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Violent Plot Stopped During Pokemon World Championship

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It has been revealed that a violent plot was supposed to be taking place at the Pokemon World Championship this weekend. The Boston Police Department were alerted to several threats on social media and were able to apprehend the culprits just hours before they entered the event. The two men were armed with several guns found in their car along with a knife. Fox News concludes by saying that the men responsible for this were arrested by the police at their hotel in Saugus on Friday after arrest warrants were issued.

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136 thoughts on “Violent Plot Stopped During Pokemon World Championship”

        1. I just checked both and I can’t seem to find anything. They might’ve made those post private. The last public one for one of them is from January.

      1. Something like this actually happened at my school about a year ago. Some guy/group threatened to shoot out the school (or do something violent) and posted the threat on social media pages… the cops tracked his IP and arrested him on site.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>Doesn’t matter, it’s a sick territory, just like the Russian one and Middle-East>>>

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Unfortunately, Denmark is a pretty hostile country now towards immigrants of usually darker skins>>>

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>Pretty much, just like Finland and now Sweden is on their way to that path as well, this entire human planet is one big useless garbage>>>

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>Canada is slowly becoming like the US as well, you won’t be safe there for long>>>

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>Canada is going downhill as well unfortunately, but still, nowhere near as close as the US is>>>

                1. Some people don’t deserve to live in this world… ESPECIALLY if they committed heinous acts. It’s like successfully capturing Hitler but putting him in a prison cell & letting him live a lap of luxury til the day he dies of natural causes. Prison isn’t a place you want to be but it isn’t THE worst place to be, either. ESPECIALLY if you are in a humane prison facility.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>Humans = Primitive, barbaric, sadistic, suicidal and just plain stupid all around, that’s why>>>

                    1. The sad thing is, though, some of these gun related crimes are committed by people that actually have a permit for them. :/ Besides, many countries that don’t allow every Average Joe to carry a gun have less gun related crimes in their countries. To make matters worse, the United States is one of the leading countries where guns are being sold illegally to other countries also occur & is also possibly being led by people that also have a permit to carry weapons. Sons of Anarchy might be fiction but it’s based on some real scary facts about the illegal gun trade business. *shudder*

                      1. And I won’t argue the point about some crimes being committed by licensed carriers. But sometimes, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. A very good friend of mine once said that a gun is a tool, and there are people who will use that tool for evil. But there are also those who would use it only for sport, recreation, or in event of a bad guy with a gun, use it to stop a threat.

                        I hate politics, all politicians and politics itself can go to hell, but this is one issue I stand strongly for.

                        1. I know. A gun is like everything else that’s been created: it’s going to be used for both good & bad causes. Sadly the Christian Holy Bible & the Islamist Quran are not exempt from this problem of man corrupting stuff meant to be used for the betterment of mankind. There is always going to be some loser that corrupts something.

              1. Really guy? Do you really think this is the moment to attack somebody’s personal beliefs; somebody who is simply trying to express their thankfulness for this averted tragedy?

              2. Fool! Ha! Yet his glory is righteously capitalized as it should be. What’s this Godless heathen babble? :)

            1. ….




                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>Doesn’t make my statement any less true, if you knew how your own species worked, you would keep your mouth shut>>>

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>Too bad you weren’t in their mission list, I could have been satisfied knowing that one less useless life-form would be erased>>>

                        >>>Next time I guess>>>

                        1. “…satisfied knowing that one less… … life-form would be erased.”

                          You do realize that you just said you’re satisfied he WON’T be killed right?

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>Of course, I’d rather see my enemies suffer first, and also, it makes your first comment irrelevant>>>

                            1. Actually it doesn’t. The first comment was in response to what everyone knows you were trying to say. The second one was in response to what you actually said. Nice attempt to recover from your mistake though.

                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                >>>I couldn’t care less about what everyone thought I said, it’s true no matter what their pathetic feelings are>>>

                              2. There you go. When you can’t compete with someone on an intellectual level just call insult everyone and call them pathetic. Just like a human.

                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>Intellectual level, and yet, did not even comprehend that I made a reference to your previous reply and said that I don’t care about their pointless feelings as a claim to why I say what I say>>>

                                  >>>Maybe you should learn to decipher things first human>>>

                                2. Hahaha, what?! What does that even mean? Are you suggesting that I don’t “comprehend” how the reply system works? When you hit the reply button, what you say is ALWAYS in reference to the previous comment. Why don’t you help clarify the ciphered message you just sent? That would be much appreciated Captain Obvious.

                                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                    >>>Now you just proved that you are stupid, nice going there, I thought you would have a brain but unfortunately that isn’t the case

                                  2. Well then why don’t you just explain what you were trying to say in your comment? You can even use small words so us stupid people can understand?

                  2. While I applaud you staying true-to-form in your response, I don’t think being an agent of XBox or EA has anything to do with this. If that part of the story develops, you let me know.

                1. What a bunch of cunts. There were many children there, do they deserve to die over a card game and video games? Sick fucks.

                  1. Yeah, seriously. I saw Nintendo’s tweets. A bunch of innocent children just having fun with Pokemon, and these fucks were just going to come in and feel all big and bad with their guns. Thank god this was stopped. Whoever found out about it and reported it is a hero in my book. I don’t normally say this kind of stuff, but these pricks need to be put away forever or executed.

                2. Really now….do these guys hate Pokemon that much? Do they hate that people like a “Kiddy” game? Are they that insecure that they need to resort to killing people to say they are mature from all the generic FPS shit they played? Or is this simply just some pyscho’s who happened to stumble upon the event?

                    1. ISIS has everything to do with Islam. Everything that’s wrong with it at least, everything that’s wrong with all religions. Which is outdated uncivilized bullshit that shouldn’t be allowed anymore. But you know, free country free shit.

