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Super Mario Maker Patch Removes 9 Day Unlocking System

Those of you who received your copy of Super Mario Maker today via various online retailers you have probably noticed that a patch is available for the game. It would appear as though the said patch has removed the nine-day unlocking system and instead gives you the new tool editing items roughly every 15 minutes. This is great news and means you can create more complex courses from the get-go. Super Mario Maker officially launches worldwide, tomorrow.

  • “Create a course” scene: a small element was added.
  • Condition(s) for increasing the amount of useable parts (in the level editor) were added.
  • Various changes meant to improve the gameplay experience.


41 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker Patch Removes 9 Day Unlocking System”

    1. I am actually a little glad, I was ok with the 9 day wait but the every 15 minutes or so gives you a little bit of time to get used to new items before being bombarded with loads more.

    1. I agree. I actually liked the nine day thing . Kinda upset that Nintendo gave in to the whining little babies though. Still going to lose a lot of sleep playing this game! Only 8 more hours!!!

      1. “I actually liked the 9 day thing. Kinda upset that Nintendo gave in to the whining little babies though.” Fanboy alert. Face it. You fanboys are a very small, miniscule minority. This is the step in the right direction. A company is doomed to fail if they cater to the lowest common denominator.

    2. Now I can have a blast with it too since they got rid of the stupid 9 day waiting period crap. I’m not a casual or an incompetent kid so I don’t need Nintendo to hold my hand. And little babies who whined? If complaining about something I don’t like is being a baby, so be it. Better that than to be a fanboy that likes every stupid decision Nintendo makes.

  1. I didn’t mind the idea of waiting. That said 9 days does seem a bit long but from the looks of it even a few items can be used to make an incredible amount of creative stages. Either way cool of Nintendo to listen to feedback and respond that fast… that’s progress.

  2. I’m so glad they changed it. 15 minutes down from a day is quite the jump, I’m surprised they didn’t make it a little longer. I’m definitely a lot more excited to get this tomorrow knowing I’ll unlock everything within a few hours instead of next week.

  3. Yeah the game needs alot more sophisticated tools for sloping etc.

    Its probably great as is already, but you definitely cannot create the real deal in super mario maker in comparison to the games its based on.

      1. Better a clown than a worthless piece of human trash like you. Go back to worshipping your false god Sasori who wants nothing to do with you, it seems. Otherwise, he’d be joining you in your stupidity. So glad Sasori has grown up some. Now if only you’d do the bloody same.

  4. Fucking thank you! Nintendo does listen sometimes!

    Oh eminem123!, you can kiss our asses with your “quit bitching & whining because Nintendo will never listen to you, retarded crybabies! why complain when you can’t change shit!” bullshit you always like to spout to us complaining about Nintendo’s bullshit.

    VICTORY!!! For once, Nintendo didn’t listen to the small group of fanboys happy with their stupid ideas! I have just found my interest in Super Mario Maker renewed. Damn. Too bad my Wii U can’t be used right now or else I’d download the game first thing tomorrow.

    Now if they would just listen to us again & change the filthy artstyle of Federation ChibiShitForce…

  5. I also see there are a few fanboys upset Nintendo listened to us & not their dick sucking asses. I’m glad I act more like a customer than a fanboy that just takes anything these companies shove up their asses. Just goes to show the ones defending the 9 day bullshit were a very small minority of fanboys, aka dick riders, since Nintendo have a patch for it.

  6. It would’ve worked better if you were rewarded with new stage parts for creating levels and playing ones by others instead of waiting for days.

    1. I hate the idea of waiting days for something already on the game. I prefer an reward system over some bogus waiting period crap. But 15 minutes is a nice improvement.

  7. Was never an issue for me. The nine day period was pretty cool since I know I’m not gonna have all that time for it anyway right off the get go. Besides, it doesn’t matter, companies do better with customers that buy in right from the beginning, and I know most of us were getting this regardless.

  8. All hail the greatest and most challenging super Mario 3 level ever!

    Run and Jump! A07F-0000-0020-F7D9

    This level is doable and not crazy with jerk enemy placement. It’s all about timing, running an jumping baby. Good luck! #mariomaker #mario3

  9. I looked at the eShop for a patch and can’t find it anywhere, and I know I don’t have it because I still don’t have all the tools and palettes and I’ve been playing almost nonstop since Friday afternoon.

    1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

      If the patch isn’t available, I’m not buying the game. Like Splatoon, I’ll buy the game when everything is available on day one of my purchase. Of course, by the time everything on Splatoon was finally unlocked, I had lost complete interest in the game. If that is to be Super Mario Maker’s fate, so be it.

      1. I KNOW it’s available- I’ve found several levels that use stage elements I don’t have access to yet.

        This sucks because I want to try recreating Tiny Huge Island from Mario 64 and there are objects AND mechanics I need but can’t use yet (like being able to create a side area by dragging Mario onto a pipe- why does THAT need to be earned!?).

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