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Nintendo Is Busy Developing Pikmin 4 And It’s Close To Completion

Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that Pikmin 4 is in development and that it is very near completion. The news was confirmed to Eurogamer in July but it is only now that the publication has decided to report on it after getting clarification from Nintendo. It’s unknown which platform the long-awaited game will launch on, but the NX would probably be the obvious choice.

“It’s actually very close to completion,” Miyamoto said. “Pikmin teams are always working on the next one.”

“We can confirm that Pikmin 4 is in development but that is all we can confirm at present.”


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129 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Busy Developing Pikmin 4 And It’s Close To Completion”

    1. Its not to late to change that while it is in R&D. Keep your fingers crossed. After all Nintendo is stupid…..

  1. Well if it’s nearing completion, and NX won’t be out for at LEAST 7-14 months, I’m gonna guess it’s for the Wii U. I don’t think they’re going to tell us about a game that’s going to be on a system they’re insistent of not talking about until 2016.

    1. Especially since they have probably been making it after 3, and that’s not the time they would start making games for a new console.

  2. Hopefully the next one will be more akin to the structure of pikmin 2 aka caves, more berry sprays, more upgrades, etc… While pikmin 3 was awesome…it could’ve been better imo if it had caves, ultra bitter spray, pikolopedia, etc… The hype is real!

      1. It could’ve been a lot better and a lot more could’ve been added…but it’s still a fucking awesome game! Pikmin 3 is EASILY the best game on Wii u and truly worthy of the name pikmin!

          1. Honestly it doesn’t feel rushed at all. It’s a very solid, glitch free, smooth running game. In fact nothing about Pikmin 3 gives the impression it was rushed. Have you ever played a game that was truly rushed? If you haven’t, go play one then get back to me on Pikmin 3.

            Btw Pikmin 3 was in development on the original Wii. It was years in development. Just because the game wasn’t to your liking does not mean it was rushed. Because it wasn’t.

            1. Calm your tits. I liked the game. Doesn’t mean I’m blind to its shortcomings.

              Others have already mentioned the short length of the game, and I’ve already mentioned how a game can still be rushed no matter how long has it been in development.

              To add some points to my argument, I’ll just mention the downscale to 720p (when it was originally planned to be developed at 1080p resolution) and the low-res textures (particularly the ground textures in the early stages of the game)

        1. Well, it was really short- like, I 100%’ed the game in around 30 in-game days my first playthrough and can now do it in around 12 days.

          Plus if it started as a Wii game, there’s no way the HD graphics were there from the start- it all likely had to be retextured from the ground up.

    1. YES Pikmin 2.5 is what I want. The thing I want to most is more real life objects, that was one of the best things from Pikmin 2, seeing all these objects I had seen before (I was like 5-6) But it would still be really cool now.

        1. Well I’m hoping to get into contact with those that work at Nintendo…again, it sounds delusion but I REALLY want to see a proper new metroid!!

        2. Their project will probably be ready by 2016 (with a slim chance of 2017). They usually make games in 2-3 years, and they started working on the new project before they finished DKCTF. They made DKCTF in 3 years, so the next game is late 2016/early 2017, with an announcement at E3 2016. Usually, only Nintendo EAD work on launch titles, so there’s a pretty big chance that it is still a WiiU project, seeing that they would not release a new console soon. But I guess that Retro makes a 3D DK or any 3D game, for that matter, since they hired 3D A.I. engineers. And we had to wait 9 years for Pikmin 3, it is not unusual for sequels to be released 5-6 years after the last game. And no company would jump to make a sequel right after the last game bombed in sales… And Retro wants to make DK games, and DK has fans, too. They will maybe want to make a trilogy for DK so it would not be unfair for him, and then alternate between Metroid Prime and DKC, do that everyone will be pleased. (Or do both at the same time by hiring more developers, but that is NoA business)

      1. Only because they are easy to develop and Nintendo is too lazy to put in effort for mainline series. That, or they are leaving WiiU in the dust and porting everything to the NX.

    1. What? We get at least a Zelda game every year! Be it remake, original or spin-off; why would you wait for Zelda? And while Metroid might not get any games, Metroid Prime 4 will launch after Metroid Prime Federation Force (which is a fun apin-off made by a great developer to expand the prime universe and to get new fans into Metroid so that the next games sell better…

      1. If that trash that dares call itself a Metroid game doesn’t flop first. But since it’s trying to cater to casuals, it will probably succeed. Least the fanbase will be bigger… but for all the wrong reasons…

    1. Nope, it truly is a great series that we don’t get enough of. We get a bunch of Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon games yet have only had 3 Pikmin games in the last 14 years… I don’t want them to milk Pikmin but a new release every couple years would be nice. Also it’s a refreshing IP that the general audience don’t really know anything about.

