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SteamWorld Games Teases On Facebook “What Would You Do For A Rusty Amiibo?”


SteamWorld Games has taken to Facebook to ask the fans what they would do for a Rusty themed amiibo figure. The developer says that there’s currently nothing in the works, but they say they are just gauging fan interest. Given that Shovel Knight is set to receive his own amiibo would you want a Rusty one?


Thanks, Josh N

30 thoughts on “SteamWorld Games Teases On Facebook “What Would You Do For A Rusty Amiibo?””

    1. Rusty’s not a random character, not more than Lucina or any one-game character. He is the main character of the amazing Steam World Dig

        1. You remember my name?

          Usually use the “the Last” title because Lazara is taken on so many sites, but I myself prefer just Lazara.

          Even though I’ve realized it’s actually a girls name…

      1. Lucina is understandable, the roster needed more female characters, and you can easily see she is very used by players.

        1. Oh, I do like her in Smash (though I don’t play her much). But her my point was that there are amiibo figures of multiple other one-time main characters!

      1. Sorry, I live in amiibo land (Europe) and not the hell that is ‘Murica. Not as good here as Australia, but it’s not that hard to find rare amiibo!

        1. Fuck you!!
          Haha. I’m happy for you then. I’m considering just getting Amiibo through my European friends, and paying them for shipping and effort.

  1. O rater have amiibos fro indies than third parties. Don’t starbe main character amiibo? Yes please and the Guacamelee wrestler.

  2. Oh, dear lord.
    It’s the Ballot fiasco all over again.
    Please don’t let this be another “This company got a shot at this opportunity, so we should too.” eruption again.
    Next up, incoming demand from Team Meat to have a Super Meat Boy amiibo created.

  3. i don’t what any more 3rd party amiibo and his game was boring . but ryu and shovel knight are cool . we need more Nintendo amiibo not only the ones in ssb4

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