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Callie And Marie Announce New Splatoon Gear By Mistake

With Splatoon’s latest software update to version 2.1.0 going live earlier today, Callie and Marie appeared to have caused some confusion once players were back online. The squid sisters accidentally announced the arrival of some new gear on their news update, which Nintendo later retracted on their UK Twitter account and reassured fans that it was a mistake.

There had been no plans for any new gear or weapons in this update, as it was purely to fix some of the previous glitches. There has been changes to the stage layouts for the Turf War version of Camp Triggerfish and all versions of Arowana Mall along with other bug fixes. You can check out further details of version 2.1.0 here. Hopefully the next update will bring even more weapons!

25 thoughts on “Callie And Marie Announce New Splatoon Gear By Mistake”

  1. It wasn’t weapons they announced, it was gear, and in clothing items, and they never stated anything specific. It’s the same announcement that appeared in the 2.0 update, with the same image.

  2. According to NWPlayer (the dataminer who leaked content before), there was supposed to be more content in the update that was pulled at the last second, at least that’s what I understand.

  3. Two new weapons were released, though there were no new gear. The gear Callie and Marie announced was old gear that’s already available.

  4. I think it was the gears shown on their news after the update. When I saw them, I was “Hey, I already bought those stuff…” LOL

    I’m more excited about the map that looks like a shipyard with lots of big pipes seen in other sites…

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