                        1. Peaceful my ass. You cut off your children genitals, you get 12 year olds married to 40 year old pedophiles, you execute people who are gay, you throw rocks on people until they die. YOU’RE a fucking dumbass you you think it’s peaceful and honestly Christianity ain’t much fucking better.

                          1. I don’t want to start some kind of war over this. I don’t know much about the Islam religion, but I know a bit about Christianity and it is much, much, MUCH better than what you just described.

                            1. They seem pretty equal to me. Just because we don’t have Christians doing what Islamic extremists do doesn’t mean we don’t have Christian terrorists. Christian terrorists just do it legally by picketing the funerals of soldiers or gay people. *cough*WestboroBaptistChurch*cough*

                              1. Well I suppose this is the same point FishyXY was trying to make with Islam but in Christianity you have people who call themselves Christian and people who are actually Christian. Anybody doing the things you said are not following Christ’s teachings. Jesus tought love and tolerance. Actual Christians follow His teachings to the best of their ability.

                                1. Sadly them claiming to be what they are not just makes the rest of us look bad to ignorant people. Just like these Islamic extremists make the sane, peaceful ones look bad.

                  1. They’re fans of Pokemon themselves and even attended previous World/Regional Championships.

                    Now can we please stop trying to get fanboy wars into this?

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                4. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                  If you’re going to do anything violent. Why the fuck would post the shit on a social media website. Dumbass bitches these days.

                  1. To be honest, out of 7 billion people on Earth, there have to be at least 2 dumber than a rock. The human stupidity has no limits.

                5. Damn that’s terrible. I wonder what’s more stupid attempting this or tell everyone you are going to do this

                  1. Both. Only losers commit heinous crimes, telling people or not. They are just too fucking stupid to realize they are losers.

                6. Absolutely sickening that somebody would want to kill all these innocent children and public. I’m concerned about the safety of America

                  1. It’s even creepier BECAUSE it was an event where many children would wanna go. Adults go too of course, but the event was meant for kids to have fun, make friends and win prizes. They should at least be able to feel safe. But sick bastards always have to ruin things for everybody. Luckily the US doesn’t treat their criminals well, if we’re lucky they’ll stay in prison for a while.

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                8. What kind of sick fuck would want to do this?

                  I am willing to bet they wanted to hit this place because almost no one would be armed and the attendees would be defenseless targets. Damn cowards, and idiots for wanting to do it in the first place.

                9. Ugh I’m too late for the Team Rocket Jokes :/ Anyways, I’m glad everyone is okay and this was averted before any serious casualties.

                10. It’s not even safe to be a pokemon trainer now.

                  This is horrible, these people were horribly sick to even think of doing this sort of attack on an event like this.

                11. People are just insane, this probably had nothing to do with Pokemon. Guy who decides he wants to mass murder a bunch of people, hears about a big event going on, decides to go kill people. That’s it. Thank God he was stopped.

                12. Omg I was literally just at worlds. Good thing they stopped them. It sickens me that anyone would ever try to so that, especially at a pokemon tournament.

                13. Ok, now this pisses me off! This is too much. Us video gamers are passionate, happy people that just love to play games and talk with others who also love games (though not all of us are exactly happy all the time). And with Pokémon, you KNOW a lot of kids were probably participating in this. And a terrorist thing was going to happen? Seriously? FUCK OFF TERRORISTS (or whatever the hell you are). Leave us video gamers alone! Video games has always been my safe place. My happy escape from horrible reality. And when I hear that somebody was plotting violence and whatever at a video game event, that’s crossing the line. I hope these scum of the earth people stay locked away forever!

                14. This is great… they were thwarted before they could kill.
                  Go police. Nice to see a positive article about terrorism stopped.

                15. At this point all of humanity needs execution .. Hope for humanity is lost, just look at the idiots who post on this site, sigh…….

                16. What the fuck? Obinna and Blackb0nd won’t be happy when they find their plan has been frustrated.
                  Fanboys blocking the way of the divine

                17. As much as I’d like to make Team Rocket and Catch ’em all jokes, I have to ask… Why. Why would you post your criminal plans on social media. I’m glad they did or else we would’ve have a bad situation, but just… You’d have to be dumber than Patrick Star and a bag of rocks combined to do that.
                  Maybe they were just doing this for attention, or they’re actually just that idiotic.

                18. I know a lot of us are pretty pissed at Nintendo right now but good lord. This was crossing a line. This is what can happen sometimes when people complain about people complaining, telling them to do something about it instead of complaining on a website. I’d rather people stick to websites complaining about how they won’t buy stuff than actually doing something horrendous that will benefit no one.

                  Or these are just random losers thinking they’ll try to be like that Joker wannabe & shoot up a public event with more than 30 people. Or that racist that shot up a black church.

                19. maybe it was just a bluff, I mean no one just jokes about that kind of thing, and psychopaths wouldn’t tell anyone. They must have had an ulterior motive. Calling this a fanboy war is just bullshit, no one does this sort of thing over video games.

                  1. Least no one sane, anyway. Even we video gamers have a few wackos in our community. Every community has them, after all.

                    1. Sad truth, but those who would never even consider doing something of this magnitude far outnumber those who do.

                  2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>No one does this because of video games? Last year a guy got a broken bottle shoved up his face and got killed because he looked at a girl for 5 seconds not knowing she was together with the guy that killed him and that is so much less of an “excuse” than gaming problems>>>

                    >>>You humans know nothing about your own species it’s pathetic>>>

                20. Space Pirate Initiate 001

                  My guess is these guys wanted to get rid of the competition. These 2 @$$wipes were also invited to participate in the tournament.

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