after because last time i looked on ps4 the games are just multiplat ports ??? wiiu has a ton more games worth playing and this Pokken Tournament coming the same year as Zelda is BIG NEWS wow Nintendo meant it when they said they will support wiiu along side NX range…

              1. You’re right. PS4 mostly has multiports and from PCs but unlike that POS Xbox, it has its own good exclusives. But after looking into it and making considerations, I decided to stick with PS3 for the time being.

                As for Wii U, no it doesn’t have decent games. It either has half-baked last gen ports, “new” games far too similar to its predecessors like 3DS, Wii or even GameCube or new IPs that are short lived and made with more BS man’s restrictions than EA’s greedy DRM policies. Wii U has nothing, it never did and I was damn foolish to think it has a place in this life. It’s just a symbol of Nintendo’s pathetic and stupid attempt to please the wrong gaming crowd that no longer exists in the palm of their hands.

              2. It’s their money they can spend it anyway they want to. You take people who like fighting games and Pokemon; instant buy for them.

                1. Pokemon XD, Stadium, Dungeon, Trozei, Ranger, none of them even came 1/4 close to the main series selling points, not all of them combined even sold more than a single Pokemon version game.

                      1. Uhh hello! I luv nintendo and pokkenmon because it so fun and i love it! mother is gona play as gardivor because shes a cuty pie and i am play as libre pickachu because im fat #lels!

                        1. Oh I completely forgot about this game. Great that there are more games coming to the Wii U. I guess the Wii U is not so dead after all.

                              1. Probably, but I’m guessing that it will be released in late 2017. They BETTER not do what they did with the Wii U and make it on par with current gen systems. It NEEDS to be a technically impressive console to win back third parties and fans that stopped being fans because of the Wii U. (Also, I hope there’s no region locking, or else people are just gonna use that as another reason to not get the system, even if they care or not.)

                                1. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein for Smash

                                  What’s the point? They releasing a new console first meaning if they want to do on par or pass the current gen consoles, that will just give sony and microsoft the advantage of what they will need to compete with for next gen.

                                  1. They screwed up by releasing the Wii U in 2012. They’re now at the point where they would need to release the NX in 2020 to coincide with the PS5 and next Xbox… That’s an 8 YEAR console life span if they did that, and the Wii U is already having enough trouble supporting itself as it is. They should have taken into account back when they were building the Wii U that the new next-gen consoles were going to be out soon after the Wii U was released, and that “on-par with current gen” wasn’t going to cut it. I understand that Nintendo likes to innovate, but they chose the wrong time to innovate at the time when the Wii U was released.

                                        1. He can’t because it came from an unreliable source that is wrong a lot, and likes to make speculation look like fact even though it had zero evidence.

                                      1. HEEELLLL TO THE YEEEEAAAHH!!!!!! This is fantastic news. Spring 2016? Looks like the NX could be semi-confirmed to be coming in 2017 unless of course this game ends up being a cross gen release which would be awesome

                                        1. I actually never thought the NX would release in 2016. Nintendo just said they were not giving anymore information about the NX until 2016. Everybody just assumed it would release next year. We will not see the NX until Christmas of 2017 which will make the Wii U exactly five years old.

                                          1. Exactly. I also was telling people that the NX wouldn’t get released until 2017 but they were insisting that it would get released next year because of Zelda Wii U getting pushed back. No way is Nintendo going to break tradition just because the Wii U is the slowest selling home console in their history, especially when they are still making a profit from it. Anyone waiting for the NX to be released next year will be very disappointed

                                            1. I agree. Nintendo even said the only reason they announced the NX so early was to reassure thier fanbase that they were still dedicated to the console market after announcing thier mobile strategy…

                                              Zelda U, Pokken Fighters, and Shin Megami so far for Wii U in 2016. I’m sure there are a few more we don’t know about too.

                                            2. //out of character//
                                              New game announcedfor -wii u- “omg nx confirmed!” God can these guys shut up… =_= it’s getting annoying

                                                    1. Too bad its going to Flop like Wonderful 101,because only 4 people own a wii u in this world,that bitch called Sickr,the queer robot alien wanna be N Commander tetris,and that retard Poorenthusiast….Nintendo should have just put it on the nx as a launch title.

                                                      sex signing out.

                                                      1. A Pokémon themed game going to flop! It is going to sell like toffees. You Sony fanboys have weak logic. This game has just guaranteed the WiiU a boost for stay until the NX and the other Nintendo console arrives. This is going to be the other tournament show stopper like smash bros.


                                                          1. No unfortunately it’s not. I’m just obsses with immortality, and gods are the only things close to it. Also, I love the meaning behind demigod.

