Playtonic Games Team Up With Nintendo For Super Mario Maker Live Stream

Playtonic Games, the bunch of ex-Rare folk who are busy developing Yooka-Laylee, will be joining Nintendo UK in an exclusive Super Mario Maker livestream today. The developers will be showcasing a variety of courses that they have built using the creative title. The livestream is happening on Twitch at 5pm BST (6pm CEST). Playtonic Games will also be giving out hints and tips for aspiring course makers so it will be well worth your time tuning in.

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    1. You’re desperate for laughs eh? Looks nothing like a dick, but nice try, go eat one first hand and see what they look like.

      1. It looks kinda like a dick, I just stated a fact. I think the only desperate person here is you. Desperate to sound smart that is. Poser.

  1. If you are a Daisy fan and expected to see her as a costume in this game, don’t get your hopes high at all. I’ve seen all 100 costumes in a leaked video before it went private and she is not in the game at all.

  2. level design tips from ex-Rare employees:

    1- put googly cartoon eyes on every single object in the scene
    2- ???
    3- profit

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