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Nintendo 64 Classics Turok 1 & 2 Coming To PC

If you had a Nintendo 64 as a kid you will probably remember the acclaimed Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter series from Activision. Well, it seems as though they are getting the HD remaster treatment, but only on PC for the time being. Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil are being re-released digitally by Night Dive Studios.

“Both games will be re-mastered for today’s modern computers with enhanced graphics and other improvements. Night Dive Studios believes that classic video games should never be abandoned or forgotten. They should be available to play at any time, run out of the box without the hassle of installing outdated drivers, or using obsolete hardware. Movies are restored, books are digitized, and art is preserved to be appreciated for all time. Why should games be any different?”

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47 thoughts on “Nintendo 64 Classics Turok 1 & 2 Coming To PC”

    1. Uhh hello! I love my Wii2 butt i also buyed a ps4 thanx two Mother givin Mii moore money in my alowense! :) i like my ps4 butt i love my Wii2 because i love Nintendo and i wud like more games fore my Nintendo because i love it!

        1. Uhh hello! Mother doesnt let mii play call of the dooty!! I am not 5 yeres old u mene person! pleese be nise and spred the love of christ :3 i am 23 fore ur inforemation :) u r my frend and i wil bee ur frend and wii can be nise two 1 another frend :)

          1. That was the first thing I noticed, too. Checked the comments just to see if anyone else noticed :P

            Read the other comments and then remembered why I stopped reading the comments here.

          2. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

            Never really thought Turok was much cop to be honest. Wonder if the PC remakes will include “fog vision”?

            I’m also going to stick my neck out and say that this probably won’t make it to Wii U.

            1. Are you disliking the fog vision? I enjoyed it as it gave the game’s locations some atmosphere & actually gave it a bit of dread as you didn’t know what was coming at you till it was right up on your ass. If you liked the fog vision, ignore this. lol

            1. The original Turok is absolutely a classic. It was the ONLY game of it’s kind at the time. No other first person shooter had the amazing physics that Turok had. It was the first game I ever played where you could send guys flying like a rag doll from an explosion. Plus the weapons were also a first of thier kind…amazing weapons, even for today’s standards…

            2. These games were fantastic. I think Turok 2 is a timeless classic, but Turok 1 was a fantastic game as well on its own merits as it was one of the first bgames that utilized particle effects back in the day.

              Definitely buying this remaster Day One on PC. I don’t particularly care if it comes to Wii U or not, to be honest. I’d prefer both games on PC as they feel more at home there than the Wii U, anyways. If Nintendo were still like they were back in the N64 and Gamecube days, I could still see Turok on their platforms. But ever since the Wii, they abandoned their core gaming audience in their shift towards casual, family-friendly games. Still not sure how I feel on that, and I do hope the NX will be a return to form for the company, but as of right now, I do enjoy my Wii U more so than the Wii and hope it is a bridge towards a core Nintendo console again as we haven’t really had one since the Gamecube.

              1. I hate to say this but I will be perfectly happy getting Turok 1 & 2 in HD for my future PS4. That “Turok” reboot can kiss my ass!

            3. Sees title of email that says: “Nintendo 64 Classics Turok 1 & 2 Coming…” Me: Oh sweet, I’ve heard some good things about these games. It’s coming to Wii U VC right? *clicks email* “…Coming to PC”. Me: Hmm… Okay. Well it seems as if I’ve fallen for something.

            4. This game already existed for the PC platform, it is just an adaptation to modern times.The Turok trilogy is classic, is one of the best FPS of all time.

            5. Let the originals be remade onto the proper location, aka Wii U in this case, though remasters on old games…not all pan out, not all age well…Gears Of War remastered is awful and worse then the original lol.

            6. i was about 24 years old does that mean i wont remember it as you said when we were kids we would remember it

              JUST SAYING

            7. theres no reason not to make these updated files avalable to all platforms from phones to wiiu to pc…

              and let wiiu owners use wii remotes LIKE GROWN UPS

              1. Actually, there’s a very big reason – porting isn’t a magical thing. Porting takes tons of QA, tweaking programming, more QA, more QA, then more QA… and that costs money and time. Now do that on every single platform since they don’t all work the same, do it on iOS and Android OS, then make it work for every phone model for said iOS and AOS… it’s a lot of work. Why do people always assume things are super easy to do? “Just put in same sex marriage, what’s stopping you?” Same reasons – coding takes time, causes bugs, changes everything. Things aren’t like those old commercials where you “tighten up the graphics on level 3” and everything’s solid. One small feature can delay a game for months.

                1. Also, it’s Wii Remotes, not Wiimotes. I wish people would get that right. You don’t know how many times games got delayed because the devs called them Wiimotes in the game, which instantly fails Nintendo submission. There’s another example of a small thing causing a several-weeks-long delay, and that’s just text!

                2. It’d be awesome if it came to the Wii U. The last game my friend who doesn’t play video games anymore really played of his own will. Classic games and I had a lot of fun playing them.

                  1. I might get it too. Never played the original games before. Gonna be awesome to play these classic with updated graphics! :D

                    1. You… haven’t ever touched that reboot, have you..? Please say no, because if you played that so called remake first before playing the originals, you are dead to me, mister! DEAD!! xP

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                    3. Turok 1 is okay but Turok 2 just has the wooorst stage designs of all time. I think there are gonna be a lot of people like “Holy crap, how did I ever enjoy these games?”

                    4. I remember playing seeds of evil as a kid and not understanding a damn thing about it. Can’t wait till I play this and actually play the whole game. The nostalgia will be through the roof.

                    5. Nahh… The N64 FPSes didn’t age well, especially Turok and Goldeneye. Perfect Dark is the only one barely playable.

                      1. It’s Nintendo’s fault I have to resort to a cheap, used Xbone down the road for all of those awesome Rare titles from the N64 days. I don’t want to own a Microsoft console but I need to relive my youth, damn it, and a big part of it was Rare titles! Ugh! Nintendo were fucking idiots for letting Rare go! Fuck the fact the talent was gone! How about all of those fun games made by Rare that they owned that could have been Nintendo owned property if they had just ponied up the fucking cash!? Nintendo better hope the Xbone is the last home console from Microsoft as they go multiplat next gen and support Sony, Nintendo, & PC gamers. If not, I’ll forever hate Nintendo for letting Rare go.

                        1. Lol yeah. If I had Rare Replay, I’d probably play that more than most of my current games. I spent a lot of time in just the multiplayer of Conker’s Bad Fur Day. (Which I hope is in that collection) Never played all the other Rare games like Banjo and Kazooie or Perfect Dark.

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