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More Rumours Emerge About Shovel Knight In Super Smash Bros

A few days back we posted a listing for a Shovel Knight amiibo that was part of the Super Smash Bros series via Spanish retailer XtraLife. Many assumed it was a dubious listing due to the image that was being used. Now Unseen64’s Liam Robertson has heard from a number of industry sources that suggest that the retail listing was in fact the real deal and that Shovel Knight is indeed heading to Super Smash Bros as part of the Super Smash Bros fighter ballot. Check out the video below for all the juicy details.

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100 thoughts on “More Rumours Emerge About Shovel Knight In Super Smash Bros”

    1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

      Fucking trash. Why? Why? Why would you put a fucking indie characters in before a new nintendo character? Seriously like what the fuck is wrong with people? Medusa, king k, fucking anyone from nintendo’s pass. Hell I’d even take snake or that bitch shantae.

      1. I still don’t think it’s true. The only 3rd party characters added so far are huge gaming icons and shovel knight just doesn’t belong to the same group.

          1. I always see you comment and say you are a kid with your stupid comments. Read a dictionary to build up on your vocab, because you suck at saying anything other than the curses you hear from online gamers.

          2. You prefer Shadow the Hedgehog? Or Maybe Naruto? It’s all possible because it’s a ballot. Shovel Knight is the least of our worries. His game was fantastic so it’s fine by me.

            1. Naruto has as much chances as Shrek or Goku, and Shadow appeared in 3 terrible Sonic games and a (somehow decent) Smash Bros. Wannabe.

            2. Have you played Shovel Knight? I wanted strictly Nintendo characters also, until I played it. Everyone that bags on him hasn’t played the game….

          3. Good news is that, as DLC, I can simply just avoid downloading him.

            I refuse to pay to support that indie garbage.

            1. Besides the fact that he doesn’t deserve to be in smash as much as other characters, I’ve been seeing a lot of hate recently for Shovel Knight? Why is this? It’s easily one of the best games of 2014.

              1. Maybe they are mad it’s better than some of the crap Nintendo is pushing out of their ass or is going to push out? *cough*FederationForce*cough*

              2. Why is he trash? You are fucking trash. Shovel Knight is awesome and so is Shantae and Tbh Nintendo is more trash then most companies now and is a huge to many people and all of Nintendo’s recent games feel like rushed pieces of shit to make money with. I’ve had more fun playing Shovel Knight and Shantae then I have had with any recent Nintendo game

            2. – multiplat indie character
              – game is only 2 years old
              – not related to nintendo or it’s history
              – not released in japan
              Why should SK get in over countless other Nintendo characters that deserve it? What makes anyone think Sakurai would put this character in his game?

                1. Yeah! He’d be an awesome character! Except don’t know who owns him and what obstacles and recent questionable games are in the way. But yeah! I wanted him too!

                2. Pretty much all of this. I love playing Shovel Knight. Amazing game, but for the reasons you said basically, I don’t feel it should fit in.

              1. OOOOOOH is this the megaton announcement Yacht Club Games has coming?! Nintendo and Yacht Club Games partner at some point in PAX Prime (because they’re supposed to reveal that MEGATON announcement by the end of the week) to reveal Shovel Knight in Smash? I would buy that day one!!!


                1. Agree with everything except Wonder Red. He only has one game as well, and it isn’t anywhere near as popular as shovel knight.

                2. You have a point but Shovel Knight is very popular (especially among Nintendo fans) and the sales for his game indicate that. While I wouldn’t mind seeing King K. Rool, Bomberman or even Wonder Red make it into Smash (although I think King K. Rool has a great chance) I think Nintendo is looking at the bigger picture and that’s more amiibo sales for a very popular indie character and a possible joint Shovel Knight project with Yacht Club Games in the future

                  1. Bruh why does everyone believe this shit… Don’t get me weong, it would be awesome if he was in smash imo, but it isn’t gonna happen!

                  2. Does anyone seem to forget that tweet where Yatch Games said that the thing isn’t true ? :I
                    But hey, if he’s really coming, congrats.

