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Shovel Knight Amiibo Made At Same Factory As Disney Infinity Figures

Yacht Club games Sean Velasco has revealed to Destructiod during PAX Prime that Nintendo won’t be producing the Shovel Knight amiibo. Instead, the third-party figure will be produced at the same factory that produces the Disney Infinity figures. Hopefully it will retain the same quality as other amiibo figures.

“We’re basically licensing the amiibo technology from Nintendo, and they’ve been overseeing it every step of the way,” Velasco said. “From the design, to how the amiibo functions in the game, to making sure that it was all just perfect in every way.”

“But we’re the ones that are dealing with the manufacturing and distribution, we’re the ones that are talking with the toy and sculpture people. Even things like the packaging.”


Thanks, MasterPikachu6

42 thoughts on “Shovel Knight Amiibo Made At Same Factory As Disney Infinity Figures”

        1. IDK this amiibo looks like shit, why didn’t they use metallic paint? why dues the shovel look so lame? and the gold is just yellow….I love shovel knight. this is disappointing. the link amiibo has shaded hair and metallic paint on his sword and shield. the Mario amiibo has red highlights and the fire is even transparent. this is low quality sadly

            1. Gear Games Interactive

              Grab a Darth Vadar or Hulk-Buster Disney Infinity figure… just saying, they look more detailed.

              1. lol, the darth DI is no wher close as being as detailed, it even has a semi blocky design, the hulk buster is just lowers of slabs

              2. Palutena’s design is also much more complex than Shovel Knight’s. From the picture alone, it looks fine. The only thing that’s worth worrying about is the material, but in that case, don’t be rough with it.

              3. I think the detail and quality of the figurine just depends on how complex the characters design is. The DI figs look a bit more simplified overall.

            2. that explains why the shovels plastic looks much cheaper than the swords on the smash characters, the reason why some amiibo look a little off is because are based on their ful designs, DI is based off of simpiflied versions of characters

              1. LOL @ MARTH’S FACE, but in all seriousness are those legit amiibo figures or are those the Chinese knock offs? I can’t help but notice Ike’s face looks really similar to the face of the Chinese amiibo link’s face.

              2. Gear Games Interactive

                The latest Disney Infinity figures look much better than they did previously.
                Don’t know why people are bashing them.

                1. Yeah, they look better. The design is not as great as the one of an amiibo. The Disney Infinity ones looked pretty cheap in 1.0 and 2.0. But they look pretty decent in 3.0. Not as great as amiibos, but fine.

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                1. Hopefully there will be more than just 2 per store. I know that’s an exaggerated number……but not by much.

                  And maybe just maybe Nintendo should let the people at DI help with the amiibos, so that more are on the shelves. Hey a guy can dream right

                2. The current Amiibo are god awful compared to the prototypes that were showcased at E3.
                  Do an actual side by side comparison and you will notice a HUGE difference.
                  A company generally favors quantity or quality.
                  Nintendo just lacked both in this case.

                3. Disney will one day be called the Entertainment Company, after they’ve swallowed up everything, including Nintendo. That’s when it becomes my mission to take them down.

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