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Watchup News App Pops Up On The Wii U eShop

You can now watch video news on Wii U with the new Watchup application in the Nintendo eShop. Available now as a free download, the app builds the user’s personalized newscast from a number of local, national and international news channels. Watchup also allows Wii U owners to watch their newscasts play continuously on the TV while a list of related articles can be read on the Wii U GamePad.

14 thoughts on “Watchup News App Pops Up On The Wii U eShop”

    1. WiiU has games i keep going bk to play unlike ps4 which has pathetic multiplat ports that are a buggy mess and also Sony/Microsoft are basically 3rd party machines now even less 1st party support then last gen ps3/360 verybsad because at least WiiU has sold over 10 million on the back of 1st party software alone is impressive and it shows in software sales on wiiu which destroy ps4/xbox1…

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