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Here’s Eighteen Minutes Of High Speed Racing In FAST Racing NEO

US gaming publication Polygon has captured eighteen minutes of high-speed action in Shin’en’s forthcoming futuristic racer, FAST Racing NEO. As you can see from the footage it is running at a buttery smooth 60fps and looks mighty impressive for a digital only title. The developers say that FAST Racing NEO is due for release in December exclusively on the Wii U eShop.


71 thoughts on “Here’s Eighteen Minutes Of High Speed Racing In FAST Racing NEO”

    1. But Star Fox has many people developing it, and 60 fps on two screens and different resolutions is quite impressive. The artstyle is very interesting, and you should be greatful that mr. Myiamoto succeded in convincing the higher-ups to let him make StarFox, after the desastruous sales of 64 3D. And it looks great, only some textures need polishing, and the demo was probably months old. And it was developed by only two teams in one year, it is an impressive work. And the character models, enemies, ships and all the other things that actually matter look pretty good for a dual screen 60 fps with the changing resolution of them and other things you don’t know about. I will not explain you about the difficulty to keep 60 fps on both screens with different images and the resolution changong, etc… The only things that don’t look good are some textures, and those might not even be made for the game. They probably made some cheap textures only so that people like you could play a demo of it at E3, PAX, Gamescom and other events. If you look at the Splatoon local single player, you will notice some framedrops. And you don’t have ANY enemies on the screens. Seriously, it looks very good for the demanding gameplay this game is based on.

      1. I will see what i think of it based on the final product trailer of it. As of now though im in the minority when it comes to remaking starfox but evolve it from assault. IMO i felt starfox assault was a step in the right direction. I thought multiplayer and on foot mission had so much untap potential. I know without a doubt starfox zero will be good, it just the game doesn’t wow me as a “long awaited revival of starfox”.

        1. Mr. Myiamoto had to make this a little more lowcost, else the project would have died. That was the only way he could make this game. But I guess that we should buy this game so that we will get more Star Fox. My only hope is that it will be pretty chalanging (and with Platinum Games co-developing it, I am 98% sure). And I hope for multiplayer patched in. This transformation feature would make the multiplayer the best in the Star Fox series. And I find the transformations better than on-foot missions, since the only differences are that you are bigger and fight the same big enemies and that you can fly and go on-foot every second you want to press the button.

            1. That graphics aren’t my issue(could be better for wii u standards but personally still looks good) Its was more along the lines of the immersion and the environments were kinda uninspiring ..overall kinda seem bland

              1. I disagree. Both EAD and Platinum Games have done a much better job on the improvement inStar Fox Zero… especially from the director of Bayonetta 2.

                Back to topic– Shin’en have done an outstanding job on the improvements in FAST Racing Neo. After this December’s launch, I’m looking forward to what their next project would be exclusively for Nintendo’s platform in 2016…

                1. Thats find that you disagree i respect it, i still stand firm to my opinion

                  As for shin’en yes they are indeed a talented indie studio. To design such a break taking game with such a small team really is impressive. I look forwards to whatever they do in the future after this.

                  1. “People like you”. You tried really hard to be impartial, but your snide comment and repetitive statements reveal you were fuming under the surface Nintendrone. It doesn’t look great at all, it looks like a remaster of starfox 64. Oooh, giant glowing red dots on my enemies! Oooh, bland desert environments with easy gameplay! I think you are so starved for a starfox game that you are delusioning yourself.

                  2. If they only added online multiplayer to Star Fox 64 3D, it might have actually sold better. But like me, I guess many didn’t want to pay 30 dollars for roughly the same experience that we could get pay just 10 bucks for the original on N64 VC for Wii. The updated graphics & 3D effect weren’t worth the price.

                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                          >>>Gods do age, depending on how long your slaves worship you, once the majority doesn’t, you are powerless and useless>>>

                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                              >>>If they don’t care about dying but rather die because of their new ideologies, then you return into oblivion no matter how much you and your fellow Gods scare and kill them>>>

                              >>>Darkness doesn’t need worshipers though, we need nothing>>>

                                      1. Lol fuckin roleplaying losers.

                                        You know it is the social outcasts and losers in life who try to act all dark and edgy on the internet.

                                      2. I’ll never understand why they didn’t just make this an F-Zero game. Would have got them so many more sales.

                                        1. We gotta be real, no matter how much people want f-zero it was a never a heavy hitter for nintendo. However i will be optimistic and say it might have considering it been what? 12 or so years since GX?

                                          1. Slightly Mad Studios claim they want to move it to the NX (assuming it’s the next Nintendo home console) so who knows but I don’t see why they would want to do that when the game has already been released on several platforms, unless of course they’re planning to release some sort of a NX-only special edition version

                                            1. Shin’en deserves to be given a chance to work on some of Nintendo’s biggest franchises. I mean this is a team of only 6 people for Christ’s sake and they’re able to get results like we see on Fast Racing Neo……a indie game that looks better than most high end current gen games?…smh. Please Nintendo…………..the next F-Zero and Starfox games are basically calling for these guys (although I am eagerly anticipating Starfox Zero)

                                              1. You lost the little internet credibility you had when you said “looks better than most high end current gen games”. It is very apparent you only play WiiU, there are PS3 games that look better than this. Look at those ugly trees in the video; are you honestly trying to say that looks better than Arkham Knight, Until Dawn, Witcher 3, or FF15? Smdh

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                                            3. amazing for a tiny eshop developer THAT IS THE POINT

                                              this engine with a big dev team and high budget filling a 25gb disc WORLD LOOK AMAZING

                                            4. slightly mad ARE TROLLING


                                              WAKE THE FUCKUP

                                              1. I’m fucking pissed that Wii U did not received Project CARS. I feel like filing lawsuit for not keeping up with their words, fucking devs these days. Fucking lazy. Never gonna be a backer.