                    1. They said the Amiibo thing isn’t real, and as Tamaki says in the comments of the linked in video:

                      “For the 100th time, we KNOW the amiibo art is fake. We’re not stupid. It is obviously fanmade. It is completely irrelevant and has NOTHING to do with the Nintendo Life report. Our report was on rumours we had heard from our own sources, unrelated to the other rumours out there. Any comments about how the amiibo art being fake somehow disproves this will be deleted, because I can’t deal with how dumb those are.”

                    1. Because why should an indie character that has no real relevance to Nintendo get higher priority over the dozens of actual Nintendo characters that deserve to be in?

                    2. Noooo fucking way, why this shitty character. His fucking status is no way near Mario, sonic, mega man, and pacman, even snake made bigger impact on gaming than this piece of shit. I just don’t get it, man, if it actually becomes a dlc, I ain’t buying it.

                    3. That retailer said the picture was unofficial and taken off google, but that the listing was infact real. Add to the fact Yacht Club Games acted really weird about it, said it was fake, but then added… but it would be cool.

                      Hinting at the real truth, Nintendo is greedy as hell and wants to release 100+ amiibo in the first year. Using all popular characters helps this notion.

                    4. It’s almost becoming highly believable at this point that he’s coming to Smash since there have been constant rumors about it. Shovel Knight has become very popular among Nintendo fans and has been the leading character on a lot of unofficial Smash ballots in votes so gamers definitely want him in Smash. I’m not saying that this news is guaranteed confirmation that he’s gonna be in Smash but it’s certainly a strong indicator that he has a great shot at getting in

                      1. I think that the polls made by fans don’t have in count the votes from Japan, and I doub that Sovel Knight is popular there.

                    5. I really hope no, It’s like the worst option of all the rumored characters, at least Shantae (for example) has a past with Nintendo.

                      1. Well, no duh that Shovel Knight amiibo was fanart. I don’t see how that’s “proof” that there’s no way Shovel Knight is getting in though. Plenty of characters have fanart of fake amiibos. There was even that fake Mewtwo amiibo that uses the NFC of the Mewtwo figurine from Pokemon Rumble U.

                        I agree with your other points, but there’s always the possibility that Sakurai wants to include things that are currently exclusively in some regions with regions other than Japan. Just imagine how much of the Shovel Knight sales will be on Nintendo consoles once it reaches their market.

                    6. maximilliongalactica42

                      You guys realize that if Shovel Knight does get in, it’s the fans’ fault for voting for him, not Sakurai’s, right?

                    7. There’s so much Jelly in this thread I went out and bought bagels for everyone! You get a bagel! AND YOU GET A BAGEL!!?!

                    8. I hope he does get in. It’s not like he’ll end up being the only character released as a DLC character. I guess it could happen : ). But that would kind of be lame.

                    9. I can see Sakurai adding Shovel Knight for the sake of surprising everyone but it makes you wonder why Shovel Knight instead of a new Nintendo character?

                      if this comes to pass I’m going to be really pissed off, and I mean really really pissed off.

                    10. The only way we can stop this is an anti-SK movement. Don’t hate people who voted for SK- instead, garner support for another character. I vote for banjo, sceptile, or zant.

                    11. Stop it with the fucking Shovel Knight hate. He’s actually much more of a deserving Nintendo-style character than stupid Palutena, Lucina, Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, Duck Hunt Dog, or most of the horrible characters Sakurai picked, Shovel Knight’s actually memorable and evidently, people like him, unlike a lot of the stupid fucks we got in this game, sure, he’s no Ridley or K.Rool, but he does deserve a spot, he’s the Indie hero we need.

                      1. No one is hating on the “character”.
                        They just dislike the fact that he’s an “Indie” character that is being prioritized before a “deserving” character.

                          1. Duck Hunt was the main gun controller use game for NES. What the hell are you talking bull shit for? Duck hunt deserved a spot in the first damn game.

                          2. I normally don’t like Skeletons420 comments but I have to give it to him for defending Duck Hunt. Duck Hunt wasn’t the character any of us wanted but he’s a deserving one regardless.

