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Dragon Quest XI Will Be ‘Offline’ And Will Be Released By May 2017

Square Enix has today confirmed that the forthcoming Dragon Quest XI will be a completely offline affair unlike its predecessor, Dragon Quest X. The company also said that Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4 title will arrive before May 2017 in Japan. Square Enix has yet to confirm whether the game will come to the west, but many assume it will given Square Enix’s eagerness to bring across Dragon Quest Heroes on the PlayStation 4.

The publisher is also considering the release of the new title for Nintendo’s next-generation home console under development, NX, it added.

“We want people to play it,” “DQ” series creator and video game designer Yuji Horii said. “We are making the most of the characteristics of each gaming machine.”


52 thoughts on “Dragon Quest XI Will Be ‘Offline’ And Will Be Released By May 2017”

    1. Not really. Square Enix said ” Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4 title will arrive before May 2017 in Japan” They didn’t confirm the release window for the NX just that they would like to bring it to the NX also which could be later. But nevertheless I think the NX will come out the latest sometime in 2017

    2. They can always release a late port as soon as a console launches. But my guess is that even they don’t know when the console will be released. But they released the last consoles more than a year after the console releases. Probably because devs don’t know what to expect and have to get time for development. Every PlayStation and Xbox was only a more powerful box than the last one with the same controller. There isn’t much to expect from the PS5 and Xbox 4 (it would be the 4th one released). And it is normal to release the consoles by the end of the year, so my guess is Holiday 2017. Those rumours about the mid-2016 releases can’t be true. The first thing that would happen (if production starts in October) would be some leaks online. And it would fit that Quality of Life release window (with a small delay). And that patent sounds EXACTLY like a Wii U mini. So we still have no evidence.

    3. All these people who say that this doesn’t have anything to do with the release date of the nx, doesn’t understand how this industry works. NX confirmed Q1 release date:P That was my window anyways. Normally nintendo would release holiday season, but dec 2016 is too early and dec 2017 is too late. So yeah, q1 sounds about right:P

    4. Gear Games Interactive

      Sounds more like a later release date to be honest for the game so they can work on the NX version a little more as well as the PS4 and 3DS versions. So, this doesn’t confirm a 2017 release. It does confirm that it might be a launch window title rather than a launch title.

    1. Exactly. The success of Fire Emblem: Awakening should be an strong indicator that the western gaming audience still appreciates great quality JRPGs

        1. I never played any FE game, but anyway thats the thing, QUALITY! The reason why Jrpg´s (geez cant we just speak about RPG´s) failed during the 7th gen mostly is because western RPG´s were better made, you had Fallout games, you had TheElderScrolls games, you had Dragon Age games, MassEffect etc. Jrpg´s only had Xenoblade, Jrpg´s were mostly cheaply made boring anime cast “we can save the world with a power of friendship” kinda crap, FFXIII proves the laziness and lack of vision that Jrpg devs suffered, they thought after PS1/Ps2 era that they were untouchable, but western devs started to release better games. MonolithSoft/Nintendo realized this and thats why Xenoblade initially becamed so good, it didnt try to recreate Ps1/Ps2 era game, it was evolution as a JRPG and tooked inspiration from western ones, thats why it was so good and appreciated and is gaining some worldwide recognition. I mean before Xenoblade hit the scene, Jrpg´s during 7th gen were mostly seen as shovelware…..

          1. Western RPGs are BOOOOORING. Dull character design, boring worlds, boring colours, too much blood and smut. M rated poop.

          2. LOL Keep dreaming. They don’t release DQs here very often because it sells nothing compared to what it sells on Japan.

            1. So? Release the damn game digitally if you’re too cheap or too scared it won’t sell to justify a physical release. Least Koei Tecmo is actually trying with Samurai Warriors & Fatal Frame unlike Square Enix.

              1. And a few others that also released physical but left out dubbing, Like Tales of Hearts R, or just went digital and left out dub too like Monster Monpiece (yes, I own that pervy game lol)

                  1. Lol its not a bad game, hell, its actually a really easy game. The only bad thing is evolving the characters, which involves rubbing. Now the rubbing isn’t so bad, what makes it bad is the way you’re forced to hold the Vita to rub it.

                    Left hand on the left stick, and you have to rub on both the touchscreen and the back touchpad. It really really looks like youre jerking off the Vita XD

                    1. xD The Vita has a touchpad on the back of it? What in the hell do we need two touch sensitive things for? I doubt there’s many “jerk off your Vita” games.