                                              2. I don’t think Project Cars 2 will even happen. Slightly Mad is asking for 11 million dollars to make the next sequel. LOL. They tried to say the Wii U isn’t worth it buy Splatoon on the Wii U only outsold Project Cars on the PC/PS4/Xbox One COMBINED. Project Cars is a flop and they should have just put it on the Wii U. It couldn’t sell any worse on the Wii U than it did for PC/PS4/Xbox One.

                                                They also could avoided burning bridges with the Nintendo fanbase. Think about the Wii. If the NX sells a lot of consoles, then they would be BEGGING to put their games on the system. Unless the game is just really GOOD, I highly doubt Nintendo fans and Nintendo themselves would allow it.

                                                1. 1. Wow, fucking change your user name.

                                                  2. Nintendo users bitch when games are gimped for the WiiU. Nintendo users also bitch when games are delayed so they can get the full experience. Well gee whiz, I guess developers can’t win either way! Here’s an idea, why don’t developers just not make games for the WiiU because it is so damn weak. Oh wait, 99% of companies already don’t develop for it!

                                                  1. Wow how fucking weak are you? Making personal attacks. Get the fuck out of here and delete your fucking comment.

                                                    They don’t win by gimping if the system can handle the game at higher settings. Like how they gimped the PS4 and PC version for Assassin’s Creed: Unity. If the Wii U can’t handle the game at 1080p 60fps, then make it 720p 60fps. It’s that simple.

                                                    You are making a big deal out of nothing. We get mad when games are delayed for no reason and/or you lie to us. Slightly Mad Studios said the game was looking great on the Wii U and that it’s running fine. Next they say it’s having difficulty, and they won’t make it for the Wii U. Then they troll and say that making the game for the Wii U isn’t worth it. Now their game flopped, and they’re begging for $11 million to make the sequel. LOL.

                                                    Most Indie developers actually sell more on the Wii U than the other consoles. AAA don’t sell certain games on Nintendo consoles because most don’t really care about them. People buying Wii Fit, Style Savvy Trendsetter, Animal Crossing, Zelda, etc. do NOT give a fuck about COD, GTA, Mass Effect, etc.

                                                      1. I would say the majority of people who like Zelda would probably not care for GTA. Two different genres and playing styles. Though I do believe that Zelda fans would like Final Fantasy, The Witcher, etc.

                                                    1. They’re doing a better job Slightly Mad Studios. It’s sad to see an even smaller company can out preform a semi big indie developer.

                                                      1. Only to the untrained eye. I saw the trailer at 60 frames per second (IGN doesn’t count) and it was ultra fast! I would recommend you to watch and/or download the FAST Racing Neo trailer at right now.

                                                      1. It actually makes sense. Smaller indie games tend to sell better on the 3ds and Wii U than other platforms. They put more effort in those games because it’s worth it. AAA hardcore third party games sell the LEAST on the Wii U, and the 3ds has a terrible PERCENTAGE. If the 3ds didn’t have 50 million sales, then it wouldn’t be worth it.

                                                          1. That’s not realistic though. People want to make a profit in order to keep their business going. Would you stop caring about money and keep on losing it just to please a vocal minority? No. The truth is most Nintendo fans don’t really care about COD, GTA, Mass Effect, AC, etc. If they cared then they would have bought them on the Wii and Wii U. The games they like better are fun/cute games. That’s why Indie games sell better on the Wii U because Nintendo fans like fun/cute games and Microsoft/Sony fans like hardcore M rated games.

                                                            1. i honestly don’t believe that 3rd party did even make an effort to make nintendo fans buy their games for example the old port of Mass Effect 3 , Call Of Duty, Assassins Creed 3 etc. also the long for nintendo fans to play Watch Dogs obviously Wii U owners will start to stay away from them only good effort can make a good business

                                                              1. They did with the Wii. They actually put an effort for games on that system. It didn’t pay off though so they stopped trying for games like COD, Fifa, Madden, etc. The games that payed off were cute/casual games that appealed to girls.

                                                                  1. EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Sega, Capcom, Square Enix, etc. have made a lot of games for the Wii. Power was not the issue. They actually weren’t even going to support it at all…. Until they saw the sales.

                                                           Sort the list of producers in ascending order. EA had SO many games it was not even funny. Sega… They’ve always made games for pretty much everyone. Ubisoft had a lot of games they made THEMSELVES. Activision didn’t do the making, but they did the producing. 2K games did a lot.

                                                                    AAA third party developers/publishers are whining about power now, but they didn’t stop them from running over each other to produce for the Wii. EA stopped because people weren’t buying their games. Ubisoft simply started making more casual games like the Imagine series, Just Dance, etc.

                                                                    Also the Wii had a lot of shitty shovelware because they rushed the release. Many of them didn’t think the Wii would sell because N64 to GameCube had a huge decline of sales. Once they saw the Wii selling like hotcakes, then they rushed over to develop games for them.

                                                                      1. I agree it is sad, though the sales thing isn’t the sad part, it’s the lying. “The Wii U gamepad and power makes it harder!” If the Wii U was currently sitting on 40+ million consoles sold then they would be saying: “We want to make it an effort to port our games to that system!” “The Wii U is a priority!” “The gamepad really motivates us because it’s SO unique!” We know the reason they won’t make games for the Wii U are the sales. Just tell the truth instead of lying. Besides… If power REALLY mattered all of a sudden, then why do developers screw over the PC to develop for the PS4?

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