                        1. What I would like to see is a deal where if you have shovel knight you get him for free in smash, just to make up for the Nintendo version not having its own unique boss fight and item

                        2. Shovel Knight was one of the best games in 2014, now everyone hate the fact that he is rumored to be part of Smash? Damn! I rather have him instead of some clones we already have, I’d take him instead of Lucina.

                        3. All of you shalty ass people need to stop fucking hating on every Fighter that is rumored to be in that you don’t like. All of my friends and I both voted for Shantae and Shovel Knight and if they get in it will be due to votes. I hope they get in, they are really awesome characters from awesome games made from awesome companies. Btw, stop acting like Nintendo is all high and mighty still because Nintendo is a joke now compared to what they used to be.

                        4. XD so much butrhurt over a character that is being included because he is being requested, minority doesn’t count xD

                        5. Reincarnated Sasori Obinna: The Divine Puppet

                          Since when has Unseen 64 or that bitch Liam been a reliable source ? The Shovel Knight team has already said this is myth so why the hell keep pushing buttons? Unless the Shovel Knight devs are complete liars then I’ll take their word over that little bitch Liam . Oh but his dad works at Nintendo ……. The Zombie Obinna corpse is a more reliable source .

                          1. Yacht Club could be saying that because they are up under strict NDA from Nintendo. I’m not certain for sure if Shovel Knight will get in Smash but what makes you think Yacht Club would confirm news regarding a Nintendo game before Nintendo does themselves?

                        6. Wow, I do think that Shovel Knight is an amazing game, but to deserve an spot in Smash?
                          That’s ridiculous, if he gets in, it’ll be because we had the bad luck of it being releasing on the same year as SSB4, let’s be real, if we were in 2017 no one would give a shit about Shovel Knight anymore, there will be another popular indie game by that year, just like Super Meat Boy, Cave Story, Shantae’s Risky Revenge, et cetera.
                          They are all good games, but their characters aren’t big gaming icons, and people won’t give a shit about them in a few years.
                          Sigh… I guess there just isn’t a way to make people see that Shovel Knight it’s having his 15 minutes of fame, and that they won’t last for long.

                            1. I only need to wait for Super Shovel Knight or Shovel Knight 64 to shut your fucking mouth up, you deformed asshole.

                              1. Yes, and if they do release in the next 10 or so years, then Shovel Knight would have stood the test of time and established as a gaming icon. But we’re are talking about years for that to happen, right now, 2015, Shovel Knight is not a big gaming character deserving of the spot, he’s just a currently popular character that fans are pushing because his game was released recently, thus being fresh on everyone’s brain.

                            2. Are you all being fucking serious right now? Okay. I’m going to start retorting these shitty complaints.

                              “He has no history with Nintendo!” – Snake barely had any History with Nintendo when he was released in brawl. One game on the NES then he became primarily sony with one remake on the Gamecube. (Future release on the 3DS.) Shovel Knight’s on 3DS and Wii U, and was critically very well received.
                              “He’s a shitty Indie character, he’s not very iconic.” – Shovel Knight huge indie success. When it came out he was so well received and basically became the Indie games icon.
                              “Other characters deserve it more! They have ties to Nintendo!” – Well first of all there’s a fukcing ballot. If he’s voted in, he’s voted in. People deserve to get in based on how unique and likeable they are. Nintendo’s not going to want to put in Crystal because she’s not unique. She’d end up having very fox or falco esq movesets that would be plain boring. The way Shovel Knight moves, fights and attacks in his own game would translate very well to Smash brothers and is far more interesting. Plus, Shovel Knight is heavily based on the NES/SNES Era. That seems like a pretty good tie to me.
                              “He won’t fit” – Yes he will. They got Ryu to fit. They got fucking Duck hunt to fit. And they got R.O.B. to fit. AND THEN THEY GOT MOTHERFUCKING PAC-MAN TO FIT. Do you remember how salty people were about him? They seemed to have forgot about that now. You’re mad about nothing.
                              “I’m not buying it, it’s dumb.” – Here’s the thing. You’re going to say that. Then he’ll come out. Then you’ll cave in and buy him anyways. Then you’ll forget or try to hide that you were ever fucking opposed to his, or any other new fighters appearance in the damn game.

