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Yoshi’s Woolly World Is Now Available To Pre-Order On Amazon US

The Yoshi’s Woolly World bundle is now available to pre-order via The bundle includes the game plus the Green Yarn Yoshi amiibo for $59.99 and will be released on October 16th 2015. If you’d prefer the game on it’s own, you can also pre-order it separately for $49.88. GameStop also still has pre-orders available from their replenished stock.


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22 thoughts on “Yoshi’s Woolly World Is Now Available To Pre-Order On Amazon US”

  1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    This project has been absent from my memory system… I thought it was already released for some reason. It looks good, but I dont think I’ll get if until the next drought. Though, I wont be surprised if it ends up as reward on the next club Nintendo like Donkey Kong tropical freeze.

    1. YWW is out- in Japan and European countries, anyway. It’s not in the US yet because NoA believes games don’t sell during the summer.

    2. Played through it and can highly recommend it. It’s not as perfect as Yoshi’s Island was, but it’s by far the very best game to succeed it. Best WiiU platforming game since Tropical Freeze, best platformer of the year (sure, not that hard) and in general one of WiiU’s finest games. And yeah, I also didn’t know if I’d be buying it at all, but goddammit, it’s one hell of a great game and delivers some very great visuals and creative ideas how to implement knitted objects into gameplay mechanics.

  2. Game comes out within 3 days of my birthday. I’m considering either asking for this or for an imported Marth amiibo for it.

  3. I haven’t bought an actual Yoshi game since Yoshi’s Story on the Nintendo 64. But due to the amazing graphics, amiibo abilities, and the good ratings this game got, I’m buying it when it comes out here in North America. It’s going to be a Yoshi Halloween season for me. : )

  4. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

    Meh… Was never really into Yoshi games, sadly… I prefer having a Yoshi as a mount or sidekick for Mario over actually playing the character itself… Maybe I’ll give this game a chance some day… if I can find it for cheap.

    1. One of the best platformers, the WiiU has to offer. Maybe you’ve played through some of the bad attempts to create some worthy successor for Yoshi’s Island like YI2. Anyways, it’s a really good game. Good gameplay, great mechanics, wonderful visualy, tons of unlockable stuff and content to explore, 2Player Coop and so on. It’s kinda embarrassing Nintendo isn’t promoting this game better, it was my reason why I nearly skipped it. Thanks god I didn’t, really saved my summer =)

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