Ace Attorney 6 Will Be Coming To The West


You have probably read by now that Ace Attorney 6 is coming via Capcom, but what we weren’t sure about is a western release. However, Capcom has now confirmed to Shack News that the game will be coming to the west on Nintendo 3DS. We should get some footage of the Japanese version of Ace Attorney 6 as it will be playable at this month’s Tokyo Game Show.

“Ace Attorney 6 (working title) will be coming to the west,” Capcom told ShackNews. “We’ll have more information on the Western release soon.”

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  1. Yay. Now I don’t have to read comments were people just be like, localize. It’s like, let Capcom do what they want, your not there mother


    1. Might end up being a situation like the PLvPW localization. It will probably be localized eventually, but if I recall it had both anime cutscenes and voice acting, along with it being pretty Japanese this time round, moreso than other games in the past, so it’s likely a much longer and more arduous process to localize that one. Though the same could easily be said about this one, but we really don’t know how deep into development this one is yet. If they’re already confirming it for the west, it’s possible they’ve already begun the localizational process on this one, but who knows lol


  2. This game will take a few more months before it gets released in Japan so i hope they do localize The Great Ace Attorney first. And physical copies please, I don’t like to collect digital games.


  3. Fingers crossed this ties up the loose ends from Apollo Justice plus the previous game. Apollo and Trucy still don’t know that they are half brother and sister yet. Plus Gavins psyche locks were never unlocked. I have a feeling this new one will end the Apollo storyline.


      1. Sucks to be you to find out Phoenix gets his badged removed for fake evidence and comes back at the end of the game


  4. One of the few GOOD Capcom franchises. Monster Hunter, Phoenix Wright, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and MAYBE Devil May Cry are the most relevant franchises. Capcom makes most of their money from the ones on NINTENDO platforms. LOL.


  5. Think we can get Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations 2 localized here first?

    Otherwise, this is good news. But will this game have some of the logic holes the older ones had?


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