                              You people are being real idiotic today.

                              1. I’d also like to add that all of you that are saying “Fuck no” have probably never played Shovel Knight. You can’t take off you Fanboy cap for one second to see that he’d be an excellent edition to smash.

                                1. I agreed with you… until you said Krystal shouldn’t get in because she would be another Fox clone.

                                  I’m getting tired of explaining how she could use the staff- HER staff- from Adventures in her moveset and NOT be a clone. She wouldn’t have to be a clone by default. Same with Chrom, but Sakurai didn’t even try.

                                  1. We can agree to disagree but I don’t think my whole point should be thrown out the window because of my opinion on Krystal. Who PERSONALLY I think is a fine character.

                                  2. I agree with everything but I agree with what TheManofBrisk said about Krystal too. Sadly, you’d probably end up being right as Sakurai would skimp on the hard work in making Krystal unique & just turn her into another Fox semi-clone. Just like he’s done with every Fire Emblem character that isn’t named Robin.

                                    1. Maybe. I have my own personal gripes about why I think she shouldn’t be a character and there’s much more interesting candidates.

                                  3. As fun as Shovel Knight is, I have to agree that he just to me seems like a poor choice for a new fighter, not because he wouldn’t work, but just because there are so many more deserving characters that should be added first, not just 3rd party wise, but first party. Same goes for Shantae.

                                    1. I agree also. Shovel Knight is a superb game, and the character has become very synonymous with iconic indies, but we can’t forget the other characters out there. Sure there may be a ballot and no doubt Shovel Knight would be an incredibly popular vote, but he still has to have a little more. Maybe it’s something he could have in the future and not just an appearance in Smash. I mean we all know there’s more to it than just winning the votes. Shantae has had more history with Nintendo and also iconic but still a bit on the indie side. Nothing wrong with that, but consider the other indies that have become iconic like Quote from Cave Story and well where is he? Yeah we have characters with similar moves but they all feel different in Smash. Lucina for example compared to Marth and now Roy. Some characters were just in one game and became only super popular in Samsh; this goes for Lucas. Snake was good before but where did his ties to Nintendo go? Snake couldn’t stay could he? Some characters we got simply could have gone either way.

                                      lol What I said could argue for Shovel Knight. He would be fun to play no doubt. He could obviously work. Any indie now would be the first indie, but where are our other deserving characters? You have to wonder just how many more new characters they’re going to put in. Personally, I always thought the coolest character we could get was Simon Belmont with the Vampire Killer and other items and powers, but there are plenty of issues with that.

                                  4. I think if Shovel Knight was to be included in Super Smash Bros, it would be a great fusion of indie and AAA. He would bring a lot of really cool abilities to the table, and I’m betting he won’t be the last character who gets to star in the game.

                                  5. I have never played Shovel Knight before, nor know anything about him. So I can’t really say what I think about this.
                                    But good God.
                                    People throwing insults at others based on their personal opinions.
                                    No one said anything about Shovel Knight’s game being bad.
                                    They are speaking in regards to his characteristics which is an entirely different subject in this case.
                                    Don’t try to fuel a fire that hasn’t even started yet.
                                    It’s hard to tell if the people being overly defensive of Shovel Knight are the ones trolling in this topic.

                                  6. Nintendo you stupid. Why think about this as a characyer before King K. ROOL or Trine Characters, W101, Bayonetta or even Rayman? But Ninte do is stupid so….

                                  7. All I can see here is:

                                    “Oh Nintendo you are stupid because you’ll likely add a character that I wasn’t expecting, why add this instead the one I like?”

                                  8. In the end, what you’re saying you want simply differs from what someone else wants. Regarding this rumor, I find Nintendo reaching out to be the most encouraging thing about it. I have no special attachment to Shovel Knight.

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