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Ace Attorney Anime Confirmed For April 2016

One of the announcements that graced the stage at this year’s Tokyo Game Show was that Ace Attorney is getting an anime and it will air on April 2016 in Japan. Capcom wouldn’t reveal any details, but they did showcase key characters which include Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, and Miles Edgeworth. We should get more details regarding the Ace Attorney anime in the near future.


Thanks, Revolver Ocelot and Takamaru64

7 thoughts on “Ace Attorney Anime Confirmed For April 2016”

  1. I hope they start from the beginning!! The new 3d animation storylines were meh. I miss the old characters *cough* lotta heart* cough* mia fey

    1. Well, it did say Maya and Edgeworth would be main characters, so it’s safe to assume it comes before Apollo Justice and Duel Destinies.

  2. This sounds like a good idea. Hopefully they also showcase other characters such as Godot,Franzizka,Larry and Pearl. Maybe also throw in Pearl’s love fantasy of Phoenix and Maya. :)

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