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Mega Man Legacy Collection For Nintendo 3DS Gets Amiibo Support

Capcom has today announced that Mega Man Legacy Collection for the Nintendo 3DS will support amiibo. The company revealed that the Nintendo 3DS version of the retro themed platformer will feature ten additional challenges that will be unlocked by the Mega Man amiibo. Mega Man Legacy Collection will launch on the Nintendo 3DS sometime early next year. If you can’t wait till then you can purchase it now on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.


Thanks, Gotta’ Meme Fast!

20 thoughts on “Mega Man Legacy Collection For Nintendo 3DS Gets Amiibo Support”

    1. I thought they were making it for 3DS, and seems like they are. If you want the game individually, you can buy them on eShop.

      1. It’ll come a little later after PS4. I’m still eager to see if Crapcom will change their minds and make Legends 3 on 3DS happen which they should’ve done to save their sorry asses from many angry fans.

    2. When it was announced for the other two. It was a weird announcement because they completly left out the Vita and Wii U. But hey, its capcom and they haven’t made sense in years.

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