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Hyule Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL Sells Out At GameStop

The recently-revealed Hyrule Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL is already sold out at GameStop. Those who were lucky enough to pre-order one will receive it on October 30. Priced at $199.99, the system is gold in color and its exterior is emblazoned with a Hylian crest. Although it is launching shortly after The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, the Hyrule Edition doesn’t feature a copy of the game.


51 thoughts on “Hyule Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL Sells Out At GameStop”

  1. Why is it that Nintendo is smart in R&D when it comes to handhelds but stupid 8n R&D when it comes to home consoles?

    1. idk about that, still waiting on OLED screens, multitouch, digital stylus, better cameras, Bluetooth, and a app that lets you use the IR transever as a TV remote (I mean the gamepad can do it with the same technology)

      1. Well, OLED and multitouch would increase its price a lot. Digital stylus the same (and resistent touch is better for gaming), you don’t buy handhelds to make photos, I can agree with bluetooth, but it is not necessary and the TV remote would be useless (you usually have remotes for the TV in the house, you have to register the TV model you use and it would not be ideal for a handheld, which should not interfere with a TV).

      1. It’s really no surprise.
        The Majora 3DSXL was the same way.

        Pretty much anything with “Zelda” and “Limited” in the same title sells out super fast.

        Also, you learn your vocabulary from Boss Ass Bitch on this site?
        That guy can’t even come close to controlling his “big-boy” words.

        1. *Pretty much anything with “Limited” and “Video-game related” on the title sells out super fast. If only Nintendo told everyone that the Wii U had a limited stock for a special edition.

              1. It looks excactly like the majora version, except different art. I think we all knew deep down this was going to sell out like wildfire. I just thought it would’ve sold out sooner.

            1. I wish it had been a special edition 2DS system so I could have at least justified buying one. I would have been pissed if I didn’t already have the MM system, but then again this is the only Zelda edition DS system I am now missing…

            2. they withheld stock to sell it with Triforce Heroes, check again if you haven’t gotten one and are willing to bundle.

            3. I never care much for the looks of the Zelda editions.
              Besides, I could never afford a new system when I can’t even afford the few new games coming this year, and dozens of freakin’ amiibo that are coming out. Too many expenses all at once. I wish I could find a cheaper hobby.

                1. I collect “affordable” stuff. Too many people here thinks that just because I’m a collector that I’m rich and will buy ANYTHING at ANY crazy price. I’d only do that if I really was rich. But no. I’m only a couple steps above the poor ladder.

              1. Considering how the Majora ones were later restocked and now can be found everywhere, I wouldn’t get my panties in a knot over hearing this, especially with it not being a Gamestop exclusive.

              2. So glad I’m not a big Zelda fan. Nintendo is milking zelda fans dry here. I’ve got zelda fan friends who own like four ds and 3ds systems because they ave to have all the different Zelda special edition systems. crazy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my undreds of Mario plushes, toys, games and cartoons on DVD.

              3. Remember when Zelda editions were rare and special? Now we have FOUR Zelda editions of the same system: The black one with ocarina, the all-gold with ALBW, the Majora’s Edition and this…

              4. Shit… I like this one better than my Majora’s Mask edition.

                Hell I haven’t even finished MM on it.

                F U Nintendo for making me impulse buy on initial release of the N3DSXL.

              5. I’m getting sick of special editions and the fact that most of the people i know buy them just to display them on selves and shownto the world what and awesome collection they have…
                Or then they sell it on ebay i bet that we will see soon this console on ebay for a high rocket price. Thats why i support downloadable videogames if they are cheap enough, fuck you sellers and fuck you collectors which dont even play you are not gamers you are garbage-men/women.

                  1. Yes is their way of making bussines but is a bussines that exist because of companies leting it to exist.
                    Lets say that we are not talking about a console or an especial edition of a game, lets say that i’m talking about an actual game (for example xenoblade wii version) until 3ds edition came i couldnt play it because where i live is imposible to get it and those motherfuckers tent to sell it online for a huge load of money. If nintendo distributed this game well this situation would be a future thing. Of course these games will increase their market value but just after a week of it release? Thats is just bad company management.

                  2. I agree with you in the fact that I hate people who just buy games and never play them, but seriously fuck downloadable games, they make companies lazy and cheap.

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                2. I really hope they start putting out exclusive games for this console. If they’re going to keep putting out “limited edition” SKUs, but not supporting it with software (and no, I’m not counting one ported Wii game as support), what’s the point?

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                4. I never played Majora’s mask yet. I already purchased it on wii eshope for like $3.00. Is it worth paying $40.00 for playinf it on 3DS?

                  1. The game is fantastic on 3ds. If I were you I’d wait until you see a buy one get one half off sale and save some money. Fantastic tho really

                  2. Of course. One of the best zelda games to date. There are the differences between the two and they make the game so much better.

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