                                                          1. Dude…..that’s actually an understatement. The only question is how many pokemon are gonna debut. Because a total of 9 poke fighters is UNACCEPTABLE!!

                                                            At least give me 20!!

                                                          2. Good news. It seems like this would have been an easy way to score back some fan points at E3, even without a trailer.

                                                            1. Can’t wait to try Gengar out once I get this. Because he’s the only Ghost Pokemon that is hard boiled enough to swim in the shadows.

                                                            2. Question: With NTD giving away free DLC are they planning to do this title as well?

                                                              Honestly…I DOUBT IT!!!

                                                              Pokemon is their baby/cash cow! I see them charging $59.99 for the game & $3 to $5 per characters. Or $20 for like 5 characters with additional levels.

                                                              1. Gear Games Interactive

                                                                Actually, the Arcade machine gets Free DLC updates so I wouldn’t be surprised if this game did the same.

                                                                  1. It also says incomplete.

                                                                    The reason I don’t see it as ‘free’ DLC is because its stuff that should’ve been there from launch. The game was pretty much barebonez on day one.

                                                                    1. I wouldn’t really call it incomplete, given the fact that the data was already on disk and the reason they released it as time went on was to spread the hype.

                                                                          1. Don’t blame him too much. Even I forget you’re a guy at times because of that sexy picture of Agnès. xD

                                                                              1. I’m cool with that since I’m a Jar Jar Binks fan. *gets booed & yelled at by the Star Wars prequel haters*

                                                                              2. Yay for fabricating hype to keep people interested in a game for months to hide the fact the Wii U is in yet another game drought which Reggie promised wouldn’t happen (then again, Reggie is a filthy fucking liar, anyway.)

                                                                                This is pulling an EA without actually pulling an EA. On-disc locked content, free or not, is still pretty shady.

                                                                            1. Pingback: Pokkén Tournament llegará al Nintendo Wii U en un lanzamiento global el siguiente año | Arcadiavg

                                                                              1. Gear Games Interactive

                                                                                Well it was just last month they lost the face of the Nintendo Directs, so I think they’re waiting until a new CEO is announced before they do another Nintendo Direct.
                                                                                I’m hoping they’ll do like they did when the Wii U was announced and show off what the NX might be and give us full details on the console and it’s games + release date next E3.

                                                                            2. ^I guess because this is a “The Pokemon Company’ move and not Nintendo, directly… but it will come, eventually, I think.

                                                                              So this is why they also mentioned the NFC compatibility with this game in the previous article. Is it safe to assume that Amiibos will support this game? And with that said, Pokemon Amiibos will probably come out later this year or next year.

                                                                              1. I still think that any pokemon amiibos released other than smash amiibo are more likely to be cards than anything. We’ve seen first hand how easily amiibo cards are produced and sold for fairly decent prices, and alongside the already heavily popular card collecting scene that lies with Pokemon, it would almost make MORE sense to release pokemon amiibos as cards over figures.

                                                                            3. Honestly, this shouldn’t even be a surprise. It was a given that this was going to hit the Wii U. It’s using Nintendo’s 2nd biggest IP, I would’ve been ludicrous if they didn’t.

                                                                              Anyways, I’m certainly excited.

                                                                            4. Looks like I’ll have a few reasons to literally dust off my Wii U and turn it on. Pokken tournament, Mario Maker, Yoshi Wooly World, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Waker oh and just dance Disney crap.

                                                                                  1. It’s an alright announcement I guess. I was hoping for a new gen or another game within the current gen as apposed to a game we already knew about coming to the Wii U…..But oh well, I guess beggers can’t be choosers. I was hoping this would hit the NX instead of the Wii U so late in it’s console life, but I guess 1 final jump in console sales would be more worthwhile, and who knows, we could see a port for the NX in the future anyways, especially if they continue the series like they do with Tekken. It looks neato, but liking the 2D fighters over the 3D fighters, I’ll just keep my hype for SF5.

                                                                                  2. Why do people keep on relating this to the NX? Like bruh, it’s coming for the Wii U .-. We still don’t even know what the NX and I see people going like,”OMG DEVELOPMENT MOVED TO NX CONFIRMED!”

                                                                                  3. This is fantastic news. I own a Wii U and actually want more games for it. Sure the NX is coming in 2017 or later, but I’m not about to get it at launch, so my Wii U will be cruising with me for a while.

                                                                                  4. They better add in Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Greninja and Roserade. Those were meant to be in this game. And I don’t care that there are already jigglypuff background pokemon, there are no limitations on these. Actually that would give those heracross fans a hope now that I think about it

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