    1. I can’t believe people think they will release the nx the same yeah they announce it. What logic is that? You all whine about the marketing for wii u. Let them build up hype for nx. If anything it will be out 2017

        1. I’d like to stop you there sir. When has NINTENDO done that before. Yes I am aware of SONY, and MICROSOFT. but they are no NINTENDO.

                1. You did imply it by using the term ‘sub-gen’.

                  “Its not as complex to build as new gen systems”
                  How do you know that and what’s a ‘new gen system’ in your mind?

                  1. Well all you are thinking is “power”, but there is so much more to be put into a new gen console. Considering this is sub gen, it wont be as time consuming as developing a new gen system.

                      1. I think we are misunderstanding each other… I’m not insulting the NX by saying it’s weak/sub-gen (if that’s what you’re thinking).
                        I’m saying it’s sub gen because it IS not in fact the 9th generation console… just like that old infograph shows;; It is releasing along side the WiiU and 3DS but as a superior console.

                        1. “I’m saying it’s sub gen because it IS not in fact the 9th generation console…”
                          Again, your source on this claim?

                          Besides, were that the case, it would be a current gen console, not a ‘sub gen’ one.

                          1. Oh ok. So you think its just a current gen one?? As for me I think its like a mid/sub gen … Not exactly next gen but not exactly current gen either.

                            1. That’s the thing: there’s no such thing as mid-gen. It either belongs to the current gen (coexists with and complements already released hardware) or to the next one (replaces current hardware, succeeds it). We define gens using a binary categorization based on opposition, there’s no middle ground between the categories.

                        2. I’m really not trying to be a smartass when I say this, but the console is whatever gen the majority of consumers and developers see it as. If devs see the WiiU as a high end, last gen console, it will get the support of a high-end, last gen console.

                          Right or wrong, that’s how it is. I will say, a console’s gen shouldn’t be judged on power alone, but after dragging us so long through the standard-definition mud while everyone had HD (more or less) – Nintendo did us wrong to give us a console we couldn’t be proud of. :/

                          1. I agree with what you say, but I don’t think it matters when you’re calling a stick a stick. The naming convention has nothing to do with power, support or any factor other than if the console is the successor of the previous one or not. In the end, that’s for the manufacturer to decide.

                            This doesn’t mean I don’t agree with you about Nintendo needing to keep up with the competition (I would like that as a consumer, but I can see from a business standpoint that involving themselves in the specs race would only harm them in the long run, as it’s hurting the industry in general), I’m just pointing out that the notion of a mid-gen console just doesn’t exist. The closest thing we’ve got is the N3DS, but since it isn’t getting much more support than the regular 3DS, it’s more of an anecdotal thing than anything.

                        3. And yet I see Nintendo, who made something slightly more powerful than PS3, has to do an immediately next year unveil for next year. If they thought about power back in 2008, NX wouldn’t be heard if yet

                2. Why not? It almost happened with the N64 but it was delayed.
                  If they’re not having luck with the U, gotta cut it short.

                  I’m expecting a mobile console release initially, then the home console.

            1. This is definitely going to be a NX launch title. Think about it, Miyamoto did an interview and told Eurogamer that Pikmin 4 was in development and almost complete in July. For whatever reason, Nintendo is allowing Eurogamer to release this information 2 months later and they aren’t released concept art or a trailer or anything with it. How often does that happen with Nintendo? The only reason why they would be holding this back from an official announcement for the Wii U is because it’s not going to be on the Wii U, at least not exclusively. This will definitely be a NX launch title.

            2. Fuck to the yes! I love watching lots of pikmin fans here eh x3 btw i loved 3 but 2 was really hard, why not a mix? :)

            3. I really hope there is some sort of online play. It would be so cool to co-op with a friend in adventure or battle it out in an arena.
              But then again…. this is Miyamoto ,presumably, working on this… which means there will be close to no modern features.

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            5. If it’s going to be for the NX, they may as well take their time and give us the best Pikmin worth the console’s power. I’d hate to see a good looking game with a very short story, again.

              If it’s for the Wii U, why not make DLCs before releasing 4? It will revive the the series and because the game is short.

              If they are making Metroid, might as well be for the NX as launch title. But before that give the Wii U a prequel, even a short one…

            6. Yay, more Pikmin!!! I love the series so much! I hope it’s more like Pikmin 2 like everyone else said or even more like 1. Three was still amazing, but it felt hollow as far as substance goes compared to the other installments.

            7. Pikmin Party confirmed! Play in glorious, Local split screen using fun, but bland character graphics! Why settle for HD gorgeousness when you can have crappy graphics BUT get to play with 3friends, using pikmin as a hocky team to score goals! Or team up with friends and use your half-assed Pikmin models to fight a variety of your favorite Pikmin Monsters!