                      1. It actually works quite well on some games. Little diviants for example, has you making mounds by touching the back touchpad. Those mounds move your ball shaped character by making it roll. On another (and the best VIta game to me) Tearaway, you can touch the back touch pad which gives the illusion of your fingers tearing through paper. Your able to move your character or obtacles that way, and it looks pretty damn cool.

                        Lol no, from what I know, that’s the only Jerk off simulator on the Vita XD

                      2. Oh that game. Shame it’s on the Vita which I never intend to have because it doesn’t have enough games on it that I want to justify the purchase. I’ll try any video game genre at least once.

                        1. Yeah it’s not worth it. I always tell people not to get it. I loved it a launch but I have since began to hate it. I isolated that piece of crap in a corner of its own. XD

                      3. Please note that Square Enix may not have said that NX is a home console. The writer of the article may have added that.

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                      5. I’m actually really excited for this game. More so than any other Dragon Quest game since DQ8. This is honestly the spiritual successor to Dragon Quest 8 IMO. DQ9 was a handheld game that barely resembled a DQ game, and DQ10 was an MMO that we never got to play…. So yea, DQ11 should really be called DQ9.

                        1. basically DQ9 was made to be the local multiplayer game, and DQ10 the online multiplayer game, I can see DQ12 being another multiplayer game, then DQ13 being single player and so on with the pattern

                      6. Still wondering if the 3ds version is the same as ps4 besides the different fields of view and enhanced graphics

                      7. Square Enix, if you’re reading this……… will do you guys no harm at all to bring this game and the other DragonQuest games that were never released outside of Japan stateside and to Europe. There is an audience outside of Japan that does appreciate great JRPGs. I really hope you guys rethink your stance on the North American and European gaming audiences not wanting JRPGs and let us all experience what Japanese gamers have been experiencing for decades now

                        1. With the release year suddenly being changed to 2017 I think Square Enix is trying to get the game to be available as a NX launch title but we shall see

                          1. That would be pretty amazing to have DQ11 as an NX launch title. However it will not be an exclusive. I would absolutely without question buy it for the NX over the Ps4, but only if they release simultaneously. If the Ps4 gets it first, I will opt for the ps4 version… Let’s hope that isn’t the case.

                          1. I know right? They already let the cat out of the bag. It’s too late Square the damage is done, you should’ve kept quiet

                        2. Any news on Dragon Quest VIII coming to the west, yet? Or is Square Enix still waiting for Dragon Quest Warriors-… *cough* I mean Heroes to sell like hotcakes?

                          1. I really believe the reason they decided to release Dragon Quest Heroes worldwide is because they saw Hyrule Warriors do so well, they probably now believe that Warriors games are a big thing here in the west LOL SquareEnix just doesnt realize that Zelda is a much bigger brand/series, with bigger fanbase worldwide than DQ could ever hope for to get, only place where DQ is big is Japan. Zelda is known with a worldwide status, because Zelda never tried to appeal to just one country, Zelda was always made with worldwide release/promotion in mind.

                            The problem with DQ in west is that SquareEnix didnt focus on creating momentum, they thought about it in short term, they released few games, waited years with nothing, until Nintendo stepped in to publish few games and now we are again waiting. In Europe, first DQ games to release were the Ps2 and DS ones, so SE can only blame themselfs to not giving enough crap about western gamers.

                            Its a shame really, they give so much promotion for that crappy FF series and DQ has to only settle to hide behind it, never released outside of Japan. If SE would had focused localizing/promoting DQ games rather than developing shitty XIII games, they would have so much better reputation, but noooo Lightning along with a cast of metrosexuals is what gamers want smh….And FFXV seems to follow that suit, this time only with an emo My Chemical Romance wannabe band…..

                          1. Bullshit!

                            This title is coming to the Western market hands down. No WAY Square would put so many resources into a single huge game and only release it in one territory.

                            1. Square Enix, like Nintendo, seems to have a few idiots in their board of directors, so I can see them actually putting tons of resources into a game releasing in only one territory.

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                          3. Just another reason to press Nintendo to make the NX and other future consoles (stationary or handheld) to be Region Free. Whether this game is released in the West or not, the option to be able to play it without having to buy another, in this case, NX is good for every DQ gamer.

                            Now I know I’m not the only one waiting for Nintendo to finally reveal even a sliver of the NX, the power button or a silhouette of the controller…

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                          6. Fire Emblem Elitist

                            Why are there so many fucking weebs? western Rpgs aprart from the elderscrolls are badass Xenoblade is fucking genious and no weeb speak it’s even better no ching, ching, chong chingcoming from their mouths and instead you hear the supiror language the English language whuch everyone should speak.

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