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GAME Continuing To Overcharge For Super Mario Maker Some Have Been Charged 7 Times


We reported yesterday that a number of GAME customers had taken to Twitter and the company’s website to complain that they were being charged for multiple copies of Super Mario Maker. The company promised that they would have the issue resolved in 24 hours, but now it turns out the problem is only getting worse. Some customers have found that they have been charged up to seven times for Super Mario Maker causing a number of customers to go overdrawn with their bank accounts.


24 thoughts on “GAME Continuing To Overcharge For Super Mario Maker Some Have Been Charged 7 Times”

  1. It’s the bank’s responsibility to write off the over draft fees, because the bank should block duplicate charges.

          1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

            *sells entire video game collection* “We’ll give you $20.”

            1. Hahahah, so true. How times have changed, although for me Gamestop has always been cheap.

              EB Games had awesome trade in values back when they were still around, too bad Gamestop bought them out. Once that happened, it all ended there. Gamestop was always worse here, I never understood why Gamestop was more popular than EB Games, at least in my city.

              Hell, I can’t even get cash trade ins at any of the Gamestop’s in my city now, they only do in store credit. That’s how cheap they are here, they won’t even give you cash anymore.

          2. Wow. If this happened in the States I would boycott the company.

            I hope they pay for overdraft fees assessed, and the most righteous thing for those that got overdrafted is getting the title for free. It’s not easy to be broke because of a non expected occurrence from a hobby, it’s a domino effect in the person’s finances.

            We’re in the 21st century, and if small businesses can handle transactions well, so should GAME.

          3. I spoke to them on the phone this morning after I got the 6th and 7th email.

            Was told that only one payment should come out of my account, when I said my account currently shows ÂŁ-200 they said if I get charged overdraft fees the contact them with my bank statement and the will pay me back

          4. *facepalm* Wow. The UK finally gets better treatment in the video game industry only for something like this to happen to them. GAME needs to shut down their servers before this gets even worse & they end up having a ton of lawsuits on their heads from very pissed off customers to deal with.

          5. Damn that sucks, but this is why I don’t like electronic transactions in general. I spend cash as much as I can, unless it just isn’t an option. Much safer these days with all the fraud, and system fuck ups like this.

            I don’t even keep my savings in a bank. I hate banks, too.

            1. Yea, I agree. I never, absolutely never buy my games through the Internet. Why would you other than some pre-order bonus? Buy cash, in person, and you avoid these problems…

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