              PS! Don’t buy Capcom’s MHunter! We gave you Triforce Heroes and Federation Force, With Pikmin Party on the way! Who do we have to fuck to get a piece of that Monster Hunter gold mine! D; – Always listening to our fans, Nintendo.

              (Oh, I love pikmin, But am not getting my hopes up.)

            8. Call me crazy but I see a Pikmin 3 scenario all over again with Pikmin 4 to where it starts off as a Wii U title but then gets moved to the NX. I really think it’s gonna end up being a NX launch title but if the rumors are true about the NX being two separate gaming platforms (a handheld and home console sold separately) then a cross platform release would be awesome and ideal

            9. I love Pikmin. Please be like Pikmin 4. Pikmin 3 is great but should have been way better… and longer. And for the love of God, have fucking multiplayer this god damn time! But this is Miyamoto we’re talking about here. *sigh*

            10. “Always working on the next game”. I’d believe this if it didn’t skip the Wii altogether. I doubt Pikmin 3 was in development since Pikmin 2, especially since Wii U probably wasn’t even thought of yet as Wii was coming to take over the world for a few years. Moving on, I’m definitely excited for a new Pikmin title! I probably ought to beat the last one then.

            11. Long-awaited game? I enjoy the Pikmin series, but long-awaited? 3 just came out a couple of years ago. How is that “long-awaited?” Metroid and Zelda main series games have been waiting longer. Even Mario main series has been waiting longer (I don’t count Mario 3D World, although I did like it). Not saying I don’t want them to make 4, and if it comes out soon I’m not complaining at all, but I just don’t think “long-awaited” is a good description.

              1. It fits for people like me since Pikmin 3, though great, was still lacking. It felt more like a spin-off for me, to be honest, since Olimar was not the main character.

                1. That makes sense. It was pretty short. I think when it launched people were beating in like a week. I think I did as well when I got it. From that perspective I could go along with it.

              2. And don’t overlook F-Zero. I have been waiting OVER A DECADE for the next one and I know I’m not alone in that.

            12. This is pleasently surprising news. I knew it was possible that Pikmin 4 might have been in development. But hearing it’s near complete is REALLY shocking. I hope that don’t mean it’s going to be short like Pikmin 3 was.

              Maybe it will release on Wii U? The Gamecube had 2 Pikmin titles. So why not the Wii U? I want to play as Olimar again (maybe ALL of them). But they should send Louie back to Hocotate so he doesn’t cause trouble again. Though he’s funny.
              I also hope to see the return of regular treasure collecting (with real life products). Pikmin 2 is still my favorite because of the treasures, and because it was a longer, more challenging game.

            13. Maybe its plot focuses on the surprise at the end of the credits of 3- those who played it know what I’m talking about.

              Still, and don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m not too thrilled that this is happening before a new F-Zero game which as a whole has been more dormant.

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            15. Here is what dumbtendo needs to do to Pikmin 4. Get rid of fruit and go back to treasures. Stupid for getting rid of purple pikmin for retated rock pikmin. Stupid for not bringing back sublevels. Stupid for not making Olinar playable on adventure mode. Stupid for having 1 Data file so if it was brothers playing he would have to delete that ine data file to play. Stupid for not thinking about online. Stupid for naking it short and not long like Pikmin 2. Make those changes while it is in R&D and I will pay $300 to play it on the NX. But Nintendo is slow and stupid so….

            16. Also Nintendo needs to not only think about more different bad creatures but add quantity of them. It was hardly any bad creatures to kill. After you killed them they also never came back. Also why dont they add two extra worlds? Pikmin 3 has 4 worlds like Pikmin’s 1&2?

            17. Also they need to think back to seperate onions instead of forming one. And have only red, yellow and blue multiply by the onion. The rest by tossing them in flowers.

            18. Also stupid for getting rid of the punching feature. And stupid for getting rid of the sworn move with the C stick.

            19. Pikmin 3 was so short that Pikmin 4 is probably just the rest of what should have been included in Pikmin 3 in the first place.

            20. To me, Pikmin 3 felt like a sequel from the first pikmin, rather than the second. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that this one will be more like the second, and that they bring back and expand the caves concept that 2 were famous for. Although some hated it, to me it was why I enjoyed pikmin 2 so much – the excitement and the nervousness of what would be down each floor, and loved the creativity of each cave – it each had it’s own unique feature. Whilst pikmin3 did technically have caves (Formidable oak could technically be considered a cave), It did not explore it to the depth 2 did, because they were basically one big cavern.

              Hopefully, they’ll decide to bring it back and expand on it.

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