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PAX Prime Has An Area Specifically For Honouring Satoru Iwata


The tragic passing of late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata came as a shock to gamers and developers so it seems extremely fitting that he should be honoured at PAX Prime this weekend. The organisers behind the event have set up a special area designed for those who wish to pay their respects. It’s a relatively small area which features a display that pays tribute to his many accomplishments. It’s a nice way of being reminded what Mr Iwata did for the video game industry.

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27 thoughts on “PAX Prime Has An Area Specifically For Honouring Satoru Iwata”

  1. That’s extremely nice of them.
    But isn’t it supposed to ‘Pay their respects’ and not ‘Play their respects’ Or was that intentional?

  2. *semi quotes conker from the project spark 2nd trailer*thats it but where is all the hype and smash bros ……. and dlc

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    1. Oh please I’m sure you’ve been in agony every day since finding out. We all felt it but come on you didn’t even know the guy.

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